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API Consulting

Turing strives for customer satisfaction and success, which comes from expert development, advice, and guidance. Our experts offer comprehensive API consulting to plan APIs directly corresponding to your business needs and objectives, maximizing revenue at every opportunity.

Not every business is the same. A customized strategy that addresses unique business challenges, goals, and structure is the key to implementing API integrations that transform the business. Our experts leverage their years of API development experience to create specific API roadmaps that result in high-quality API integration and management.

Using an in-depth analysis of code, security, processes, and architecture, we will identify the right strategy and plan to equip your business model with cutting-edge APIs. Whether you require custom API development, management, integration, or monetization, our API consulting services will ensure complete fulfillment of your particular needs.

Custom API Development

Your business needs the right API interfaces to eliminate silos and transform your current business model with a real-time, data-driven strategy. This allows information to flow across your business seamlessly, resulting in prompt decision-making, highly-accurate forecasting, and the power to capitalize on opportunities faster.

Our experts use third-party and open-source APIs to offer a tailor-made solution. Whether you need third-party API integrations, REST APIs for microservices, translation APIs, or more, our end-to-end API development services have you covered. Here’s what our custom API development services include:

  • Mobile API development - Building easily-understandable, robust APIs that your business can use for data analysis, making payments, scheduling appointments, checking data usage, source geolocation, retrieving account balances, paying bills, etc. Our experts use their vast technical expertise to enrich your mobile applications with innovation and quality
  • Web API development - Building lightweight and simpler REST APIs in various programming languages, including Ruby, Python, and PHP, that offer easy integration, security, and customer experience best suited to your business
  • Cloud API development - Building cloud-based APIs to integrate applications into the cloud for seamless document sharing, social networking, video streaming, etc. We also provide cloud integration of direct, indirect, and cross-platform apps. We specialize in deploying PaaS APIs, IaaS APIs, SaaS APIs, and cloud-provider APIs, depending on your business goals
  • Artificial intelligence API development - Integrating AI through natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, computer vision, and other AI technologies to create web APIs for fraud detection, customer service chatbots, predictive analytics, recommendation engines, and other applications

Custom API Integration

Get custom, high-quality API integrations that ensure a smooth connection of all your software components. Our experts have mastered the art of building and deploying API integrations suited to your specific business needs.

We provide ROI-driven custom API integration services that help your business applications realize their maximum potential. Our experts, having worked at some of the leading technology firms, know exactly how to design, develop, and integrate functional APIs that automate your workflows, avert the need for complex code structures, and ensure business automation affordably.

Our experts also deploy third-party API integrations that enable unhindered communication between diverse software technologies, components, and programs. With us, you can further expand your software potential through customized third-party or open-source tools, including web platforms, payment gateways, social networks, and maps.

Automated API Testing

Your applications are the gateway to your brand. Hence, they must accurately reflect the precision, quality, and values your business possesses, which is possible through interactive and efficient mobile and web applications designed for an unparalleled customer experience.

At Turing, we use our holistic industry knowledge to perform robust API testing for mobile, web, cloud-based, and other APIs pertaining to your business. Our experts utilize automated functional testing, load testing, and unit testing technologies and best practices to assess API performance and functionality.

We understand your requirements and our comprehensive API development services help design a clear testing roadmap. Our rigorous testing practices allow us to ensure API reliability, functionality, and security of your mission-critical applications, further powering them to deliver maximum performance during production.

Cloud API Integration

Unlock true business excellence through top-of-the-line cloud API integrations that fulfill your diverse needs. Our experts come with significant experience in designing, developing, and deploying cloud-based API integration solutions that integrate your current software systems with cloud-based services easily.

Easy access to applications and data is key to seamless business operations. With us, you get expert cloud API integration services that let you access data and applications on any device or location, more reliably, securely, and faster. At Turing, we work with industry-leading cloud services providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform to ensure our clients get robust cloud solutions aligned with their needs.

We also provide 360-degree cloud API management to help your business create, evaluate, operate, and scale custom APIs in a secure environment.

API Implementation Support and Maintenance

At Turing, we understand the importance of consistency for business growth and transformation. That’s why, we provide continuous maintenance and support for a client’s API development services. Be it API development, integration, or testing, our experts offer hands-on assistance with whatever solution our clients procure from us.

We deliver ongoing efforts that power the custom APIs to work how they were intended to, long after the initial deployment. We identify and solve bottlenecks, upgrade APIs regularly, monitor their functioning, and determine performance optimization areas for desired result delivery.

With considerable experience in providing API support and maintenance services, we offer 24x7 access to the latest features, implement security measures for API reliability and user data protection, maintain thorough API documentation, and track API performance and usage metrics.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about training and enhancing high-quality LLMs.

What is an API and why is it important for my business?

APIs, or application program interfaces, are an important part of modern business intelligence technologies. An API is a tool that lets one computer program use the capabilities of another, allowing these two programs to interact seamlessly.

In today’s landscape, APIs are critical to your business for rapid growth through faster innovation. By using an API, your business can integrate the necessary tools to be available on multiple platforms via sharing services. This translates to better revenue, customer value, and reach, optimized marketing activities, better sales support, and the easy integration of back-end applications and data.

What kind of API development services does Turing offer?

Turing provides end-to-end API development services that cater to every business need. Our API development services include custom API development, API integrations, in-depth API consulting, automated API testing, cloud API integration, and continuous API support and maintenance. Through these, we help companies adopt API integrations with expert help and guidance, transforming their business models to be future-ready.

Which industries use API the most?

Given how beneficial APIs are, they’re applicable to almost every industry and the businesses within it. However, APIs are mostly used in healthcare, tech, financial services, and telecommunications sectors, where companies need to personalize their services, products, and user experiences the most.

What programming languages and technologies are commonly used for API development?

The most commonly used programming languages and technologies for API development include JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, .Net, Flask, Node.js, Ruby, JSON, REST, Docker, Kubernetes, MySQL, MongoDB, RAML, REST (Representational State Transfer), GraphQL, Oracle, among others.

How Turing API Development Services can take your business to the next level?

Turing API Development Services are designed to help businesses easily navigate their API development and integration journey. We provide leading industry experts and development talent deeply vetted through our AI Talent Cloud to transform your business through custom API solutions.

Our customized strategy and execution, led by in-house experts from top tech companies, ensure that your software engineering challenges are addressed with intelligent solutions catered to your business.

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