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Modern data-driven solutions for your complex business challenges. Our data science services provide high-end expertise and sophisticated tools to transform vast amounts of complex data into impactful solutions. Whether you're looking to optimize your marketing campaigns, improve customer experience, or streamline your operations, our data scientists and domain experts can help you unlock the full potential of your data.

How Turing creates business solutions

More than 100 companies trust Turing to create contemporary data-driven solutions for their complex data and business challenges. Our comprehensive data science services deliver cutting-edge solutions and end-to-end frameworks for varying requirements and evolving business needs across industries such as retail, healthcare, finance, and marketing among others.
An AI marketplace for supply chain optimization and excellence

An AI marketplace for supply chain optimization and excellence

Learn how Turing AI Services helped a Fortune 100 client leverage the power of AI to detect unusual supply chain patterns, automate their customer service experience, and support the detection and prevention of diseases.

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Turing Case Study: AI pricing algorithm for high-tech B2B & B2C products

An AI pricing algorithm for high-tech B2B & B2C products

Learn how Turing AI Services brought clarity to a Fortune 100 client’s consumer strategy by taking historical pricing data, market demand, and competitor information to build a pricing recommendation solution that increased sales. 

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Turing Case Study: Advanced programs to train AI models at scale

High-quality, advanced programs to train AI models at scale

Learn how Turing AI Services provided operational clarity, increased efficiency, and scalability for a client looking for powerful interactive chatbots and coding models to identify and correct bugs in code.

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The AI that built Turing

Behind the Talent Cloud: The AI that built Turing

We’ve developed AI solutions for our own automated technical proficiency assessments, successful job candidate identification, lead scoring, supply and demand forecasting, and marketing spend optimization. Our custom search and recommendation algorithms leverage both large language model (LLM) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies, for rapid business scaling and ever-increasing value to our clients.

For our technical proficiency assessment and matching ML models, we combined our solid data foundations with an ML platform built on Vertex AI. Deep dive into how we enhanced our Talent Cloud ML models to identify the most competent developers for a particular tech talent requirement, improving our interview success rate by 40%.

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Our data science service offerings

Data Analysis and Visualization

Advanced data analysis and visualization are essential to unlock insights from complex and large data sets. We use comprehensive data analysis tools and machine learning techniques that involve data cleaning, transformation, and modeling to identify patterns, trends, and relationships in the data.

These insights can then be used to develop predictive models, create targeted marketing campaigns, optimize business processes, or create streamlined workflows.

We also provide highly reliable data visualization services to present data efficiently via infographics, charts, plots, and graphs. We transform your data into engaging and informative visualizations for deriving key insights easily that can be understood by everyone across the organization.

Through our data visualization framework, businesses can communicate insights more effectively, gain new perspectives, and make data-driven decisions to drive growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data science is an interdisciplinary domain involving statistical and computational methods for extracting insights from data. It includes a wide array of services such as data collection and preprocessing, data analysis and visualization, and the development of predictive models and machine learning algorithms.

Data science can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Process optimization
  • Customer insights
  • Risk management

Turing offers comprehensive and end-to-end data science services including data collection and pre-processing, data pipeline, analysis & visualization, machine learning, predictive analytics, and data governance.

We, at Turing, ensure the security and confidentiality of your data through the implementation of robust data safety, governance, and compliance protocols. The steps we follow to ensure complete security and confidentiality of your data include data encryption, access control, data governance framework, regulatory compliance, training & awareness, security audits, and service level agreements (SLAs).

You should choose Turing for your data science project because of our extensive experience in the industry. Our data scientists and experts come from the most successful Silicon Valley companies to have implemented data science projects at scale. Our team of experts is rigorously vetted in 100+ skills using advanced machine learning signals. We offer custom data science solutions while ensuring complete transparency, security, and compliance.

As a reliable data science consulting company, we follow a well-structured process to ensure we deliver high-quality outcomes that meet your expectations. We first identify the problem, then chart out the scope of the solution followed by comprehensive execution and delivery of the solution. Some prominent steps involved in our data science projects include:

  1. Problem definition & scope
  2. Data collection & pre-processing
  3. Data analysis & modeling
  4. Model evaluation & validation
  5. Model deployment
  6. Optimization & maintenance
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