Five Popular Web Development Frameworks to Watch Out for in 2024

Vikas Dixith
28 Feb 20245 mins read
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Websites are essential for organizations to have a visible online presence. The best way to attract new customers or clients is to create engaging and intuitive websites. One way to accomplish this is by selecting the right web frameworks.

Frameworks for web applications include components, code snippets, and templates. These frameworks help you create online apps and websites for your projects. In addition, they also help create web services, application programming interfaces (APIs), and other web resources. 

Client-side and server-side frameworks are the two most common forms of development frameworks. While client-side frameworks deal with the user interface, a server-side framework works behind the scenes to guarantee that the website runs smoothly. 

This post takes you through the five most popular web frameworks to consider in 2024.  

Web Framework: Spring

Language: Java

Popular Web Frameworks

Spring Framework

Spring is an open-source Java platform preferred by millions of developers. As a framework, Spring helps developers build high-performing applications which are reusable and easy to use. 

The first version of the framework was released in 2003. Initially written by Rod Johnson, Spring has seen notable improvements in its updates and versions. In its last major update, Spring built the version with Reactive streams, which helps to standardize asynchronous stream processing. Some of the biggest names like Accenture, MIT, Indeed, Zalando have included Spring in their tech stacks. 

Key Features: 

  • Spring is a collection of sub-frameworks or layers built on the concept of MVC (Model View Controller). 
  • Uses new techniques like AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), POJO (Plain Old Java Object), and DI (Dependency Injection) to build robust applications. 
  • Spring is a lightweight and transparent framework that simplifies building enterprise applications without using EJBs.
  • Enables developers to use persistence data throughout the application building process.

Special mention: Angular

Language: TypeScript

Best JaveScript Frameworks for Software Developers


Yet another popular framework on this list is Angular. 

Google released Angular—an end-to-end, Client-Side web framework in 2016. It is an open-source web framework built on TypeScript. Angular helps to create large, well-functioning web apps. 

Angular’s framework is enterprise-friendly, and hence many organizations prefer it over other options. As a result, Angular developers are in high demand worldwide. Lego, PayPal, Netflix are a few popular websites that use Angular. 

Key Features:

  • Offers two-way Data Binding, Convention over Configuration (CoC), and Dirty Checking.
  • Angular is the most secure client-side web framework with features like DOM sanitation.
  • Focuses on stability and robustness, which are valuable for enterprise app development.
  • Specializes in building single-page applications.

Wrapping up 

Web frameworks play a vital role in building and high-performing web applications.  Using frameworks that are tried and tested by thousands of developers is an excellent way to create robust and interactive web apps

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