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AI-powered teams
AI-powered teams

Get to market faster with our AI-powered teams

Our combination of internal expert consultants, AI-vetted technical professionals, and AI-accelerated delivery means you get to market faster than the competition—with unmatched pricing and performance. In just a couple weeks, we build you customized, fully managed teams who overcome any engineering challenge.

Build at the intersection of AI and human knowledge

Turing's expertise in building resilient applications makes it the most efficient way to accelerate your business.

Application portfolio assessment and rationalization 

Evaluate your application landscape and enhance your systems for innovation and growth, while cutting excess costs and complexity.


Application modernization and migration assessment

Transition your legacy systems into scalable, cloud-ready applications with a custom modernization and migration roadmap.

Application UI/UX development

Transform user interaction with custom UI/UX designs that embody functionality, aesthetics, and an engaging digital experience.

Web and mobile application development

Deliver responsive, high-performing apps tailored to user needs and business objectives.

Application maintenance and support 

Get uninterrupted application maintenance and dedicated support, ensuring your software remains cutting-edge and efficient.

Cloud strategy and readiness assessment

Build a clear, actionable cloud strategy and assess your readiness to migrate to the cloud with minimal disruption.

Cloud platform optimization 

Optimize your cloud platform with a comprehensive assessment identifying and remediating cost, security, and efficiency issues.

Cloud migration 

Plan and execute your move to the cloud with a thorough migration assessment focused on secure, efficient, and scalable cloud environments—with a seamless, risk-managed transition.

Cloud foundation

Establish a secure and robust foundation for your cloud operations with a compliant and efficient cloud architecture.

Cloud DevOps 

Introduce efficient automation and collaboration in your cloud development, increasing throughput and minimizing waste.

Custom engineering features and benefits

  • Streamlined app management

  • Enhanced app performance and scalability

  • Cloud-ready legacy modernization

  • Seamless legacy to cloud transition

  • User-centric interface design

  • Agile web and mobile dev process

  • Custom cloud strategy development

  • Optimized cloud resource utilization

  • Secure and compliant cloud environment

  • Data protection and compliance assurance

  • Reliable cloud operations management

  • Optimal performance and uptime

IT acceleration and innovation starts here

Get your IT innovation assessment

IT innovation assessment

Our in-house experts and solutions experts help you optimize your IT strategy.

Team assembly and project implementation

Using our vetted technical professional network, we build your fully managed team of developers, engineers, and more—we handle coordination and operation of your custom engineering team.

Scale on demand

Maintain consistent quality control with iterative workflow adaptation and agility as your project needs change.

Get your IT innovation assessment

Talk to one of our solutions experts about innovating your applications, cloud, and more.

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Increase software development productivity by 33% with GenAI

Application development, accelerated by generative AI, is your key to building better products, modernizing applications, and unlocking faster time-to-market.

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