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iOS App Development Consulting

Turing’s in-house iOS experts carry extensive industry knowledge and suggest the best strategy implementations based on your current business needs and goals. Our experts help clients decide whether iOS is right for their businesses and which tech stacks best align with their unique and evolving needs.

Based on your priorities, we will provide consultancy solutions to help your business deploy native iOS applications through full-service development, from ideation and product strategy to prototyping and App Store deployment. Our experts will suggest the best routes to take and which technologies to implement. Our iOS experts are well-versed in Cocoa, Swift, Apple XCode IDE, JavaScript, Native SDK, and other related technologies, and will guide your team in using the best-suited ones to deploy whatever application your business needs.

Our iOS apps development consulting services include:

  • Analyzing your current business model, target audience, and objectives to determine which technologies to implement and what iOS applications your business must deploy
  • Assessing your business concept, budget, and iOS app feature requirements to create a suitable roadmap for product planning and strategy
  • Suggesting the best-suited iOS SDKs, APIs, and frameworks use that will let your iOS applications perform at their best
  • Provide the necessary assistance to lay major focus on UX and UI, creating intuitive application designs, prototypes, and wireframes that result in seamless user experiences

Custom iOS App Development

Our 360-degree solutions go beyond iPhone app development services. We understand that the one-size-fits-all approach isn’t meant for everyone, and hence, provide custom development services tailored to your exact needs. Whether you want to deploy just an iPhone application or an iPad or watchOS app as well, our experts will build robust custom applications for maximum business success.

Our custom iOS development services prioritize a fast time to market, timely development cycle completion, high-quality code, and rapid deployment on the App Store. Our experts guarantee these by adhering to iOS development best practices, utilizing relevant technologies, and creating a highly customized application tailored to your precise industrial requirements and compatible with various devices for maximum portability.

Our custom iOS app development services include:

  • Building custom iOS applications from scratch, using the most appropriate frameworks, SDKs, and APIs to deploy feature-rich, highly customizable iPhone apps
  • Our experts use industry-standard technologies, including Xcode, ShareKit, Yosemite, and C# to create custom applications, code them, debug them, and test them for the best possible results
  • Creating custom iPad applications for maximized functionality and user experience satisfaction, based on audience needs and business goals
  • Creating dependent and independent watchOS applications with multiple features, including in-app payments, automatic updates, and more
  • Extending your current iOS application to operate seamlessly on an Apple TV through a customized tvOS application

UI/UX Optimization

Get expert iOS app development services that help optimize your current app UI/UX or create new interfaces that align with what Apple users expect from the ecosystem. Our industry experts specialize in creating stunning visual experiences through end-to-end UI/UX design solutions personalized to your brand messaging and target audience.

Our iOS experts ensure transparent interaction patterns in the applications we develop or optimize, guaranteeing a smooth user experience. Using industry-standard tools like Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Xcode, and Flutter, our experts optimize feedback, authentication, navigation, and other UX elements to ensure the app interactions are seamless and completely user-friendly.

Our UI/UX optimization services include:

  • Creating prototypes, wireframes, and user flow diagrams based on a thorough analysis of your target audience, business goals, and iOS app requirements
  • Creating visually appealing interfaces with a heavy focus on functionality, intuitiveness, responsiveness, and user-friendliness. Our experts ensure smooth navigation, eye-catching graphics, and easy user interaction to provide the desired user experience and maximize your business revenue
  • Using the latest iOS frameworks and technologies, including Apple’s HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) to build UI/UX elements with maximum familiarity and consistency for an iOS user
  • Using Marvel, InVision, and other prototyping tools to build interactive prototypes that give you a clear idea of the app’s functionality and flow before development begins

iOS App Testing and QA

As part of our comprehensive iOS mobile app development services, we provide extensive app testing and quality assurance solutions to ensure your app performs the way you envisioned it to.

Our iOS app experts ensure that your application is secure, stable, and usable, implementing end-to-end testing models that test the app’s performance and functionality across multiple devices and user scenarios. Leveraging our extensive industry experience, we combine cutting-edge technologies and expertise to provide tailored testing solutions that expedite the SDLC and optimize the app for high scalability.

Our iOS app testing and QA services include:

  • Creating a comprehensive testing plan and strategy personalized to your app’s goals and target audiences, covering aspects like performance testing, functional testing, security testing, compatibility testing, and user acceptance testing
  • Implementing a combination of automated and manual testing techniques to conduct highly-efficient testing that identifies bugs and optimizes the app and its SDLC. This helps our experts simulate real user interactions to ensure the app performs as intended and use tools like Xcode’s XCTest framework, Firebase Test Lab, and Appium to conduct regression testing, repetitive tests, and performance monitoring
  • Meticulously checking the application for inconsistencies, defects, functional flaws, and other discrepancies and resolving them to get the app to market as soon as possible. Here, our experts also verify app compatibility across different iOS devices, versions, and screen sizes to ensure the best user experience
  • Using Bugzilla,m Jira, TestRail, and other bug tracking tools to effectively log and manage identified issues, resulting in seamless collaboration between QA experts and developers for prompt resolution

iOS App Maintenance and Support

Having helped numerous companies in different industries adopt world-class iOS applications, our experts understand the importance of application longevity. To that aid, they offer custom and holistic iOS apps development services entailing maintenance and support solutions that involve continued monitoring of the app’s performance, along with Apple Store support to ensure the seamless functioning of your app.

