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Custom Software Development

Get an end-to-end solution with Turing’s in-house experts laying the right foundation for your software solution. Upon analyzing your business requirements, we will provide comprehensive outsourced software development, depending on your priorities. Our experts, having vast experience in this area, will use unique methodologies to maximize the value realization of your tailor-made software solution.

Here’s what our custom software development services include:

  • Providing increased software quality at affordable costs through deeply-vetted development talent with the required expertise to build reliable and agile applications
  • Custom nearshore and offshore development solutions to maximize business potential by addressing custom requirements like cross-platform app development, app integration, and application maintenance
  • Providing IT staff augmentation solutions to fill the skill gaps in your current team and deploy robust mobile, web, or cloud applications for rapid business growth
  • Building customized big data analytics solutions to help your business make accurate, informed decisions based on vast data sets, offering key insights into market trends, consumer behavior, market positioning, and more

Mobile App Development Outsourcing

At Turing, we help clients in outsourcing software development projects related to mobile applications seamlessly. Having worked with leading tech firms that host cutting-edge mobile applications, our experts will help you deploy apps with boosted functionality and scalability through outsourced mobile app development.

Irrespective of the industry, solution complexity, or OS, our experts provide complete assistance through end-to-end software outsourcing services. You will have talented mobile app designers and developers at your disposal, ready to be integrated into your team to create and deploy secure, scalable, and visually attractive mobile apps.

Here’s what Turing Mobile App Development Outsourcing Solutions entail:

  • Developing and deploying custom iOS applications built through native iOS SDK. Our experts have proficient experience with C, C++, Swift, Objective-C, and Xcode, and can offer customized iOS development solutions that you can outsource for a rapid time-to-market
  • Our outsourced software development talent can equip your business with exceptional Android apps through expert Android NDK and SDK development expertise. Our experts leverage their comprehensive experience in industry-standard tools like Java, Kotlin, and C++ to deploy robust apps that ensure business transformation
  • Turing’s mobile app developers can also be outsourced to procure hybrid apps built on excellent code that amplifies your project’s potential and extends its functionality on mobile devices. Our experts are fluent in Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile, HTML5, Ionic, and other modern technologies which enables them to create reliable hybrid applications

Web Development Outsourcing

As an expert software outsourcing company, we ensure that our client’s needs are met in every way possible. Through comprehensive front-end and back-end expertise, our development talent offer top-of-the-line outsourcing solutions for your web development needs.

We provide complete outsourcing solutions that can provide you with business-ready web applications to manage processes, documentation, and workflows. Our industry experts, having developed various CRM and ERP systems for leading enterprises, can easily integrate with your current teams to build scalable, secure web solutions, along with performing routine upgrades and migrations.

Our web development outsourcing services include:

  • Equipping your business with a complete outsourcing solution for high-quality website design and development with a focus on seamless user experience
  • Developing custom CMS solutions to help you manage your website content efficiently and easily, without requiring technical expertise
  • Our outsourced software development unit can also provide cost-effective modern web apps with extended ecosystems to let your business software run on multiple devices
  • A full-cycle outsourced SPA development solution, including front-end development, back-end development, UI/UX design, application testing, deployment, maintenance, and support
  • Building robust, high-performing, easily scalable web applications tailored to your business model

DevOps Outsourcing

Turing Software Outsourcing Services also include outsourced DevOps solutions that optimize your business to enjoy stable operating environments and reduced development time and increase the overall delivery cycle.

Enterprises understand that both local and cloud software infrastructure require consistent support, monitoring, and maintenance. To get those right, you need adept development talent who can solve bottlenecks for resource optimization, reassign the load, and adjust the scale. At Turing, our outsourced development talent provides these solutions, along with integrating with your current team to create projects, configure secure environments, and offer security recommendations.

Our DevOps outsourcing solutions include:

  • Designing and implementing CI/CD for your business software using industry-best CI platforms like Hudson and Jenkins, resulting in high-quality software and reduced delivery times
  • Designing and implementing a proper support management model to offer consistent monitoring and prompt backup. Our outsourcing team helps reduce downtime and elevate customer service quality through infrastructure monitoring and predicting potential application changes
  • Depending on your needs, our outsourced DevOps talent can also set up third-party solutions for better business operations. These include NoSQL databases, search platforms, version control systems, bug tracking, relational databases, and more

E-commerce Solutions

Turing's e-commerce solution experts understand the importance of customer experience for business growth and continuity, and hence, provide robust e-commerce solutions to empower your business and drive higher revenues.

