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We, at Turing, are looking for highly qualified remote React/Java developers who will be responsible for designing, developing and configuring Java-based web applications to meet business demands. Get a chance to work with the leading Silicon Valley companies while accelerating your career.

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Job description

Job responsibilities

  • Design, deploy, and test APIs using React/Java technologies
  • Review business requirements and interface design
  • Ensure efficient API performance with proper data processing solutions
  • Integrate back-end components with front-end elements
  • Design and build highly efficient and intuitive user interface components
  • Assist cross-functional teams with software architecture and design

Minimum requirements

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, IT (or equivalent experience)
  • At least 3+ years of full-stack development experience using React/Java (rare exceptions for highly skilled developers)
  • Proficient in ReactJS and Java technologies
  • Working experience with Redux, Javascript, and TypeScript
  • Experience with Java-based frameworks like Spring Core, Spring MVC, and Spring Boot
  • Understanding of microservices architecture
  • Knowledge of interfacing with Rest API, JSON, and XML
  • Hands-on experience in HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap
  • Fluent in English to communicate effectively
  • Ability to work full-time (40 hours/week) with a 4 hour overlap with US time zones

Preferred skills

  • Familiarity with RDBMS, SQL Server, and MySQL
  • Knowledge of NodeJS, NPM, and webpack
  • Understanding of version control tools like GIT, SVN, etc.
  • Experience in implementing unit and integration tests
  • Comfortable with Agile/Scrum development process
  • Strong problem-solving and team management skills

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How to become a remote React/Java developer ?

It might be difficult to choose the finest option when there are so many. And, once you've decided on the finest option, building on it might be challenging. There are several frameworks to select from in front-end and back-end development, for example. With developers and enterprises, React and Java has acquired a lot of popularity.

Java is utilized by a wide range of companies, both large and small, all around the world. Java's portability and maintainability have aided in the development of many applications. Java has been used to construct everyday applications like Wikipedia searches, games like Minecraft, and complicated Maestro Mars Rover Controller and Hadoop.

Likewise, Rich user interfaces are simple to design using React. The quality of the user interface is critical because a poorly designed user interface is typically less user-friendly, and consumers dislike it. Your consumers would like to use your web app if it has an attractive, high-quality UI.

What is the scope in React/Java development?

The market for app-based and web-based enterprises is at an all-time high, thanks to exponential growth in startups and a surge in the use of smart devices.

React is commonly regarded as one of the most popular frameworks. It's currently utilized on over 90,000 websites, according to SimilarTech. As the company has developed, remote React developer positions have become increasingly common. As a result, developers will have to put in more effort in the next years to do quick user research and innovate in a user-centered manner.

Similarly, Java's popularity has been constant for the past 22 years, and it is still the most reliable programming language for developers. It presently leads the pack in both Android mobile app development and backend service development. Many huge organizations are seeking React/Java developers, and there are countless React/Java employment possibilities accessible throughout the world.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a React/Java developer?

From conceptualization through significant testing, a React developer is involved in the entire process. They should be able to cooperate with testers, designers, web designers, and project managers to produce a strong and functioning application using their understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

There's more to it than meets the eye when it comes to being a React/Java developer. The major role of a React/Java developer is to design user interfaces for intranet and internet applications. Designing Java applications, developing testable code, debugging software, and examining program architecture are among the daily activities.

Remote React/Java developer jobs include a wide range of tasks and responsibilities, depending on the company and position. However, the following are some of the more prevalent duties:

  • Reviewing application requirements and interface designs with the development team to explore user interface concepts and applications.
  • Detecting user actions over the internet
  • Using React concepts, create highly responsive user interface components.
  • Creating application interface code in JavaScript
  • Troubleshooting interface software and debugging application codes
  • Creating and implementing a user-interface-standards-compliant front-end architecture.
  • Developing, deploying, and managing high-volume, low-latency Java applications.
  • Providing excellent uptime and performance.
  • At all phases of the development life cycle, participation is required.
  • Creating software that is capable, dependable, and tested.
  • The software must be debugged, programmed, tested, and analyzed.
  • Oversee Java and Java EE application development and deployment.
  • Ascertain that the design meets the needed standards.

How to become a React/Java developer?

