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We, at Turing, are looking for Ruby developers who will be responsible for developing Ruby applications, processing data, and integrating the user-facing elements with server-side functionality. Accelerate your career by working with the best U.S. companies.

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Job description

Job responsibilities

  • Build and maintain reusable Ruby code
  • Maintain the quality and responsiveness of applications
  • Design robust, secure, and scalable application features
  • Maintain automatization, organization, and code quality
  • Analyze applications to find the bugs and fix them
  • Collaborate with product owners to deliver products in an agile environment

Minimum requirements

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer Science (or equivalent experience)
  • 3+ years of experience in Ruby (rare exceptions for highly skilled candidates)
  • Familiarity with common libraries such as RSpec and Resque
  • Experience with MVC, ORM, and Mocking
  • Experience with REST API design and services development
  • Fluency in English to collaborate with engineering managers
  • Ability to work full-time (40 hours/week) with a 4 hour overlap with U.S. time zones

Preferred skills

  • Strong knowledge of code versioning tools (Git, Merging, Branching, Pull Requests, etc.)
  • Solid understanding of continuous integration, deployment, and monitoring
  • Understanding of development aiding tools Rake, Bower, Bundler, etc.
  • Excellent team player with strong communication skills
  • Experience working in Agile environment

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How to become a Ruby developer?

Ruby is one of the most widely used programming languages, making it a valuable skill to acquire. Ruby is now the fifteenth most popular programming language in the world, according to the TIOBE Index, which analyzes the popularity of significant computer languages based on their search traffic.

Ruby has a significant impact on developers' job satisfaction as well as employment options. There are a variety of remote Ruby developer jobs available, starting from the entry-level such as a junior programmer, a co-developer, and so forth.

What is the scope in Ruby development?

The scope of Ruby development is increasing fast, thanks to the rapidly evolving web development technology. Ruby on Rails (ROR) is one of those web development frameworks that has exploded its popularity in recent years due to its ability to create scalable, robust, interactive, and high-performance web applications and websites in a short amount of time.

Ruby on Rails lightens the stress on developers by allowing them to use standard functions, which reduces the time spent on developing code. It is no longer necessary to write the same code again and over. Rails' library collection includes tools for minimizing coding time, managing numerous activities, creating forms and tables, and much more.

Ruby on Rails was used to build Github, Shopify, Twitch, Fiverr, Zendesk, Hulu, Dribbble, and Basecamp. What does that tell you? The tech giants find unending opportunities with Ruby.

Ruby on Rails is being used for web development across various industries, including retail, insurance, e-commerce, health, and so on, creating tremendous innovation potential. ROR is now used in mobile app development, contributing to it becoming a significant part of the development industry.

According to Google trends, the word Ruby on Rails is searched worldwide by a broad spectrum of people. ROR has also risen to 5th place in the top-paying technology, resulting in tremendous opportunities for ROR developers now and in the future.

The scope of Ruby is fast expanding and is likely to continue to do so in the future. Therefore, ROR is one of the most recommended technologies for new businesses and developers. Doesn’t that encourage you to apply for the best remote Ruby developer jobs?

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Ruby developer?

Ruby on Rails developers use the open-source programming language Ruby to create server-side web application logic. Rails, a model view controller (MVC) framework, is used to write the logic. Back-end components, linking the application to online services, and helping front-end developers are all the responsibilities of Ruby on Rails engineers.

The following are the primary responsibilities of a Ruby developer:

  • New web application design and development
  • Existing web apps' maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Writing and maintaining Ruby code
  • Bringing data storage options together
  • Back-end component development
  • Identifying bottlenecks and defects and resolving them
  • Integrating user-facing items created by the front-end team
  • Linking applications with web servers
  • The upkeep of APIs

How to become a Ruby developer?

It's time to walk you through the main pointers you must focus on to get hired for the best remote Ruby developer jobs. Before we start, the first and foremost thing is that there are no formal educational requirements for becoming a Ruby developer.

The following is a checklist that you can use to land on the best remote Ruby developer jobs:

  • Computer science, computer engineering, or a related subject bachelor's degree (Preferred)
  • Working knowledge of Ruby on Rails and libraries such as Resque and RSpec
  • Ability to write well-structured Ruby code
  • Knowledge of code versioning tools such as Git, Github, SVN, and Mercurial is required
  • Working knowledge of AngularJS or BackboneJS
  • MVC, Mocking, RESTful, and ORM are all terms that you should be familiar with
  • Front-end technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 should be well-understood
  • Slim and Liquid are two server-side templating languages that you should be familiar with
  • The working knowledge of testing tools.

Beginners in Ruby development should take 5-6 months to self-study and 3-4 months to learn from a mentor. Keep in mind that technology is ever-changing. To stay on top of the game and create flawless products, developers must constantly enhance their skills. Getting Ruby developer jobs would be easy, but performing your best is equally important. Also, try to apply to desired opportunities with a remote Ruby developer resume to have a better chance of getting hired.

Let's have a look at the skills and techniques you'll need to get Ruby developer jobs:

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Skills required to become a Ruby developer

Let’s learn the core skills that will help you land high-paying Ruby developer jobs.

