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Our DevOps service offering

Assessment and Planning

We analyze the existing software development process and determine if it is aligned with the organization's goals and requirements. Our DevOps consulting team evaluates the process, technologies used, and your business goals to develop a comprehensive roadmap for DevOps integration.

Based on our assessment, gap analysis, and current state analysis, we develop a tailor-made roadmap for DevOps integration and implement continuous delivery, continuous testing, release management, infrastructure automation, and more.

We work with you to develop a DevOps implementation strategy that meets your organization's specific requirements. This includes addressing critical factors such as performance, security, and scalability and choosing the best DevOps tools, technologies, and practices to increase efficiency in software delivery.

Our assessment and planning service offers:

  • Analysis: Analyzing and evaluating your current IT environment, including infrastructure, application processes, and people, to determine the baseline for DevOps maturity
  • Maturity model: Setting up a maturity model that allows you to identify your current state of DevOps maturity and project where you want to be in the future
  • Problem discovery Identifying pain points, bottlenecks, and failures using a process-centric approach
  • DevOps roadmap Defining a roadmap based on gaps, opportunities, and challenges documented from the assessment phase

CI/CD Pipelines

Our DevOps services help businesses create and implement efficient CI/CD pipelines that enable them to deliver high-quality and efficient software in less time and resources. We streamline the entire delivery process, from version control to deployment, with consistent orchestration of tasks and instant feedback mechanisms.

Our experts utilize the best DevOps practices to ensure that our pipelines are automated, scalable, flexible, and optimized for the specific demands of our clients. We integrate automated software development practices, including building, testing, and integrating the new code changes from developers.

We also offer support and assistance in handling new challenges and provide training to empower your team with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to maintain and improve their CI/CD pipelines continuously.

Process Automation

Turing's DevOps services and solutions automate the development process from code generation to production, covering development, testing, quality checks, and deployment resulting in faster delivery of high-quality software with fewer errors. We leverage automation techniques led by industry-leading tools that minimize risk, resources, delivery time, and costs.

Our process automation service offering includes:

  • Assessment: Evaluating the existing software development processes to identify the areas that require automation. We analyze processes and technologies and identify and remove any bottlenecks for an optimized workflow
  • Custom workflow design: Designing and developing custom workflows utilizing industry best practices and cutting-edge technologies and tools to streamline processes according to your unique business requirements
  • Performance Monitoring and analysis: Monitoring the performance of the automated processes and troubleshooting any problems in real-time. We analyze data across all domains to identify issues, enabling our clients to take necessary actions to pre-empt any system breakdown

Process Implementation

Our DevOps services help organizations effectively integrate new processes to optimize software development. We work closely with you to implement new processes and ensure a smooth transition to a seamless and optimized software development lifecycle.

We use performance benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of the implemented processes to ensure they are efficient and effective. With continuous improvement, you won't miss out on improving the processes for larger and more complex projects.

Our DevOps consultant team also provides support and guidance throughout the implementation phase for a seamless and efficient process.

Our process implementation service offerings are:

  • Definition: Defining the desired end-state and design processes that align with your business objectives. We review existing processes and ensure that new processes integrate seamlessly with existing ones
  • Automation: Automating your DevOps processes using popular open-source and commercial tools to make the delivery process more efficient and reduce the likelihood of errors
  • Collaboration: Working with your teams to communicate the new processes and ensure they are adopted throughout the organization
  • Optimization: Monitoring and optimizing the new processes by measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) and identifying areas for improvement

Security Integration

DevOps service providers help organizations prioritize and integrate security protocols into their software development lifecycle using best DevOps practices. Our team of security professionals and DevOps consultants partner with you to implement a comprehensive security strategy for providing secure and resilient applications.

Our security integration offering includes:

  • Assessment: Assessing the software development process to identify risks and vulnerabilities and implementing measures that meet individual business needs
  • Integration: Integrating and automating security controls directly in the code to ensure manageable, cost-efficient, and scalable security best practices
  • Compliance: Helping you stay compliant with laws and regulations governing software development security and managing risks proactively

Operational Management

Turing’s DevOps services and solutions help organizations manage software operations efficiently. We provide industry-leading operational management support across IT infrastructure, software delivery, and other organizational functions.

Our operational management services include:

  • Infrastructure management: Our DevOps professionals manage cloud-based and on-premises IT infrastructure, including servers, networks, and security systems. We utilize modern tools and technology to optimize infrastructure, improve availability, and reduce costs
  • Incident and problem management: We provide seamless incident and problem management services, ensuring the timely resolution of issues affecting organizational productivity
  • Release and deployment management: We help organizations manage and optimize application release and deployment processes, ensuring smooth and stress-free application deployment across various environments

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about training and enhancing high-quality LLMs.

What is DevOps consulting?

DevOps consulting services refer to collaborating with clients to identify existing inefficiencies in their software development lifecycle and IT operations. DevOps consultants work with clients to design, develop, and deploy custom, efficient, and scalable processes to help businesses optimize software delivery operations. They leverage industry best practices, tools, and technologies to create an efficient software delivery pipeline.

How does DevOps help drive business results?

DevOps increases software development speed and lowers the cost of development, testing, deployment, and operations. By automating software delivery pipelines and reducing manual tasks, DevOps increases the throughput and quality delivery of software. The automation provided by DevOps can reduce software development cycle times by up to 50%, allowing businesses to respond to market changes faster than their competitors. Here are six ways DevOps help drive business results.

  • Save time and money
  • Satisfied customer
  • Focused and efficient employees
  • Improves employee retention
  • Helps create a culture of innovation
  • Enhanced organizational performance

What are the benefits of DevOps?

The following are the benefits of DevOps development services:

  • Better collaboration: Improves collaboration between different teams, including development, operations, and quality assurance
  • Faster time-to-market: It enables developers to deliver applications faster
    by automating various software development processes.
  • Greater scalability: Enables businesses to respond to changes like increased demand and meet business requirements.
  • Improved security: Focuses on security in the software development process, thus minimizing vulnerabilities
  • Cost reduction: Reduces the software development cost by eliminating human error, automating processes, decreasing downtime, and accelerating software delivery.

How does DevOps implementation look like?

The DevOps implementation roadmap includes six steps:

  • Introduce DevOps initiative: The company’s IT director needs to introduce the DevOps initiative as part of the enterprise’s IT activities to all teams and stakeholders.
  • Develop DevOps strategy: The program managers design a DevOps strategy tailored to meet the business needs and supervise their implementation.
  • Use containerization: Implement containerization as it allows development teams to package software into containers that can run anywhere and improve its reliability.
  • Integrate infrastructure with CI/CD tools: Integrate infrastructure automation tools such as Kubernetes, Ansible, and Chef with CI/CD tools, such as Jenkins, GoCD, or Bamboo to resolve configuration management concerns and ensure effective deployment.
  • More test automation and QA-dev alignment: Automating more tests (wherever possible) for faster delivery cycles, improving quality, and increasing test coverage. On the other hand, QA-Dev alignment helps in the early detection of errors and addressing post-launch problems.
  • Application performance monitoring: Monitoring application performance helps in detecting, and isolating application defects and resolving them promptly.

What kind of services does Turing offer?

Turing as a DevOps consulting company offers end-to-end DevOps services including Assessment and Planning, Process Automation, Process Implementation, Security Integration, Operational Management, and more.

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