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We, at Turing, are looking for highly-skilled remote Sr. back-end Golang developers who will be developing server-side logic, defining and maintaining central databases using Golang. Get an opportunity to work with the leading U.S. companies and rise quickly through the ranks.

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Job description

Job responsibilities

  • Participate in the overall application development lifecycle
  • Collaborate with front-end developers, testers, QA leads, and project managers to deliver robust applications
  • Develop and code back-end components and connect applications to other web services
  • Take ownership of delivering detailed and constructive design and code reviews
  • Translate user requirements into stable, and high-performance software
  • Make improvements to monitoring systems to improve and automate tests
  • Monitor and mentor junior developers and motivate them in contributing to technology decisions
  • Lead projects independently

Minimum requirements

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science (or equivalent experience)
  • At least 5+ years of experience in backend development with Golang (rare exceptions for highly skilled developers)
  • Experience working with production quality Golang codebase
  • Proficient with Golang programming language, paradigms, constructs, and patterns
  • Proficient in multiple back-end programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, .NET, Golang, etc.
  • In-depth understanding of web development best practices
  • Profound knowledge of algorithms and data structures
  • Experience in database integration, data migration, transformation, and scripting
  • Proficiency with SQL and NoSQL databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, etc.
  • Good understanding of microservices architecture
  • Fluency in the English language for effective communication
  • Ability to work full-time (40 hours/week) with a 4 hour overlap with US time zones

Preferred skills

  • Working experience in Python/Scala
  • Good understanding of concurrency patterns, WebSockets, gRPC
  • Knowledge of API extension points and network plugins
  • Experience contributing to open-source projects
  • Good in team leadership and project management skills
  • Excellent reasoning, analytical, consultative, and communication skills

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How to become a Senior Backend Golang Developer ?

Golang is a general-purpose programming language with powerful capabilities and a simple syntax. Because of its widespread availability on a broad range of platforms, its powerful and well-documented common library, and its emphasis on sound software engineering principles. It is an excellent choice for your first programming language. It is the most interesting new mainstream language to arrive in at least 15 years, and it is the first of its kind to be directed squarely at 21st-century computers and programmers. It is built to scale efficiently, allowing it to be used to develop very large applications and compile even massive programmes in seconds on a single machine.
Python is being rapidly replaced by Golang. This section will explain why you should use Golang and how to get a Senior Backend Golang developer job. It is vital to have a thorough comprehension of the language before making a final decision.

Developers select the appropriate programming language for a specific project from a diverse set of options. Golang, a programming language developed by Google, has risen to the top of the programming language rankings due to its numerous built-in functions and other advantages for developers. Golang, which was launched in 2009, is currently a popular language among developers and has gained in popularity as of 2019. There are more employment opportunities for Golang developers than for Python engineers.

What is the scope for Senior Backend Golang Developer?

Go is a relatively new addition to the realm of modern programming languages. It describes itself as "an open-source programming language that facilitates the development of simple, trustworthy, and efficient applications." It also enables developers to create strong and efficient software that is concise, easy to use, and secure. Go / Golang, being a modern programming language, can help you create cross-platform and multi-element products with minimum effort. Because Go is easy to create and test, there is an increase in the number of Senior Backend Golang developer jobs.

Golang is becoming more popular in the workplace and in businesses. According to a poll, 76 percent of respondents use Go at work, and 66 percent believe Go is crucial to the success of their firm. Overall satisfaction is high: 92 percent of respondents are pleased with Go. This data reveals that the breadth of Golang development in the digital industry is at an all-time high.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Senior Backend Golang Developer?

The duty of a Senior Backend Golang developer is typically determined by the type of project, needed improvements, or management. They are primarily responsible for building and maintaining a successful operating environment with 99.99 percent uptime, as well as providing excellent, rapid, cost-effective, and trustworthy technical services in order to give consumers the best impossible experience possible.

Senior Backend Golang developer jobs primary responsibility is for establishing and maintaining an effective operational environment with 99.99 percent uptime, as well as delivering high-quality, prompt, cost-effective, and reliable technology services to provide customers with the best impossible experience possible.

Following the acquisition of remote Senior Backend Golang developer jobs, the following are the primary responsibilities:

  • Will play a key role in architectural design
  • Comprehend software needs and convert them into high-performance products
  • Write code that is strong, scalable, and reusable.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and decision-makers to test and enhance services.
  • Provide analytical methods for problem-solving
  • Troubleshoot issues as needed
  • Code back-end components and interface apps with other web services
  • Golang programmers should be able to build efficient, scalable, and modular software using fundamental technologies.
  • The goods that are released must be bug-free; they must be tested, updated, and patched on a regular basis. Regular code testing is performed by Golang developers.

