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How Turing creates business solutions

More than 100 companies trust Turing to build responsive and efficient 24/7 chatbots. We develop AI-powered chatbots that help businesses deliver exceptional customer service. Our fully customized chatbot development services are tailored to meet your business needs. By meticulously analyzing your unique business challenges and objectives, we will build solutions to transform your customer service operations and propel your business to success.
An AI marketplace for supply chain optimization and excellence

An AI marketplace for supply chain optimization and excellence

Learn how Turing AI Services helped a Fortune 100 client leverage the power of AI to detect unusual supply chain patterns, automate their customer service experience, and support the detection and prevention of diseases.

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Turing Case Study: AI pricing algorithm for high-tech B2B & B2C products

An AI pricing algorithm for high-tech B2B & B2C products

Learn how Turing AI Services brought clarity to a Fortune 100 client’s consumer strategy by taking historical pricing data, market demand, and competitor information to build a pricing recommendation solution that increased sales.

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Turing Case Study: Advanced programs to train AI models at scale

High-quality, advanced programs to train AI models at scale

Learn how Turing AI Services provided operational clarity, increased efficiency, and scalability for a client looking for powerful interactive chatbots and coding models to identify and correct bugs in code.

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The AI that built Turing

Behind the Talent Cloud: The AI that built Turing

We’ve developed AI solutions for our own automated technical proficiency assessments, successful job candidate identification, lead scoring, supply and demand forecasting, and marketing spend optimization. Our custom search and recommendation algorithms leverage both large language model (LLM) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies, for rapid business scaling and ever-increasing value to our clients.

For our technical proficiency assessment and matching ML models, we combined our solid data foundations with an ML platform built on Vertex AI. Deep dive into how we enhanced our Talent Cloud ML models to identify the most competent developers for a particular tech talent requirement, improving our interview success rate by 40%.

Our chatbot development service offerings

Chatbot Consultation

Revolutionize the way your business interacts with customers and scales its operations by harnessing chatbot technology. Our team of expert chatbot developers analyze your business objective and unique requirements and provides insights to help you leverage the power of chatbots to transform your customer service and overall business. Partner with Turing Chatbot Development Services to experience the transformative power of chatbots, driving customer satisfaction and business growth.

Our chatbot consultation services include:

  • Evaluating your customer business needs, and target audience, and identifying key opportunities to optimize engagement and support through chatbot deployment
  • Assessing the appropriate chatbot technologies suitable for your business, comparing AI, ML, and NLP to ensure optimal performance
  • Defining the chatbot functionality, usability, and essential features, to ensure the solution is aligned with your business goals
  • Developing a strategy for chatbot integration with your existing systems, such as CRM, knowledge bases, and other tools, ensuring a unified and efficient user experience
  • Analyzing the regulatory guidelines to ensure chatbot solution adheres to industry-specific norms and data privacy regulations

Conversational & Menu-driven Bots Development

Implement Conversational and Menu-driven Bots to optimize customer engagement and support. At Turing, we can help you apply AI to your application or website using the best-in-class conversational chatbot application development services. Our experts develop simple yet efficient custom conversational and menu-driven bots that will help you provide exceptional customer experiences and fuel business growth.

Our conversational and menu-driven bots development services include:

  • Designing and developing menu-driven bots with structured navigation, enabling users to interact through predefined responses and guided pathways
  • Integrating your chatbots across multiple platforms, such as websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms, to maximize reach and accessibility for your customers
  • Connecting your chatbots with existing CRM systems, knowledge bases, and other third-party tools to enhance user experience
  • Implementing chatbot analytics to gather insights into user interactions, and performance

Multi-language Chatbot Development

One of the major hindrances to business growth is the language barrier. Turing's Multi-language Chat Bot Development Services will remove this barrier, helping you to expand your business across geographies. Our expertise in creating customized, multilingual chatbots enables your businesses to connect with users across linguistic backgrounds, delivering an inclusive, localized experience.

Our Multi-language chatbot development services entail:

  • Assessing your business objectives, linguistic requirements, and target audience to develop a tailored strategy for multilingual chatbot implementation
  • Leveraging professional translation and localization services to adapt your chatbot's content, responses, and overall structure, ensuring an excellent user experience
  • Building multilingual chatbots utilizing advanced AI and NLP technologies
  • Implementing machine learning techniques to develop language models taking linguistic nuances, cultural context, and regional dialects into account
  • Rigorously testing multilingual chatbot functionality, language accuracy, and user experience to ensure superior performance

Natural Language Processing Development

Turing Natural Language Processing Services aim to eliminate obstacles in communication and help businesses deliver human-like conversation through chatbots. Our developers can create intelligent AI-driven chatbot applications that will understand, interpret, and generate human language with remarkable proficiency.

Our NLP Services encompass:

  • Developing a strategic NLP implementation plan aligned to your specific business objectives, target audience, and verticals
  • Measuring the sentiment behind users' textual inputs, enabling applications to analyze emotions, attitudes, and tones
  • Detecting and identifying the language used within textual input, allowing chatbots and applications to generate appropriate multilingual responses
  • Breaking down unstructured text input into individual words or phrases that can be analyzed and processed accurately to understand the context and user intent
  • Developing algorithms that can generate summaries of textual data sources, highlighting the essential points and insights
  • Converting text input to synthesized speech and transcribing spoken words into written text to enhance the application's accessibility for users with special needs

Chatbot Maintenance and Support

Turing's comprehensive chatbot development services are designed to ensure the seamless performance of your chatbot. By reviewing your user expectations and evaluating its functionality, we design a customized maintenance strategy to keep your chatbot secure and reliable. Our dedicated team reviews conversational flows, responses, and text data to ensure your chatbot remains up-to-date, informative, and engaging for users.

Our chatbot maintenance and support services include:

  • Monitoring your chatbot's performance regularly to identify and address any issues and ensure smooth and responsive interactions.
  • Rectifying any coding errors, glitches, or vulnerabilities, to ensure the chatbot's stability and consistent functionality.
  • Performing periodic security audits and assessments to identify potential threats and fix them to reduce risks, and protect user data.
  • Regularly updating your chatbot algorithms, language models, and third-party integrations to maintain compatibility and functionality to meet evolving user requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users. It uses technologies like AI, ML, and NLP to understand the user's questions and generate relevant answers that appear to be human conversations. Chatbots are widely used by businesses for customer service, lead generation, and engagement with customers. This significantly reduces the time for customer service executives who can focus on more complex issues, saving money and time for you.

You need a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics to measure the performance and effectiveness of a chatbot. Some common metrics are user engagement, conversion rates, response time, customer feedback, accuracy, and cost and savings. By tracking these metrics, you can identify the scopes for improvement and make necessary adjustments to assess the overall impact of the chatbot on your business.

As a reliable chatbot development company, we involve our clients throughout the development process. We regularly share updates with them on the progress of the project and provide insights into our development decisions. This helps in addressing any concerns or bottlenecks in the development process.

Yes, our AI chatbot development services provide ongoing support and maintenance of your chatbot. Our team of experts is available to provide technical support, maintenance, and updates of the chatbot as necessary.

Turing’s chatbot application development services build customized chatbots that align with your business requirements. We have extensive experience in developing sophisticated chatbots that will increase user engagement, and enhance customer experience resulting in business growth. We maintain transparency, collaboration, and client involvement to ensure a seamless development experience.

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