React/Java is constantly in demand, so it's no surprise that there's a lot of competition for React/Java developer jobs. Most employers prefer applicants who have a Bachelor's degree in engineering, computer science, or a closely related field. It is no longer necessary to acquire a college diploma, as certificates from reputable non-traditional colleges are increasingly accepted. You may earn successful remote React/Java developer employment with first-hand expertise in software development and hard effort. Experience with relational databases, Java-based web services, SQL, and test-driven programming would also be advantageous.

You must be an expert in Java SE and be familiar with key features and terminology as a remote React/Java developer. It's advisable to start with free online tutorials to get a feel for the React framework and basic Java. Then look at Java EE, or Advanced Java, which contains capabilities like Java Server Faces and Servlets that may be utilized in mobile and internet apps. Keeping track of all of the parts and terminology in Java may be tough. For mentoring and learning important ideas and skills necessary to become a Java developer, online classes and coding boot camps are fantastic solutions.

All of the skills you'll need to get remote Java developer jobs are listed below:

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Skills required to become a React/Java developer

The first step is to learn the fundamental abilities that employers seek when recruiting remote React/Java developers. The following is a comprehensive list of skill sets required for remote React/Java developer jobs.


Developers that work with React should be able to do the following at a high level:

  • Components may be written as well as created utilizing semantic HTML elements.
  • Work with and write CSS selectors.
  • Reset the CSS in your browser.
  • Recognize the box model and understand how to return to the border-box model.
  • The phrase "flexbox" should be known to you.
  • It's critical to work with and include responsive web ideas, such as the proper use of media queries.

2. JSX

JSX is used to encapsulate React.createElement() API. Without it, growing the API would be too tough, which is one of the reasons it's so important to the library and why React team chose it in the first place. Theoretically, React.createElement() might be used to create a whole application. That would, however, be no quicker than using HTML directly. Although putting our Markup into our template logic may appear to be a step backward, it just takes a few minutes to fall in love with the appearance utilizing JSX.

3. Fundamentals of JavaScript + ES6

Variables and scoping, Arrays and objects, Array methods, Functions and arrow functions, DOM Manipulation, and event handlers are all necessary for mastering React.

4. Java programming skills

Java programmers construct a wide spectrum of software, from online applications to desktop programs, mobile apps, and cloud systems. Python-based Big Data applications can also benefit from Java's capabilities. You should think about the following technologies as a React/Java developer.

  • Object-oriented programming principles
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and other relational databases are examples.
  • Bitbucket and Git are two popular version control systems.
  • HTML, CSS, and jQuery are examples of front-end web technology.

5. Software architecture and design

Software architecture and design play an important part in the software development process. As a Java developer, you must be able to quickly identify and implement the application's appropriate technology stack and architecture. A thorough understanding of software architecture will set you apart from other engineers and help you succeed in your career.

6. Android + Kotlin

The bulk of React/Java developers skip the web development process and get right into designing mobile apps. When it comes to designing Android apps, knowing Kotlin provides you an edge and helps you stand out. The Android platform is moving toward Kotlin, a modified version of the Java programming language.

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How to get remote React/Java developer jobs?

We looked at the prerequisites for remote React/Java developer jobs that can be done remotely. In practice, though, the most essential thing is to do your best. New technology advancements are transforming sectors every day. More individuals will enter the field as it grows more popular, increasing your competition. If you stay up with current industry trends, it won't be tough to develop your profession.

Turing features the best remote React/Java developer jobs that can help you achieve your developer career objectives. Working with cutting-edge technology to address complicated technical and business challenges will assist you in quickly expanding. Join a network of the world's best developers to get full-time, long-term remote React/Java developer jobs with higher pay and career advancement.

Why become a React/Java developer at Turing?

Elite US jobs
Elite US jobs
Career growth
Career growth
Developers' exclusive community
Developers' exclusive community
You will never have to apply for another job after joining Turing.
You will never have to apply for another job after joining Turing.
React/Java developer jobs give the freedom to work from anywhere on the earth.
React/Java developer jobs give the freedom to work from anywhere on the earth.
Excellent pay
Excellent pay

How much does Turing pay their React/Java developers?

Turing's React/Java developers are able to set their own rates. Turing will provide a remuneration package that will allow us to provide you with a satisfying and long-term opportunity. Our recommendations are based on our study of market circumstances and customer needs. Once you've joined, we'll look after your career by assisting you in landing the top remote React/Java developer jobs. Your ideal company will recruit you for remote React/Java developer jobs.

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We, at Turing, hire remote developers for over 100 skills like React/Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, Java, Rails, Golang, PHP, Vue, among several others. We also hire engineers based on tech roles and seniority.

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