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How Do I Get a Job at Turing?

By November 2, 2021 4 min read

Software developers have many questions regarding Turing jobs’ application and interview process and exactly how they get matched with a US company. Alexey Borovkov, Technical Interviewer at Turing.com, has been with the organization for nearly three years. Borovkov became a part of Turing’s developer community in 2019 and worked with a New York-based business for almost a year before joining the internal interviewing team. To date, he has conducted over 2,100 interviews with software developers trying to find a job with Turing’s US-based companies. In this Turing.com review post, Borovkov breaks down the entire hiring process to make it easier for software developers to apply for turing jobs.

Turing.com Revew: How does the Turing jobs platform work?

Turing.com gives software developers from all over the world the opportunity to work with US-based businesses. You don’t need a visa or any other documentation to work remotely with Turing’s US companies.

Here are a few things that Borovkov recommends all software developers do before applying to Turing jobs:

  1. Do your research on Turing jobs and understand if you’re a good fit. 
  2. Take a look at Turing.com’s developer testimonials on YouTube and see if their experience is similar to what you seek. You can also read through the Turing.com reviews page and reviews on Indeed and Glassdoor. 
  3. Check out Turing.com’s Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles to know if you need to be aware of any updates.
  4. Turing.com has a comprehensive FAQ page that answers questions that most new software engineers have about Turing jobs.

Turing.com Review: How can you apply for Turing jobs? 

Turing only hires the best developers; therefore, you will need thorough vetting before you apply for Turing jobs. Developers usually will spend around three to six hours on tests, coding challenges, and interviews. 

Here is what the process looks like after you register with Turing.com

  1. Turing.com developer profile

    Turing.com Review

    Turing.com: Developer profile

    You need to fill out your profile information and complete a work experience survey. Be thorough with your answers because this information will help Turing create a detailed developer profile for you.
    Turing.com’s algorithm scans your developer profile to learn your skill sets and find the best company for you.
    Turing typically looks for engineers with at least three years of experience; however, we don’t overlook developers with exceptional talent because they have less experience.
  2. Turing.com automated tests

    Turing.com review

    Turing.com: Assesment

    After filling in your profile information, the next step is to take Turing.com’s automated tests. Then, based on the skills you’ve listed, you can take specific tests to showcase your level of expertise.
    Hiring companies can see your test scores while looking for suitable candidates for their software development team. 
  3. Turing.com interview

    During Turing’s interview process, developers receive assessment in three key areas:
    • Technical knowledge
    • Communication skills
    • Remote working skills

Turing’s interview will assess your coding skills, problem-solving ability, and your knowledge of coding techniques, data types, and algorithms. The organization focuses primarily on how you approach the presented problem and your ability to solve it efficiently. 

Because you’ll be working remotely, you need to be proficient in soft skills like good English communication and working in a team.

Other factors like how well equipped you are to work remotely are also considered— for example, your internet speed, quality of video and audio, and more. 

If you get through this interview, you’ll be qualified to sit through an hour-long technical interview that focuses on the tech stack of your choice. 

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How to prepare for your Turing.com interview?

According to Borovkov, here are the best practices that’ll help you get through your interview process:

  1. Platforms like Leetcode or HackerRank will help you prepare for your coding challenge. 
  2. Take online courses to brush up on your coding knowledge. 
  3. Read through bits of code by other developers on open source platforms like Github.

What if you don’t clear the Turing.com vetting process? 

Turing allows you to retake your tests if you don’t clear the vetting process.

“I’ve seen software developers who don’t get through the Turing vetting process react negatively, usually with angry messages and online posts. Turing accepts only the top 1% of software developers, so you can imagine how often this happens (hint: very often),” says Borovkov.

If you retake Turing tests within six months, you don’t need to start over. Instead, you can simply retake tests you didn’t clear.

Turing.com Review: How do developers get matched to Turing jobs?

Typically, Turing doesn’t take more than a couple of weeks to match you with a company. However, in some cases, it may take up to four to six weeks. This delay usually happens when there are few roles for your skill set. 

After matching with a company, they may ask for an additional interview to ensure you’ll fit well with their company’s culture. This interview is usually a friendly discussion to get more details about the company, projects, and expectations.

Finally— is Turing any good for finding remote jobs?

Turing offers excellent opportunities for software developers to work with Silicon Valley companies. From someone who has worked as a Turing developer, here’s what Borovkov says you can expect:

  • Good work-life balance
  • Competitive pay
  • Fulfilling projects with the chance to grow
  • Constant support from Turing.com’s ‘Developer Success’ team

You can read the full article here.

If you’re an experienced developer looking for remote software developer jobs, Turing may be able to help you very quickly. Head over to Turing.com’s Jobs page to know more!

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Turing.com Review: How Do I Get a Job at Turing?
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Turing.com Review: How Do I Get a Job at Turing?
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