Our outsourced software development solutions include equipping your business with a dedicated team of product managers, developers, QA engineers, and other professionals depending on your e-commerce requirements. Our comprehensive e-commerce experience allows us to thoroughly analyze your current business processes and create appropriate strategies for successful business transformation.

Turing’s outsourced e-commerce solutions include:

  • Building e-commerce applications with visually-stunning designs and layouts that offer an interactive and engaging customer experience for maximum conversions
  • Our software outsourcing unit can work alongside your team to create seamless in-store experiences for your digital customers, offering tailor-made solutions for your target audience
  • Building robust B2B portals to help you connect various B2B vendors through a unified platform for hassle-free business operations
  • IT augmentation to provide the talent you require for creating one-stop multi-vendor marketplaces that unite customers and vendors under one platform through a custom-built solution
  • E-commerce consulting from our in-house experts via deep analysis of your customer interactions, purchase history, and purchase trends

Software QA and Testing

Having worked at top tech enterprises, our development experts understand the significance of bug-free software solutions. At Turing, we offer 360-degree software outsourcing services that involve rigorous QA and software testing of your business applications.

Turing’s software QA and testing outsourcing provides you with the required talent to analyze your software and establish a thorough testing roadmap. This way, your business can also avoid the additional costs of hiring a QA team in-house, staying completely agile, and focusing on other key operations. Based on your business priorities, we provide a clear testing strategy and perform rigorous test management to mitigate risks and iron out bugs completely.

Turing’s software QA and testing solutions include:

  • Manual testing of software applications based on the user perspective, including usability, installation, UI, error handling, and more
  • Our outsourcing solutions also perform automated testing to evaluate all steps of the SDLC to deploy better applications within the stipulated time
  • Performing mobile and web app QA to ensure the security, reliability, functionality, and performance of your business software
  • Conducting thorough security testing to identify potential security gaps, threats, bugs, and other vulnerabilities in your current software
  • Our outsourced development teams also incorporate risk modeling scenarios to optimize the application for bug-free performance and expedite the time to market
  • Providing QA analysis and consulting to identify bottlenecks and talent gaps in your SDLC and providing appropriate solutions

By outsourcing our in-house QA experts, your business can adopt the right testing methodologies, processes, and technologies for a more reliable SDLC.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about training and enhancing high-quality LLMs.

What is software outsourcing and why is it important for my business?

Software outsourcing refers to the process of allocating your software development tasks to a third-party development team. This is important as it lets your business be more flexible by avoiding the need to conduct in-house hiring for short-term projects or needs. With an outsourced team, you get access to a bigger talent pool to fill team skill gaps, can reduce SDLC timelines, and can boost the productivity of your team.

What are the different types of software outsourcing?

There are various types of software outsourcing to choose from, depending on your business priorities. The most common ones today include nearshore outsourcing, offshore outsourcing, onshore outsourcing, onside outsourcing, project-based outsourcing, multi-shore outsourcing, managed team outsourcing, and staff augmentation.

How to choose the right software development outsourcing company?

When choosing the ideal software development outsourcing company, you must ensure that they tick a few must-have boxes. These include sound technical expertise, a customer-centric approach to properly analyze and address your needs, software outsourcing services suited to your needs and budget, and a proper market reputation.

A professional software development outsourcing company will also ensure that you get the right talent with the right technical and soft skills for seamless collaboration. They will also provide consistent service and support to ensure your application keeps working as you intend it to.

How to outsource software development safely and efficiently?

There are certain key steps you must undertake to safely and efficiently outsource software development. These include thoroughly defining your development objectives, analyzing your business priorities, and defining your time expectations and budgets.

Once these are done, you can start researching software development outsourcing companies. Check their track records, customer testimonials, and service details to ensure you select an ideal outsourcing provider. An important step to ensure safety here is signing a well-documented software development outsourcing contract that properly states the services you will procure, the responsible parties, and the finances.

To ensure that your outsourced development services are efficient, check the company’s development talent, including their skills, experience, how they’re vetted, and their management processes. This will help you decide if the company you’re choosing has the right talent for your software project.

What kind of software outsourcing services does Turing offer?

Turing offers expert software outsourcing services that involve tailor-made solutions depending on your business priorities. From software testing and custom software development to mobile app development and e-commerce solutions, we provide intelligent outsourced software development services that addresses your specific needs and transforms your business rapidly.

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