Our iOS app maintenance and support solutions include:

  • Expert-level maintenance services after the app is available on the Store, including bug-fixing, checking application functionality, implementing user feedback, automating OS updates, and more
  • Conducting thorough, regular audits and performance assessments to identify potential bottlenecks and improvement areas, and add features as and when required
  • Following a structured approach through tracking tools like Bugzilla and Jira to manage bugs and address them timely, ensuring your app is bug-free and flawless
  • Performing frequent security audits and code reviews to protect your application and its user data through key security patches
  • Using industry-standard tools like Firebase Crashlytics to proactively monitor and address app errors or crashes. Our experts also use Firebase Analytics, Google Analytics, and other app analytics platforms to obtain vital insights into app performance and user behavior

iOS App Multiplatform Deployment

Our experts excel in the intelligent integration of apps across various iOS devices. Based on your business goals and market-capturing strategies, our experts will help in multiplatform deployment, amplifying your app’s presence to multiple devices.

Our experts ensure that your application adheres to security, design, user privacy, and other requirements, resulting in a seamless deployment on your desired platforms. Plus, they will collaborate with you closely to establish a custom deployment plan that best suits your priorities.

Our iOS app multiplatform deployment solutions include:

  • Leveraging cross-platform development frameworks like Flutter, Xamarin, or React Native to achieve multiplatform app compatibility on web, Android, and iOS devices
  • Using both platform-specific and native APIs to ensure a consistent user experience for your app on every platform its deployed on. This approach enables our experts to maintain your application’s functionality and performance while catering to the specific characteristics of various platforms
  • Conducting in-depth testing to ensure the device achieves maximum responsiveness and compatibility across various screen sizes and devices
  • Providing end-to-end assistance to help your team prepare and submit the application to the required app stores, following the requirements and guidelines stipulated by each platform

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about training and enhancing high-quality LLMs.

What is iOS app development?

iOS app development refers to the process of creating mobile applications strictly for Apple’s iOS ecosystem, which includes devices like iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, and Apple Watches. iOS app development typically includes designing, testing, coding, and deploying applications compatible with iOS devices and adhering to Apple’s standards and guidelines.

Why should I choose iOS app development for my business?

The Apple ecosystem has over a billion users. Having an iOS application for your business means tapping into this audience segment via various applications, including social media platforms, games, ecommerce applications, and more. Plus, iOS app development offers the following key benefits:

  • Offering high-quality user experiences that iOS applications have a reputation for.
  • Targeting a lucrative market of dedicated iOS users, who are usually more willing to spend on iOS apps and in-app purchases on devices like iPads and iPhones.
  • Fostering trust with your app users, thanks to Apple’s strong emphasis on privacy and security which uses a stringent app review process and in-built security features for maximum user safety.
  • Seamlessly integrating your business offerings with other devices in the Apple ecosystem. You can use your iOS app to integrate your products or services with iCloud, Apple Pay, Apple Watch, and other iOS devices to maximize user reach and functionality.

How do you allocate the resources for my app development in iOS?

Our experts possess in-depth expertise in creating world-class iOS applications for top tech companies. Hence, they leverage their experience to carefully analyze your business requirements, development goals, target markets, business priorities, and current business processes to identify the best resource allocation plan for an effective development lifecycle.

Why an established and clear iOS app development process is crucial to creating a reliable product?

An established and clear iOS app development process is important for the following reasons:

  • High quality and consistency: A well-defined development process ensures consistency in the development process, quality control measures, and coding standards, resulting in a high-quality iOS SDLC.
  • Robust project management: A clear development process involves a structured project management framework, where the timelines, steps, and milestones are clearly defined for optimal planning and coordination of resources.
  • Better collaboration and communication: An established iOS development process also fosters good communication among stakeholders, team members, and clients, resulting in strong collaboration and successful project completion.
  • Better risk mitigation: An established development plan is also critical in mitigating the common and potential risks associated with iOS development. Such a development plan typically includes implementing the necessary risk mitigation measures, including testing, security protocols, and incorporating user feedback.

What skills and expertise should I look for in an iOS app development company?

There are a few key skills you must consider when searching for an adept iOS app development company. These include iOS development experience, project management expertise, a solid track record of successful client projects, robust development talent, testing and QA expertise, and a wide range of iOS development services that can cater to your needs.

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