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Developer Testimonials

Developer Testimonials

By January 31, 2019 3 min read

At Turing, we value great engineers, just as much as we do companies we work with, as stated in our Developer Testimonials. We understand that delivering a great service starts with how we treat those who work with us, which is why we take care to make sure that our engineers are happy. We offer our global remote engineers the opportunity to work for companies in the Silicon Valley and beyond from the comfort of their homes (wherever home may be), assigning them to projects which will afford them the best career opportunities. It is frequently reiterated that we choose to provide quality over quantity when it comes to our services. This means that we only work with the best engineers, but it also means that we make sure that our engineers are only matched with quality projects.

The following are testimonials from developers that have been placed through Turing:


“Turing has a consistent flow of great opportunities. I have had the chance to work on several detailed projects over a number of months, which has significantly increased my expertise in my field. Additionally, I get paid on time, every time, which means no more worrying about if (and how much) I am going to get paid. Working with Turing has been a great experience.”


“Turing gave me the opportunity to work from home on a wide variety of exciting projects that I would have never been a part of, had it not been for them. Since I started working with Turing I have learned new skills and grown as a developer. This has increased both the amount, as well as the type, of opportunities available to me. I have been impressed by the structure and professionalism of this company and look forward to continuing to grow alongside them.”


“There just aren’t many jobs that allow me the freedom to live where I want and how I want, while also working on my terms – but Turing has given me just that.

I develop world class projects from my home – the dream! Initially I was not sure about working U.S. hours (which is probably not for everyone), but it worked out well for me. I actually prefer working U.S. hours from home, to commuting hundreds of miles to the closest company that would allow me to work on this calibre of project. Turing allows me to have a career that I love, as well as the work-life balance that I need.”


“The Turing tests were difficult and I had to complete a number of practice projects before I got to work with my first clients. However, I got paid for taking these tests and am proud to be a Turing engineer. Turing has changed my life by enabling me to make a great living from behind my computer. If you’re a software engineer, looking to work remotely, I highly recommend that you check out Turing.”


“I have always dreamed of making cool, new projects while working with Silicon Valley startups. Turing makes this dream a reality and I would highly recommend utilizing their services to any and all developers out there.”


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