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Converting your data into business value assures your competitive edge, but only with the right AI services partner. We use our experience and expertise to help clients deploy AI/ML technologies around NLP, computer vision, text processing, and more—AI technology solutions for any situation.

Build at the intersection of AI and human knowledge

Turing's expertise in AI transformation and business solutions makes us the best way to accelerate your business.

AI implementation advisor

AI implementation advisor

Craft a successful AI strategy that reveals valuable use cases and implements technology to optimize your AI investment.

AI transformation accelerator

AI transformation accelerator

Fast-track your AI adoption in just 30 days—combine strategy and POC models for immediate, impactful business solutions.

Data engineering

Harness your data's true power by shaping your your data assets for precision training and AI model excellence.

ML operations

Automate and streamline your ML lifecycle for increased efficiency and scale, ensuring your focus remains on innovation.

ML model development

Develop, train, and deploy impactful ML models, driving lasting value for your business.

AI talent as a service (TaaS)

Tap into our network of vetted technical professionals for developers, data scientists, and more on demand.

AI/ML transformation features and benefits

  • 30-day AI overhaul

  • Automated data pipelines

  • Best-in-class model training

  • Bias identification & data fairness

  • Custom AI roadmaps

  • Data monetization analysis

  • Integrated data management

  • Open source & commercial tooling

  • Precision model crafting

  • Problem-solution alignment

  • Scalable automated ML

  • Synthetic data creation

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Try our 30-day AI transformation accelerator

AI transformation assessment

Our in-house solutions experts help you optimize your AI transformation and implementation strategy.

Team assembly and project implementation

Using our vetted technical professional network, we build your fully managed team of developers, data scientists, and more—we handle coordination and operation of your custom engineering team.

Scale on demand

Maintain consistent quality control with iterative workflow adaptation and agility as your project needs change.

Try our 30-day AI transformation accelerator

Fast-track your AI adoption and discover immediate results. Build impactful POC models in just 30 days.

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Building Responsible AI - The Human Way
Building Responsible AI - The Human Way

Building responsible AI for business solutions

Unravel the secrets and challenges of building and deploying inclusive, human-centered AI models in this on-demand webinar.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about artificial intelligence and machine learning for businesses.

What are AI services, and how can they benefit my business?

AI services encompass a variety of AI-powered tools and solutions designed to automate, enhance, and transform business processes. They include machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, predictive analytics, and more, all aimed at optimizing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

Here’s how AI services can benefit your business:

  • Process automation: Automate repetitive tasks for faster, more efficient workflows.
  • Enhanced decision-making: Use predictive insights to make informed, strategic choices.
  • Improved customer experience: Deliver personalized experiences that boost customer satisfaction.
  • Innovation: Discover innovative products and markets through AI-driven analysis.
  • Cost reduction: Reduce manual errors and operational expenses through AI optimization.

Investing in AI services can lead to significant competitive advantages that drive growth and profitability for your business.

What industries commonly use AI, and how can AI be applied to my industry?

AI is used across various industries to enhance efficiency, insights, and innovation. Here are some common industry applications:

  • Healthcare: AI assists with diagnoses, personalized treatment plans, and drug discovery.
  • Finance: AI helps detect fraud, automate trading, and personalize banking services.
  • Retail: AI powers recommendation systems, inventory management, and customer service chatbots.
  • Software: AI streamlines software development, improves code quality with automated reviews, and powers intelligent programming assistants.
  • Manufacturing: AI optimizes production lines, predictive maintenance, and supply chain management.
  • Transportation: AI improves traffic management, route optimization, and autonomous vehicle development.

For your industry, AI can automate routine tasks, analyze large datasets for valuable insights, and improve product/service offerings. Identifying your speific needs and challenges can guide how to best implement AI for maximum impact.

How do AI services ensure data privacy and security?

AI services ensure data privacy and security through a series of best practices and regulatory compliance measures:

  • Encryption: Data is encrypted in transit and at rest to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.
  • Access controls: Strict access policies and authentication mechanisms limit data access to authorized personnel only.
  • Data anonymization: Personal identifiers are removed from datasets to preserve individual privacy.
  • Regulatory compliance: AI services adhere to relevant laws and regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA, that govern data protection and privacy.
  • Regular audits: Continuous monitoring and audits detect vulnerabilities and ensure security protocols are up to date.
  • Ethical AI frameworks: Implementing ethical guidelines and transparency in AI algorithms helps prevent misuse of data and maintains user trust.

By integrating these measures, AI services can safeguard data privacy and enhance security, which are crucial for businesses that handle sensitive information.

What kind of AI services does Turing offer?

Turing offers a comprehensive suite of AI services that align with and fast-track your business goals:

  • AI implementation strategy: We build your custom AI strategy roadmap, proofs of concept, and scalable AI infrastructure, and then deploy production-grade AI solutions. Our unique model methodology maximizes your AI investment's value, guiding you through use case selection and implementability.
  • Data engineering: Turing recognizes your data as a crucial asset. We streamline your data with emerging technologies to ensure top-notch quality for AI model training. We cover data warehousing, data quality, analytics, pipelines, and scheduling to provide a secure and efficient foundation for AI implementation.
  • AI transformation accelerator: Experience AI transformation within 30 days. Our quick assessment will help you validate AI capabilities, identify ROI, and create an implementation roadmap, complemented by proof-of-concept models based on your data.
  • ML operations (MLOps): Our team specializes in automating your complete model life cycle—from development, training, and testing to validation and deployment. This approach promotes scalability, eliminates infrastructure concerns, and fosters a continuous, repeatable, and productive AI environment.
  • ML model development: With extensive expertise in building and training AI models, we ensure the models we create hold lasting value, delivering accurate results that support your business well into the future.

By leveraging our experts' deep knowledge, Turing provides end-to-end AI services that help you navigate your AI journey efficiently and deliver substantial business impact.

Why choose Turing for AI services?

Trusted by 1,000+ clients, including Fortune 500 companies and rapidly scaling startups, our team of experts brings top-tier AI/ML development and implementation experience from leading tech companies to your projects. We specialize in transforming data into actionable insights and business value with skills in NLP, computer vision, and text processing. Our clients benefit from significant enhancements in areas such as supply chain management, pricing strategies, product development, and tailored personalization and recommendation systems. By trusting Turing with your AI needs, you join an elite group of successful businesses harnessing AI for tangible results.