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Accelerate your business growth by leveraging the power of Cloud consulting services. Our cloud consulting services offer best-in-class cloud solutions, from designing cloud adoption strategies to developing efficient cloud-native applications and migrating legacy infrastructures to the cloud. With our extensive experience in cloud services, we will help create a customized cloud strategy that meets your specific business needs.

How Turing creates business solutions

Over 100 companies trust Turing to design reliable cloud solutions for their business. Our expert cloud consulting services help you unleash the true potential of the cloud and remain flexible to the evolving IT landscape. We solve your challenges in transforming your IT operations with cost-effective cloud services while taking care of performance, data security, and regulatory compliance.
Turing case study: A large organization finds lower compute spend from new cloud foundation

A large organization finds lower compute spend from new cloud foundation

Learn how Turing Cloud Services took an on-premise data center to Azure and built a strong landing zone to migrate their applications to secure, multi-tenant virtual networks easily.

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Turing case study: A large banking organization migrates with near-zero downtime

A large banking organization migrates with near-zero downtime

Learn how Turing Cloud Services help one bank bring critical apps to the cloud, including their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, client relationship management (CRM) system, and business intelligence (BI) tools.

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Turing case study: A tech services company discovers 99% application uptime on cloud

A tech services company discovers 99% application uptime on cloud

Learn how Turing Cloud Services help one tech services company find scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness with a cloud migration to Azure.

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Our cloud consulting services offerings

Cloud Strategy Planning

Our cloud strategy planning services help businesses design, and implement an effective cloud strategy to meet their specific business goals and objectives. We work with you to understand your current and future business needs and define your cloud strategy goals and objectives. This includes identifying the right cloud services model, such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Software as a Service (SaaS).

Our cloud strategy planning services include:

  • Assessment: Providing a comprehensive assessment of your current IT environment. This includes evaluating your existing infrastructures, applications, and processes and developing a roadmap for cloud adoption
  • Cloud architecture: Designing a customized cloud architecture that meets your organization's specific requirements while considering factors such as scalability, security, and performance optimization
  • Regulations: Helping you create policies and regulations that guide on-premise and off-premise resource usage, taking into consideration compliance, cost control, security, and performance optimization

Hyperscale with your cloud platform of choice

Turing Cloud Services has experts for all 3 major cloud providers. As a cloud-agnostic services provider, we’re equipped to deliver an ideal solution for your requirements every time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud consulting is a service offered by cloud consulting companies to help organizations build, operate, and manage IT services in a cloud environment. Cloud strategy consulting promotes business growth, drives agility, and optimizes operational efficiency and security in the cloud. Cloud consultants provide guidance on cloud adoption strategies, design custom cloud computing solutions, and migrate existing IT infrastructure to the cloud securely.

The followings are the benefits of cloud consulting:

  • Helps businesses to save on capital and operational expenditure by reducing hardware, software, and maintenance costs.

  • Offers flexibility with a scalable solution that helps organizations quickly scale up or down to meet their business needs.

  • Helps in optimizing the performance of their applications and services.

  • Offers better data security and reduces the risk of cyber-attacks.

  • Allows businesses to gain an advantage over competitors who have not moved their IT infrastructure to the cloud environment.

There are several situations when you should partner with a cloud consulting company.

  • If your team lacks expertise in cloud solutions
  • When you are transitioning your infrastructure, applications, or services to the Cloud.
  • When you want to optimize your current Cloud setup to improve efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness.
  • If you are planning to launch new cloud-based services or products
  • To get support and management for your Cloud infrastructure

Turing is one of the top cloud consulting companies that provides the most reliable cloud consulting services to clients. We are the official service providers with all the major cloud vendors, including GCP, AWS, and Azure. We have domain experts across 27 capabilities, including cloud services, applications, and Al/ML, to meet your business needs.

Turing’s cloud consulting service helps businesses build a robust strategy for cloud migration and cloud adoption. Our domain-specific experts will help you implement a streamlined and consistent cloud module for scaling your business operations.

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