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Flutter App Development: Here Are 7 Reasons to Hire Flutter Developers

By April 20, 2022 6 min read

Is Flutter good for app development? And what is Flutter app development? And most importantly, why should you hire Flutter developers for your next project? Let’s find out. 

A few years ago, iOS developers received criticism for not availing the same apps on Android devices. Later, developers made the transition possible with continuous improvement in the development field. 

However, developers had to maintain two codes to push updates and fix bugs – one in the iOS app store and the other in the Google play store. Developers also had to work on interface issues, screen sizes, and aspect ratios.

So, to make the process easier for developers, Google rolled out Flutter, a UI Software Development Kit (SDK), in 2018. This SDK helped developers design excellent interfaces that support all devices and screen sizes. Also, this tool kit preloaded with some of the best features and widgets could create intuitive iOS and Android apps with a single codebase. Flutter is thus a portable groundbreaking tool kit to build visually appealing apps that increase the user experience.

The prerequisites for Flutter app development:

  • MAC or Windows system

  • Android Studio or VS code editor to write the code

  • Android emulator and an iOS simulator to test the app

Every start-up needs feature-rich mobile apps to attract more users. Flutter helps businesses build high-performance and scalable apps for iOS and Android devices. 

Some of the top organizations that use the Flutter framework are Google, Alibaba, BMW, eBay, and Dream11.

Why is Flutter app development so popular?

Flutter app development: Hire flutter developers

Why is Flutter app development so popular?

According to the 2021 developer survey, Flutter development was the most popular cross-platform mobile framework globally, and 42 percent of software developers used it.

According to a 2020 Google report, Flutter apps increased from 50,000 to 90,000 in the play store since April 2020. These numbers indicate the popularity of Flutter app development.

Flutter makes an ideal solution for building cross-platform apps. And thus, businesses can hire Flutter developers to build cost-effective apps with less time and effort, reducing the errors related to UI and security inconsistency.

Top advantages of Flutter app development:

  • A single codebase to maintain

    App development in Flutter is easier than in the native languages. App creation usually demands knowledge of Swift, Java, JavaScript, and the workings of app stores. But in Flutter, developers need to know one language: Dart.
    Google developed Dart as an alternative for Javascript problems. Dart has powerful features present in object-oriented programming languages. The language started gaining momentum in 2017 when Google announced Flutter for cross-platform mobile app development. Google created the popular Google Adwords and Google Fibre with it.
  • Compatible with all screen sizes

    Flutter has some fantastic features that allow developers to create apps on many devices with a single codebase, be it a desktop, smartphone, tablet, or wearables.
  • Flexible layout system

    Flutter possesses an easy-to-use and flexible layout system to create enticing interfaces. Developers face a common challenge while creating apps: How to create a layout appropriate for different screen sizes and aspect ratios.
    Flutter uses widgets like rows, columns, stacks, and centers to make the layout compatible across all devices. This step helps to stack elements horizontally, vertically, and on top of each other. It also helps give them padding, center alignment, and margins.
  • Hot reloading feature

    Running the apps is one of the most tedious processes while developing them. For example, in iOS, it takes 10 to 30 seconds to save the code, compile it, and view the output on the screen.
    The user interface instantly changes as you update the code and hit save in Flutter. Flutter has a unique way of designing the user interface, similar to having a refresh button on a website. The hot reload feature can quickly change the app’s color, design, or button. In addition, the debugging, updating, and maintaining of codes happen in one place in Flutter.
  • Access the original source code

    Flutter is an open-source framework that allows you to do heavy customization. When you click on the code, you get access to view the original code written by the team. What’s more, you can also comprehend the way the widgets work.
    Unlike the proprietary iOS code, Flutter is an open-source toolkit wherein you can change a particular design or an entire template. For example, you can customize the button’s shape, color, and dimensions by editing the code.
  • Faster time to market

    In Flutter, a single code can develop iOS and Android apps in less time than done natively. Creating a user interface (UI) is simple and flexible in Flutter, making it a high-performance and cost-effective app development platform. The common codebase enables faster product release and helps reduce the time to market.
  • High-performance rendering engine

    Flutter has a dynamic framework that allows developers to play around with the widgets. The Software Development Kit has a high-performing cross-platform rendering engine called Skia. With this engine, the UI built in Flutter can be launched on any platform, be it mobile, tab, web, desktop, etc., without making any adjustments.

Flutter vs other frameworks

Hire flutter developers

Flutter vs other frameworks

Flutter is simple, flexible, and productive. But there are various other native and cross-platform app frameworks that work differently. Here are a few comparisons:

Flutter vs React Native

The development process with Flutter app development is faster, as you write only one code. But with React Native, separate codes are written from scratch for every format.

Business impact for start-ups and SMEs is higher with Flutter. Every new business requires a Minimum Viable Prototype (MVP) to understand its audience and attract new investors. Flutter’s UNIQUE UI and hot reload features help companies create MVPs efficiently.

Flutter apps run at a higher speed than React Native apps. In addition, React Native apps require a bridge and native elements or a separate optimization for each platform. However, Flutter does not need one.

Flutter is free from third-party dependency. The SDK has its own automation tools and instructions for app deployment. In React Native, the deployment depends on the developer’s skills and third-party tools.

Flutter vs Xamarin

Unlike Xamarin, Flutter has no licensing cost. Hiring a Flutter developer is easier than finding a Xamarin developer, as Flutter has a vast community of developers globally.

Product testing takes longer with Xamarin. The testing process depends on third-party tools and a large development team, resulting in higher costs. Unlike Xamarin, Flutter provides an excellent testing experience with lesser workmanship and cost.

The development and product testing with Xamarin are time-consuming, whereas Flutter can quickly develop and test complex projects.

Flutter vs Angular

Though Google supports both SDKs, Flutter ranks better than Angular on performance parameters. This is because Flutter uses the Dart programming language.

In addition, Angular uses only HTML for developing apps, whereas Flutter uses all the modern tools like HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, and Javascript.

Why should businesses opt for Flutter app development?

Flutter app development is an excellent solution for businesses. How? Look at the following example:

Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, wanted to improve Xianyu’s UI. Xianyu is Alibaba’s used goods platform. Alibaba used Flutter to build 50+ million users for the Xianyu app. The company leaders wanted ease of business anywhere and everywhere. They also wanted to create apps that are easy to navigate for users, possess the best graphics, load quickly, and are easily accessible to a broader customer base. 

With Flutter, they were able to:

  • Get high Frames Per Second (FPS)

  • Invest less time in creating the UI

  • Simultaneously maintain iOS and Android with a single codebase

  • Better maintain apps

  • The main and complex pages are run through a single codebase in iOS and Android

  • Reduce  workload 

  • Improve team efficiency

How to hire Flutter developers?

There are more than two million Flutter developers in the global market. However, companies find it challenging to hire Flutter developers with good experience. 

The primary qualifications to look for while hiring Flutter developers are:

  • Proficiency in creating mobile apps using other programming languages and technologies

  • Good knowledge of the Flutter framework

  • Good experience in iOS or Android app development

  • Excellent problem solving and communication skills

  • Good command of documentation

  • Hand on experience with the planning of app architecture

  • Basic knowledge of agile development approaches

Where can you hire Flutter developers for mobile app development?

Flutter is a fast-growing framework providing excellent solutions for cross-platform app development. Naturally, the framework offers promising career opportunities for developers. 

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Flutter App Development: 7 Reasons to Hire Flutter Developers
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Flutter App Development: 7 Reasons to Hire Flutter Developers
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