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As a leading back-end development company, Turing specializes in creating and maintaining server-side architectures, integrating databases, and developing APIs for seamless transactions. We conduct a thorough analysis and develop detailed strategies to build customized backend solutions that help you achieve the desired outcomes. Leveraging the latest technologies and industry-proven best practices, we create solutions that drive results and help you achieve your business goals
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Our back-end development service offerings

Mobile Application Back-End Development

At Turing, we specialize in developing secure, scalable, and efficient server-side solutions aligned with your business requirements. Our experienced developers use popular and latest technologies like Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, Ionic, JavaScript, and others to build robust and secure backends for native, hybrid, and cross-platform applications.

Our mobile app backend development services include:

  • Designing and developing custom APIs and integrating third-party APIs for efficient data exchange between mobile apps and other services
  • Employing powerful database management systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Firebase to build secure and efficient database architectures
  • Implementing tools such as WebSockets, and Socket.IO, for swift data delivery in real time
  • Designing back-end infrastructure to support scalability and optimal app performance through techniques like load balancing, caching, and auto-scaling
  • Incorporating cloud services such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure for enhanced scalability, and cost-efficiency

Web Application Back-End Development

Our experienced backend developers use cutting-edge technologies, frameworks, and industry best practices to build robust server-side infrastructures, ensuring seamless data processing, storage, and management for your web applications.

Whether you want to build a feature-rich web application, e-commerce website, IoT infrastructure, or any other application, our back-end web developers will deliver efficient solutions with enhanced stability.

Our service offerings under back-end web development include:

  • Developing server-side applications using popular web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Django, Express.js, Laravel, and others
  • Creating powerful and scalable database architectures using technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis
  • API development and integration for third-party service connectivity
  • Integrating cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure to enhance back-end scalability
  • Implementing robust security frameworks like encryption, access control, authentication, and validation for a secure backend

Cloud Back-End Solutions

We excel in providing top-quality cloud back-end solutions to help our clients to harness the power of cloud computing. Our cloud back-end solutions are built on top of cloud-based infrastructure, providing maximum flexibility, agility, and scalability.

We create scalable cloud back-end solutions that can handle increasing traffic, giving you the flexibility to grow without worrying about your application's performance. With a focus on providing top-level security, our backend development team partners with cloud experts to implement top-level security measures to ensure that sensitive data and personal information remains protected from cyber threats.

Our Cloud Back-End Solutions cover a wide range of services, including:

  • Building custom back-end solutions tailored to your business requirements
  • Integrating the applications with cloud-based platforms
  • Migrating on-premises applications to cloud infrastructure
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting any issues after migrating to the cloud

Backend Refactoring

Turing Backend Refactoring services include a comprehensive analysis of your backend codebase, identifying the issues, and implementing the changes to improve code quality. We use industry-leading tools, techniques, and best practices to ensure that your backend code performs optimally and is scalable for future growth.

We specialize in upgrading outdated systems, and migrating applications from outdated platforms or programming languages to the latest and future-proof technologies. Our experts ensure seamless backend refactoring and minimize any downtime or disruption to your business operations.

Our back-end refactoring services encompass

  • Analyzing your existing backend codebase to identify performance bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, and scalability issues
  • Developing a comprehensive refactoring plan based on the analysis that identifies issues
  • Refactoring the code to eliminate technical debt, optimize performance, and enhance security
  • Performing rigorous testing to ensure that the refactored code behaves as expected and is free of bugs or issues
  • Deploying the refactored code to your production environment

Back-end Support and Maintenance

Turing offers comprehensive Back-end Support and Maintenance Services to ensure your applications deliver optimal performance under all conditions.

We believe in a proactive approach to maintenance, which is why we offer a range of maintenance plans tailored to your organization's specific needs. Our back-end maintenance services include:

  • Monitoring your software system for any potential bugs and issues, and taking preventive measures accordingly
  • Upgrading all underlying components of your software system, ensuring that it has the latest features and security patches
  • Fixing bugs regularly to eliminate any system issues and optimizing the functionality
  • Adapting your system to meet the growing business demands while ensuring peak performance
  • Taking appropriate security measures to protect against cyber attacks, data breaches, and malware

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Frequently Asked Questions

Back-end development involves designing, creating, and maintaining the server side of a software system. This includes creating server-side application logic, database management, integration of APIs, and working with system components. Back-end development plays a critical role in the functionality of an application like completing a task, storing and processing data, handling user authentication, and managing transactions.

Back-end development is crucial for the success of any website or application. It handles all the server-side operations, like receiving, processing, and responding to user requests. Besides, the backend also stores and processes data and manages user authentication, data encryption, and intrusion detection.

Turing offers a complete range of backend development services including web and mobile application back-end development, API development and integration, Cloud back-end solutions, Custom Backend Development, Refactoring, and Backend Support and Maintenance among others.

Our back-end development process is quite straightforward that involves three steps. We first interpret the requirements and establish a customized roadmap, executive strategy, and development plan. Next, we specify the required services and products, integrations, hosting infrastructure, data structures/models, and dependencies for success. Lastly, we procure the best-suited team with the required experience and skills, deeply vetted by AI, who can deliver on your governance model.

Turing stands out as a reliable and experienced partner for your back-end development project. Here's why you should choose us:

  • Expertise: Our team comprises skilled backend developers with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in backend development.
  • Tailored solutions: We understand that every business is unique. We provide customized backend solutions that align perfectly with your specific requirements.
  • Proven process: Our systematic approach ensures project success, from meticulous planning and agile development to rigorous testing and quality assurance.
  • Communication and collaboration: We keep you involved and informed throughout the development process, ensuring open communication, regular updates, and incorporating your valuable feedback.
  • Ongoing support: We provide comprehensive support and maintenance services to keep your application secure, stable, and up-to-date even after the project is completed.
  • Timely delivery: We prioritize project timelines and adhere to deadlines, ensuring that your backend project is delivered on time and within budget.
  • Client satisfaction: Our track record of satisfied clients is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional backend development services.
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