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Experience builds exceptional generative AI products
Experience builds exceptional generative AI products

Experience builds exceptional generative AI products

Adopting generative AI requires a blend of expertise and experience for strategic advantages and successful products. GenAI technology services from Turing help you build and execute a transformation plan tailored to your solution development, design, and implementation needs.

Turing increases developer productivity by over 30%

Discover how Turing and Google are transforming the way businesses work through Google Gemini (formerly Duet AI).

Build at the intersection of generative AI and human knowledge

Turing's expertise in building customized enterprise LLMs makes it the best way to accelerate your business.

Predictive analytics and insights

Predictive analytics and insights

Use generative AI to predict trends, user behaviors, and system performances for proactive decisions and optimized applications in real-time.

Customized enterprise LLMs

Customized enterprise LLMs

Elevate your enterprise capabilities with a bespoke large language model, enhanced through retrieval augmented generation (RAG) and supervised fine-tuning (SFT), for seamless integration with your workflows.

AI-powered code generation

Accelerate your development cycles with AI-driven code generation delivering accurate, maintainable, and scalable code tailored to your project requirements.

Automated testing and debugging

Streamline your quality assurance process with automated testing tools powered by generative AI, identifying and resolving bugs faster than ever before.

AI-assisted project management

Enhance your project oversight with generative AI, providing actionable insights for resource allocation, timelines, and cost predictions to keep your project on track and within budget.

GenAI talent as a service (TaaS)

Tap into our network of vetted technical professionals for model trainers, data scientists, and more on demand.

Generative AI technology services features and benefits

  • Streamlined code optimization and accelerated debugging

  • Real-time predictive analytics

  • AI-assisted code generation

  • Rapid prototyping with GenAI

  • Tailored GenAI model training

  • AI-optimized resource allocation

  • Predictive project planning

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Start your GenAI readiness assessment

GenAI readiness assessment

Our in-house solutions experts help you optimize your GenAI investment and implementation strategy.

Team assembly and project implementation

Using our vetted technical professional network, we build your fully managed team of developers, data scientists, and more—we handle coordination and operation of your custom engineering team.

Scale on demand

Maintain consistent quality control with iterative workflow adaptation and agility as your project needs change.

Start your GenAI readiness assessment

Talk to one of our solutions experts and start your GenAI project.

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Increase software development productivity by 33% with GenAI

Application development, accelerated by generative AI, is your key to building better products, modernizing applications, and unlocking faster time-to-market.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about generative AI for the enterprise.

What is generative AI?

Generative AI (GenAI) is a subset of AI that uses machine learning techniques like semi-supervised or unsupervised learning algorithms to create digital content like images, audio, videos, codes, or text.

What services does a generative AI development company provide?

A generative AI development company offers various services, including but not limited to the creation of large language models (LLMs), consultation on GenAI integration, model development and replication, and comprehensive business process solutions. These services aim to enhance customer success, internal productivity, and market share through tailored GenAI strategies.

What kind of businesses can benefit from generative AI development services?

Businesses across industries—from gaming, e-commerce, media, creative sectors, fashion, healthcare, to retail—can leverage generative AI for significant benefits. GenAI solutions are designed to accelerate product development, enhance productivity, and foster market competitiveness, among many other advantages.

How do you integrate generative AI into a business?

Integrating GenAI involves creating a tailored strategy that aligns with your business’s infrastructure, operations, and goals. The process includes setting clear objectives, assessing opportunities, selecting appropriate GenAI solutions, preparing data, developing and testing models, implementing solutions into workflows, and training users for maximized benefits.

Why choose Turing as your GenAI implementation and integration partner?

Choosing Turing gives you access to proven LLM expertise and a suite of personalized GenAI services. Our 500+ deployed developers and trainers bring unparalleled experience in code generation LLMs and data training. Turing offers extensive AI advisory services and helps businesses navigate the AI landscape to maximize ROI and stay ahead in a competitive market. From data labeling and MLOps to developing LLM applications, Turing can equip your business with cutting-edge GenAI technologies and strategies for transformative growth.