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Turing helps leading AI, tech, and enterprise companies improve LLM performance for complex cognitive capabilities and build custom genAI products and applications.

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“Turing’s ability to rapidly scale up global technical talent to help produce the training data for our LLMs has been impressive. Their operational expertise allowed us to see consistent model improvement, even with all of the bespoke data collection needs we have.”

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Turing powers the world’s leading foundation models—GPT, Claude, and more—and builds efficient genAI applications using them.


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As a trusted data service and training partner to all leading AI companies, we have the most experience in solving your AGI acceleration challenges.

Model evaluation

Precisely assess your model's accuracy, efficiency, and scalability with our comprehensive evaluation tools.

Advanced reasoning capabilities

Integrate advanced reasoning tasks, including competitive coding, contextual analysis, and step-by-step explanations, to enhance decision-making accuracy and reduce cognitive errors.

Coding improvement

Coding improvement

Improve your LLM's ability to write, debug, and optimize code by incorporating unit tests, performance benchmarks, and scenario-based tasks.

Agent, function, and tooling integration

Agent, function, and tooling integration

Enhance your LLM's ability to execute specialized functions, manage processes, and interact with various technology stacks, ensuring seamless operation and increased productivity.

Continuous model improvement possibilities

  • Model evaluation

  • Coding

  • Agents, functions, and tooling

  • Reasoning

  • Multimodality

  • Data analysis

  • Industry domain knowledge

  • SFT, RLHF, and DPO

  • STEM domain knowledge

  • Factuality

  • Alignment & safety

  • Active learning

AGI Icons: Charting the future with Sam Altman

Sam Altman, talks about the operations of the company pioneering the GenAI revolution with ChatGPT—including its vision for constructing beneficial, accessible, and safe AGI to enhance the well-being of humanity as a whole.

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