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Harness the power of AR for immersive customer experiences. Augmented reality (AR) is quickly becoming the gold standard for omnichannel branding. With every industry experiencing a new wave of immersive technology, the consumer experience journey is now largely influenced by the ability to offer seamless virtual experiences that are highly accessible via multiple channels. Our experts come from some of the most successful Silicon Valley firms to have implemented AR solutions at scale. Turing Augmented Reality Services are built on those experiences to ensure our clients successfully integrate AR into their digital portfolio.

How Turing creates business solutions

From AR consulting, app design, and app testing, to AR development services and more, Turing Services offers customized solutions for your business needs. We also bring holistic AR expertise spanning cross-domain competencies, combined AI and AR experience, and multiplatform AR experience to help our clients reach their business goals effectively.
Turing Case Study: Healthcare patient engagement application

A healthcare patient engagement app brings revenue and productivity

Learn how Turing built a world-class application for personalized patient services and made healthcare more accessible to users.

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Turing Case Study: Stock trading platform

A feature-rich stock trading platform for iOS, Android, and web

Learn how Turing built an iOS/Android/web experience for a trading platform, putting a host of features at the user’s fingertips.

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Turing Case Study: Advanced programs to train AI models at scale

High-quality, advanced programs to train AI models at scale

Learn how Turing AI Services provided operational clarity, increased efficiency, and scalability for a client looking for powerful interactive chatbots and coding models to identify and correct bugs in code.

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Our augmented reality service offerings

AR Consulting

Get expert assistance in validating your business ideas and establishing tailor-made project requirements. Our experts are highly experienced in determining business areas where AR can be leveraged to help clients drive innovation and growth. Moreover, our proficient experts, having in-depth knowledge of how AR works, look for high-value opportunities to optimize and innovate, offering suggestions that clients may not have believed as doable.

Upon understanding your business goals, we will offer complete support and guidance across planning, concept development, implementation, and deployment. Our augmented reality development services are also designed to be highly customizable to meet your unique needs.

Be it business planning, key document drafting, brand planning, qualitative consumer research, or AR application deployment, our experts bring their expansive expertise to help you realize your vision.

Whether you’re about to explore the possibilities of AR or want to level up your current AR initiatives, Turing Augmented Reality Services will help you identify vital growth opportunities and act on them promptly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Augmented reality is the technology that uses virtual data, images, and information to integrate the physical and digital worlds. In a nutshell, AR bridges the gap between VR (virtual reality) and the real world, offering a more immersive experience where users can observe reality with virtual elements projected onto it.

There are multiple benefits of incorporating AR into your business such as:

  • Interactive and immersive customer experiences
  • Gain business traction
  • Innovative and unique AR-powered products
  • Optimized customer experience

Turing offers 360-degree augmented reality services that help businesses leverage AR and become future-ready. From AR app design, development, and testing, to AR content creation and consulting, we provide a complete range of augmented reality services that fully align with your business goals and preferences.

Turing Augmented Reality Services employ modern development methodology to offer an intelligent solution to your software engineering challenges. With us, you can get customized strategy and execution from a team of AR industry experts and other professionals provided through our deep-vetting global talent platform.

Moreover, we come with 125+ years of combined experience creating world-class tech solutions at leading enterprises, including Google, Microsoft, Meta, and others. Our deeply vetted development talent builds customized, comprehensive AR solutions that suit your needs, be it AR applications, brand experiences, business integrations, or more.

Yes. At Turing, we believe that every business has unique preferences, needs, and objectives. Hence, we offer customized augmented reality solutions that align with your specific requirements. Our experts work closely with clients to understand their goals, analyze business processes, and determine areas where AR can be incorporated and leveraged.

To offer tailored solutions, we build AR solutions using our IDR (Imagine, Deliver, Run) framework, where you get what’s best for your business. We first imagine your challenges and objectives for an actionable strategy, deliver an appropriate solution through AI-matched developers from our Talent Cloud, and provide hands-on support and maintenance of your customized AR solution.

Depending on your business objectives and goals, you can choose from a wide range of metrics to measure the success of your AR projects. Some of the most common metrics used in the industry are user satisfaction, engagement, conversion, retention, behavior change, learning outcomes, and business outcomes. These evaluate the impact and value of augmented reality projects and analyze improvement areas.

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