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Product Development Consulting

As a leading product development services company, Turing provides full-cycle consulting solutions designed to help businesses deploy superior, unique, and innovative software products.

Having helped top IT enterprises develop bespoke products and extend their product development solutions, our experts use their experience to accurately assess and deliver personalized consultancy services through their vast expertise of industry-best practices, standards, and technologies like JavaScript, AWS, Ember, Flutter, PHP, etc.

Our product development consulting services include:

  • Analyzing your business goals, competitive landscape, and target market to create a personalized product development plan aligned with your vision, maximizing your market potential.
  • Establishing a diverse product development consulting solution that caters to your specific requirements, from optimizing the current development process or security management protocols to implementing new ideas.
  • Ensuring an accelerated time to market by recommending the best lean product lifecycle management and agile methodologies for your business model, automating manual tasks, and implementing the most appropriate development frameworks.
  • Conducting in-depth feasibility studies and market research to validate your business ideas and identify the best market opportunities. Our experts also perform user research and testing to ensure that your software product meets user preferences seamlessly.

UI/UX Design

Get outsourced product development services that build interactive, intuitive, and compelling digital experiences, enhancing your business’s value and customer loyalty. Our experts provide full-cycle UI/UX solutions, from research to design and development, ensuring that your software product offers the most seamless user experience and attracts the target audiences.

With our progressive UI/UX design services, you leverage our experts’ comprehensive industry knowledge in technologies like Adobe XD, Figma, Angular, InVision, Sketch, and Axure. Plus, our experts ensure that the product carries ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design) compliance, ensuring that it follows WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and is user-friendly for all users.

Our UI/UX design services include:

  • Performing in-depth UI/UX research to determine your product expectations, along with a comprehensive competitive analysis to identify market opportunities and which user-centric features your product must include.
  • Leveraging CAD (computer-aided design) technologies to build detailed 3D renderings and models, allows your team to visualize the end product before it enters production.
  • Enhancing the product’s design process through robust prototyping that enables our experts to rapidly iterate and refine the product’s design, based on user testing and overall feedback.
  • Strategizing and designing a robust UI that ties in all the navigation elements, functionalities, and interactivity into the product. Our experts pay meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring that the UI isn’t just visually appealing, but also functional, manufacturable, and user-friendly.

Product Development

Our experts provide full-cycle digital product development services that entail end-to-end solutions from product ideation to deployment. Leveraging our multi-platform expertise and product development knowledge, we help clients enhance their software products and optimize their business flow, deploying an MVP within a quick timeframe.

Our product development services include:

  • Creating a winning product strategy through in-depth competitive analysis and market research, while also using effective collaboration and iterative feedback loops to create a user-centric product.
  • Implementing a multi-disciplinary approach to conceptualizing, designing, prototyping, engineering, and deploying your product through industry-standard software tools, including CAD software, modeling and simulation technologies, rapid prototyping technologies, and agile project management systems.
  • Running rigorous test models, including performance testing, user testing, and compliance testing to ensure that the developed product meets the highest safety, reliability, and quality standards.

Application Modernization

Our diverse software product development services also entail app modernization solutions. Our experts leverage their vast industry experience to restructure, revamp, or re-architect legacy applications and update them with modern-day capabilities and features aligned with evolving business priorities.

Our product development experts make use of industry-best technologies and tools to modernize existing applications. This involves using containerization technologies, API integrations, rigorous testing, and other relevant techniques to enhance your legacy app’s performance, usability, functionality, scalability, and user experience.

Our application modernization services involve:

  • Evaluating your current business processes, goals, and user needs to create a tailored modernization strategy prioritizing improvement areas such as inefficient workflows, application vulnerabilities, outdated technologies, and scalability limitations.
  • Redesigning your legacy application, rewriting it with the latest design patterns and technologies, or consolidating multiple apps into a unified application for better scalability and performance, depending on your specific business requirements.
  • Assessing your legacy app’s cloud readiness, rehosting it from on-premises to other third-party clouds, like Azure or AWS, and moving any of its on-premise software licenses to the cloud as well. Our cloud experts can effortlessly boost your application’s security and ensure it adheres to the latest compliance requirements.
  • Using microservices architecture, containerization, and cloud computing to enhance the application’s flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Our experts also perform API integration to seamlessly connect your app with other systems, enabling better functionality and data sharing.

Custom Software Development

At Turing, our comprehensive product development services experience enables us to provide custom software development solutions that meet the unique requirements of our clients across multiple verticals and sectors.

From ideation and market analysis to quality assurance, development, and DevOps, our experts provide full-service custom development solutions using modern technologies and tools that best meet your unique priorities. Leveraging our expert development knowledge, we help clients deploy custom software products that maximize their market capture, and our experts will do the same for you.