How to become a Senior Backend Golang Developer?

To acquire a Senior Backend Golang developer job, you must put in a lot of work, focus, and time. The most obvious way to get a Golang development education is to enroll in college-level programmes. The most popular program for college graduate developers is computer science. It's important to note, however, that you don't need a computer science degree or diploma to become a Golang developer. Finding a remote Senior Backend Golang developer job is straightforward if you are familiar with Go/Golang and its tech stacks. Select a software solution to work on and then use it as much as possible to become proficient in applying it to various tasks and coding assignments.

Understanding how to apply your technical knowledge via codes in real-world assignments and activities puts your skills to the test while also allowing you to learn as you go. This is critical for building a portfolio in a Senior Backend Golang developer job to show potential employers.
Let's take a look at the skills and approaches you'll need to study in order to land a solid Senior Backend Golang developer job:

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Skills required to become a Senior Backend Golang Developer

The first step is to begin acquiring the key skills that will allow you to land a high-paying Senior Backend Golang developer job. Let's have a look at what you'll need to know to become a Senior Backend Golang developer!

1. Go Libraries

The most extensively used Go libraries are Go Kit, GORM, Gen, and CLI. Working with Go will be a lot easier if you utilize good libraries and packages. Each has its own particular traits, so deciding on one that best matches your goals and focusing on it is a good idea. In remote Kubernetes/Golang engineer positions, employers want people who understand this expertise.


Another essential, and maybe more crucial, component of Golang is the JSON file. As a Senior Backend Golang developer, you must create JSON files. Simply said, it organizes and manages package data and dependencies, as well as the script for the project. You may easily access this file and check the contents if you ever need to verify what packages or dependencies to use in the application. Make sure you have a good knowledge of this talent before applying for remote Senior Backend Golang developer jobs.

3. Databases

Understanding how to work with databases is a necessary ability for a developer. Developers must be comfortable with a wide range of activities, including record storage, creation, inserting, updating, and removing. To construct any form of application or program, expertise with relational databases such as PostgreSQL or MySQL is required. Knowledge of log frames is also useful, with Zap being the most significant for Go.

4. Testing software programs

This is maybe the most crucial thing a software developer can perform. A developer can have a high level of confidence in a program's functionality by testing the intended functionality of the code. Furthermore, if there is a code change, a developer may run tests with assurance that no mistakes or regressions have been introduced. A developer can also specify the intended behavior of a program through software testing.

5. Command-line programming

A command-line program (sometimes known as a command-line utility or tool) is a program that is meant to be run from a terminal. In this course, you will learn how to write a command-line program in Go. You will learn how to parse parameters and build subcommands. Before graphical user interfaces (GUIs), it was common to communicate with a computer via the command line. Today, command-line tools remain a popular and easy approach for programmers and sysadmins to interface with an underlying operating system.

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How to get remote Senior Backend Golang Developer jobs?

Because of Golang's infrastructure, Senior Backend Golang developers are among the most in-demand professionals in the IT industry. They may assist enterprises in a variety of ways by utilizing Go's dynamic characteristics. However, they must also work hard enough to achieve that professional degree of software development. In this regard, there are two key aspects that developers must focus on in order to accomplish this level: help from someone with more expertise and more effective tactics in the field when practicing. It is critical as a developer to understand how much practice is required. So be sure you assemble a team that can aid and guide you through development issues!

Turing features the greatest remote Senior Backend Golang developer jobs that will suit your engineering career. Grow swiftly by working on difficult technical and commercial issues using cutting-edge technologies. Join a network of the world's greatest developers to obtain long-term full-time remote Senior Backend Golang developer jobs with greater pay and opportunities for advancement.

Why become a Senior Backend Golang developer at Turing?

Elite US jobs
Elite US jobs
Career growth
Career growth
Exclusive developer community
Exclusive developer community
Once you join Turing, you’ll never have to apply for another Senior Backend Golang Developer job.
Once you join Turing, you’ll never have to apply for another Senior Backend Golang Developer job.
Work from the comfort of your home
Work from the comfort of your home
Great compensation
Great compensation

How much does Turing pay their Senior Backend Golang developers?

Senior Backend Golang developers at Turing are free to work at their own rate. Turing, on the other hand, recommends/suggests to you a price where we are confident we can locate you a steady and lucrative long-term Senior Backend Golang developer job. Our suggestions are based on an assessment of market conditions, individual talents, and customer desire.

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