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Application Portfolio Rationalization

In today's digital age, companies have invested heavily in applications to meet business needs, resulting in a complex and disparate application landscape. This often leads to challenges in managing the applications, including high maintenance costs, low agility, and reduced efficiency. We understand that by rationalizing application portfolios, clients can focus on innovation and growth, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition in today's fast-paced business environment.

Our application portfolio rationalization services are designed to help organizations streamline their IT landscape, reduce complexity, and optimize their technology investments. That's why we offer a comprehensive set of services to assess your current application portfolio, define a rationalization strategy, and help you execute it.

Our application portfolio rationalization service includes:

  • Assessment - We start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the current application landscape. This involves analyzing the business value, technology fitness, and usage of each application.

  • Prioritization - Based on the assessment, we prioritize the applications that require further analysis and categorize them into "keep", "migrate", "eliminate" or "consolidate" categories.

  • Rationalization - We analyze the applications in the "eliminate" or "consolidate" categories to identify opportunities to retire or consolidate them. We also identify potential areas of duplication or redundancy in the application landscape and recommend ways to rationalize them.

  • Implementation - We work with clients to develop a roadmap for implementing the recommended changes. This involves defining timelines, resource requirements, and expected outcomes.

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