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10 PHP Frameworks Developers Should Look Out for in 2023 

By February 4, 2022 4 min read

PHP frameworks are a collection of APIs, functions, methods, and libraries. These frameworks provide a solid platform to build excellent applications and websites to streamline the development process. 

PHP frameworks also offer various benefits like naming conventions, faster development, improved performance, reusable code, better maintainability, and security.

Additionally, these frameworks determine how responsive a website or application will be. Developers can easily make multiple changes and scale their applications with PHP frameworks. 

However, developers need to ensure that the PHP frameworks they choose are in line with the requirements of their projects.  

Here is a list of the best PHP frameworks developers can pick from in 2023:  

  1. PHP frameworks: Laravel

    laravel php frameworks

    PHP frameworks: Laravel

    One of the best PHP frameworks on our list is Laravel. Laravel’s ability to handle complex websites and applications sets it apart from other PHP frameworks. The framework runs on model view controller architecture, making it ideal for collaborative work. Developers find it easy to work with Laravel with plenty of material available.
    The open-source PHP framework offers numerous features like elegant syntax, strong community support, boilerplate code generation, authorization, and authentication. Laravel also provides better speed for routing, queuing, and sessions. As a result, companies like CIS, Innovify, and IndiaNIC use Laravel for their operations.
  2. PHP frameworks: CakePHP

    CakePHP is ideal for building feature-rich and visually stunning applications. Moreover, CakePHP offers increased security with features like cross-site forgery protection, SQL injection prevention, CSRF, and XSS protection compared to other PHP frameworks. And thus, it is an excellent option for commercial projects and applications.
    Other features of CakePHP include inbuilt ORM, input validation, fast builds, and proper class inheritance. Companies Jabico and Cotter Web Enterprises use CakePHP.
  3. Codeigniter

    Codeigniter is one of the best PHP frameworks for dynamic web development. Developers can use both MVC architecture and other architecture patterns for their projects. Moreover, this PHP framework offers several modules for constructing reusable components.
    Codeigniter offers context-sensitive escaping, multiple caching methods, and easy error handling. Dompet Duafa and Woodbox are some companies that use Codeigniter.
  4. Zend aka Laminas Project

    Zend, aka Laminas Project, is one of the most extensible PHP frameworks. It is object-oriented, open-source, and easy to use. The framework also provides extensive documentation and community support.
    Zend offers a wide range of features like cloud API, MVC components, session management, and encryption. And thus, developers who choose Zend can write bug-free and crash-proof code. As a result, companies like BBC, AutoTrack, Serpro, and Cisco Webex use Zend.
  5. FuelPHP

    FuelPHP is one of the most flexible, fast, and straightforward PHP frameworks on this list. It supports both hierarchical model view controller and model view controller architecture.
    Other features of FuelPHP include a smooth caching system, excellent security, RESTful services, and a sound URL sourcing system. Wan Wizard and Front Desk are some companies that use FuelPHP.
  6. PHP frameworks: Yii

    Yii is easy to set up, highly extensible, and well documented. Moreover, it is one of the most secure PHP frameworks with powerful features like encryption, password hashing, authentication, and authorization. Therefore, developers can easily customize every part of code and build highly secure projects with this framework.
    In addition, Yii offers code generator tools, elegant caching support, rapid development time, and different configuration sets. Companies like YMCA, Crowdcube, Pastebin, and Purple use Yii.
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  7. Symfony

    symfony php frameworks

    PHP frameworks: Symfony

    Symfony is one of the oldest PHP frameworks out there. It is easy to install and configure. In addition, Symfony offers seamless integration with other vendor libraries. And thus, it is highly flexible.

    Symphony’s key features include debugging toolbar, database engine independence, reusable PHP components, and strong community support. Spotify, Trivago, and Dailymotion are some companies that use Symfony.
  8. PHP frameworks: Slim

    slim php frameworks

    PHP Frameworks: Slim

    Slim is the only micro-framework on this list. It is easy to learn and has strong community support. Slim’s other features include session security, cookie encryption, client-side HTTP caching, and URL routing. Also, slim offers flash message support across HTTP requests.

    Developers working on RestfulAPI’s and services choose Slim over other PHP frameworks. CG forge, Canine Principles, Betterplace Academy, and Top Webcomics are some companies that use Slim.
  9. Aura

    Unlike other PHP frameworks, Aura is a collection of decoupled libraries. It is open-source and flexible. With Aura, developers can use the self-contained libraries without any dependencies.
    Documentation of each library is available in Aura. In addition, companies like Explee, Ramen, Pricelizer, and Kivvik use Aura.
  10. PHP frameworks: Phalcon

    The last yet one of the fastest frameworks on our list is Phalcon. Phalcon offers several features like MVC architecture, universal autoloader, asset management, minimum overhead expenses, high security, and caching. Outsmart, Marchy Auto, and Learny Online are some companies that use Phalcon. 

If you had to build a team communication app, which of these frameworks would you opt for?

What should you keep in mind while choosing from these PHP frameworks?

All of these PHP frameworks are easy to learn. However, they can be tough to master. Therefore, developers must carefully consider their skill level and familiarity with each PHP framework before choosing one for their project.  

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PHP Frameworks for Developers to Use in 2023
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PHP Frameworks for Developers to Use in 2023
In this post on best PHP frameworks, we explain how different PHP frameworks work and how developers can leverage them for specific projects in 2023


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