Our custom software development services include:

  • Analyzing your pre-defined bottlenecks to identify key product requirements and project scopes, and building an appropriate concept, entailing the desired features aligned with your business objectives.
  • Creating a robust product architecture through industry-standard elements across data, networking, and infrastructure, allowing your product to have maximum scalability via the required mobility, security, and accessibility.
  • Implementing a 360-degree development lifecycle that takes your prototype from MVP to production, using the required software databases, frameworks, and languages. Here, our experts design code best aligned with your business landscape, keeping in mind its ease of management and testing.
  • Establishing CI/CD pipelines and running performance tests, security tests, and regression testing to ensure that your team can review and deploy the product using DevOps.

Testing and QA

Our experts understand the significance of software product quality, and hence, provide thorough testing and quality assurance services to help your business deliver exceptional user experiences. With the help of their comprehensive testing expertise, our QA experts establish consistent QA and testing strategies, ensuring your product’s security, reliability, and high quality.

Our testing and QA services include:

  • Accelerating your product’s time to market while upholding superior quality through exceptional testing automation via robust scripts and testing frameworks that enable performance, regression, and load tests to increase test coverage while saving time.
  • Using manual testing models for usability assessment, exploratory testing, and edge case scenarios to identify bottlenecks, and improvement areas, and enhance the product’s usability tenfold.
  • Using industry-standard bug-tracking tools like ClickUp, Jira, BugHerd, GitHub, and LogRocket, along with project management tools to identify, record, and resolve bugs seamlessly.
  • Going beyond functional testing of your product by implementing consistent product monitoring, performance optimization, and security enhancements whenever they are required. Using data charts, reports, and other analytics representations, we provide key information and recommendations to boost the product’s user experience and promptly address its potential vulnerabilities.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about training and enhancing high-quality LLMs.

What is product development?

Product development defines the process of creating and enhancing software products or services, entailing a full process from ideation to launch. Software product development typically involves various key steps, including idea generation, research and analysis, concept development, design, engineering, prototyping, testing, and post-launch evaluation.

Why should I consider outsourcing product development services?

Outsourced product development services allow businesses to remain as flexible as they can while onboarding the required talent for their product development needs. Outsourcing product development services means hiring remote talent solely for the project your team lacks the skill for, instead of hiring new talent full-time, which is both time and resource-consuming.

Here are a few key reasons why you should consider outsourcing your product development services:

  1. Maintaining a full in-house product development team is expensive. Outsourcing product development is the more cost-effective alternative that allows you to hire skilled developers and technical experts without incurring additional costs.
  2. Outsourcing development means you can also tap into the global market and hire remote developers with the specialized expertise and skills necessary for your product development goals.
  3. Outsourcing product development services also results in a faster time-to-market, as you don’t have to spend time conducting the hiring process, which involves resume screening, interviewing, candidate data collection, and more.
  4. When you outsource product development, you also free up time and resources that can be focused on other core business competencies instead of full-time hiring, such as sales, marketing, and customer service.

What are the key steps involved in the product development process?

While the product development process can vary from one business to another, it generally involves the following core steps:

  1. Ideation: Brainstorming and gathering ideas for new software products or enhancing existing ones.
  2. Research: Conducting in-depth research and analysis of the ideas to assess their feasibility and market potential.
  3. Concept development: Developing the selected ideas into software product concepts that define its features, design, functionality, and target audience.
  4. Design and development: Designing and developing the product based on the finalized concept.
  5. Prototyping and testing: Creating samples or prototypes of the software product for design and functionality validation, along with product testing that ensures it meets all quality standards and performs as intended.
  6. Manufacturing: Manufacturing and setting up the production after the product prototype is approved.
  7. Marketing and product launch: After manufacturing and production are completed, a marketing plan is created to generate demand for the product, and then the product is launched in the market via pre-defined channels.
  8. Post-launch analysis and improvement: Monitoring and analyzing the product’s post-launch performance and incorporating user feedback for further improvements.

How easy is communication, and how do I monitor my project's progress?

Turing’s product development services guarantee seamless collaboration and project monitoring. We provide daily updates through the Turing Workspace that offers 360-degree visibility into the development project with virtual stand-ups and automatic time-tracking. Our high visibility makes it easy to engage with product development experts and ensure their work aligns with your priorities. Since we prioritize timezone matching, our deeply-vetted developers work with a minimum of 4-hour timezone overlaps to collaborate with you during your workday.

How do you handle potential changes or revisions during product development?

Our experts follow a collaborative approach during product development and seamlessly handle product revisions and changes, as necessary. For this, our experts ensure regular communication, conduct an in-depth impact assessment to identify which changes or revisions are most important, prioritize business-critical changes, and maintain clear documentation to track all approved changes or revisions.

Plus, our product development services utilize agile development methodologies for iterative and incremental development, where our experts use version control systems and collaboration tools for smooth collaboration, change implementation, and robust communication.

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