1. Ruby skills

It is evident that mastering Ruby is a must if you wish to work as a remote Ruby developer. The Ruby language is used to write all of the rails python framework. Always bear in mind that Ruby on Rails is an essential part. If the fundamentals of Ruby on Rails operations are excellent, the final result will be impressive by default. This is a good technique that companies use to see what kind of ruby expertise an applicant has.

2. SQL

SQL is a database skill that Ruby developers must have. When it comes to remote Ruby developer jobs, firms look for this SQL knowledge.

3. MySQL/PostgreSQL

MYSQL is a well-known database engine that will never lose its importance in the web development field. As a result, Ruby on Rails developers are very familiar with this database engine.

4. Model/View/Controller (MVC) framework

It's a critical structure that should be included in the list of Ruby skills. If you wish to rule over the hearts of your consumers with a mobile/web application, you should be well-versed in it.

5. Tools handling expertise

You know that website creation is a difficult task. It necessitates a large number of resources and the proper use of the technologies it employs to create a successful web application. Therefore, be familiar with any of the tools listed below:

  • GIT
  • Docker, CI, and also Heroku
  • Trello/ Pivotal/ Asana

6. Validation and testing skills

The web software must pass regress testing before being launched in real-time. If a ROR developer is unable to test the final product, the entire project will be meaningless. Therefore, companies always make sure that their ideal Ruby developer knows how to execute fake commands and discover defects. One of those critical competencies can verify that the final product is ready for public consumption.

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How to get remote Ruby developer jobs?

Athletes and developers have a lot in common. They must practice efficiently and consistently to excel at their craft. They must also work hard enough so that their abilities improve with time. In this regard, there are two important things that developers must focus on for that growth to occur- the assistance of someone more experienced and successful in practice techniques and the use of more effective learning techniques. You must know how much to practice as a developer, so make sure you have someone to assist you and keep an eye out for signs of burnout!

Turing has the top remote Ruby developer jobs that fit your Ruby development career goals. Working on complex technical and business problems with cutting-edge technologies will help you grow quickly. Get full-time, long-term remote Ruby developer jobs with better income and career progression by joining a network of the world's most outstanding developers.

Why become a Ruby developer at Turing?

Elite U.S. jobs
Elite U.S. jobs

Long-term opportunities to work for amazing, mission-driven U.S. companies with great compensation.

Career growth
Career growth

Work on challenging technical and business problems using cutting-edge technology to accelerate your career growth.

Exclusive developer community
Exclusive developer community

Join a worldwide community of elite software developers.

Once you join Turing, you’ll never have to apply for another job.
Once you join Turing, you’ll never have to apply for another job.

Turing's commitments are long-term and full-time. As one project draws to a close, our team gets to work identifying the next one for you in a matter of weeks.

Work from the comfort of your home
Work from the comfort of your home

Turing allows you to work according to your convenience. We have flexible working hours and you can work for top U.S. firms from the comfort of your home.

Great compensation
Great compensation

Working with top U.S. corporations, Turing developers make more than the standard market pay in most nations.

How much does Turing pay their Ruby developers?

Every developer at Turing is free to determine their rate. Turing will recommend a wage at which we are confident we can offer you a rewarding and long-term opportunity. Our suggestions are based on our analysis of market conditions and the demand we perceive from our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ruby is mainly used for the web application development but it is a general purpose language like Python, so it can be used for any purpose. A few examples would be web applications, web servers, system utilities, database work, backups, parsing code, model simulations, etc.

Yes, Ruby is still relevant for years to come because a lot of major organizations such as Facebook, Yahoo, Intel, etc. are using Ruby language in their organizations. So the need for Ruby developer will remain in demand.

We, at Turing, hire remote developers for over 100 skills like React/Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, Java, Rails, Golang, PHP, Vue, among several others. We also hire engineers based on tech roles and seniority.

If you want to become a Ruby developer you must have knowledge of the Rails framework up to an expert level. Along with that, it is advisable that you must learn other skills also, like MVC architecture, GIT, SQL, etc. It will help you in getting an edge over other candidates. Moreover, you can try on Turing jobs to find a remote Ruby developer role with Silicon Valley companies.

The salary of a Ruby developer is dependent on various factors like the work experience, job function, job location, level of education, etc. So a Ruby developer can earn between 10,000 to 50,000 USD on average depending on the experience. If you want to work as a remote developer with top Silicon Valley companies, sign up on Turing.

It is the combination of our core business model and values that makes us different from others. We provide full-time, long-term projects to remote developers whereas most of our competitors offer more freelance jobs.

Yes, Ruby developers are in demand as many services and platforms are using Ruby like Shopify, Spree, etc. This has led to the use of Ruby language for maintenance and development of new features.

We are a Palo Alto-based 'deep' jobs platform allowing talented software developers to work with top US firms from the comfort of their homes. We are led by Stanford alumni and successful A.I. entrepreneurs Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan.

After uploading your resume, you will have to go through the three tests -- seniority assessment, tech stack test, and live coding challenge. Once you clear these tests, you are eligible to apply to a wide range of jobs available based on your skills.

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