Important Things To Remember While Hiring Node.js Developers in 2023

Hire Node.js developer

Since its introduction, Node.js has been globally adopted by the developer community for the benefits it offers. The technology has rapidly grown in popularity over the past five years and seems to continue to be a go-to choice for developers.

But hiring Node.js developers with deep technical knowledge and experience working in multiple niches can be a tedious task. Recruiters often face challenges in trying to bring in new talent capable of making a difference. Conducting thorough interviews and vetting technical skills can often feel overwhelming, especially for recruiters without much technical knowledge. If you too are planning to hire Node.js developers for your company or team, this guide should help you recruit with efficiency. This has been crafted taking into account every essential aspect to keep in mind while hiring Node.js experts in 2023.

But before checking out tips on how to hire Node.js programmers, it is important to have a clear understanding of the technology.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a globally popular open-source back-end JavaScript runtime environment. It offers cross-platform compatibility runs on a V8 engine and can execute JavaScript codes outside a web browser. The platform has been built using Javascript runtime to build efficient and scalable network applications. Node.js also used an event-driven and non-blocking input-output model that helps to keep it light and efficient. The platform has become a preferred choice for building real-time data-oriented services capable of running on distributed devices.

The technology has managed to simplify various aspects of modern development processes. Working with the platform also offers advantages like - scalability, code reusability, efficient performance, quick code execution, and a lot more.

How to hire Node.js developers?

Hiring Node.js developers can give an organization a lot of advantages. Adopting the programming environment offers the ability to utilize countless code libraries. Bringing in the right Node.js developer also helps companies to develop highly scalable products; services that can be modified and upgraded with minimum effort. This also helps to make customer-facing applications more stable with support for load increase.

Companies with expert Node.js developers in their teams can operate with a higher level of efficiency. Specialists with a few years of experience in the industry can take charge of writing server-side web application logic in JavaScript. The developer can also look into and ensure best practices are implemented for security and data protection.

So, if you need to find new developers capable of taking full advantage of the platform an efficient approach is essential. As a recruiter, you must have a thorough idea about the basics that define a quality Node.js developer. You should also possess detailed knowledge of the daily responsibilities of Node.js developers to efficiently judge their skill level. Also, if you’re new to recruiting for technical positions, working with a hiring guide can be a smart approach.

Types of Node.js developers

When planning to hire Node.js developers, the primary choice that you’ll have to make is selecting an employment type. What kind of agreement do you want to have with your new hirings. This choice can vary based on the requirement of the company and project duration. When making such a decision it is important to select a model that best suits your purpose, both - technical and financial.

In the next section, we’ll quickly take you through the various employment models that you can select for hiring Node.js developers.

In-house expert

If you need to hire Node.js developers for a long-term project or to grow an existing team, a full-timer can be a good option. Hiring Node.js developers with an updated tech stack and proven technical experience can be beneficial. But hiring a full-time developer means one more long-term financial commitment for companies. The commitment not only includes the salary of the developer but also the mandated perks of operating in that region.

This can be the best model for established organizations looking to venture into new markets or for expanding teams. Hiring a full-time Node.js programmer allows organizations to work with long-term strategies and projects.


If hiring Node.js developers for full-time roles feels financially burdening, finding freelancers can help you out. Working with freelancers has been proven to be an effective model if done right, especially for short-term projects. Many small or growing organizations often require technical reinforcements depending on project requirements. Requirements like existing product upgrades, new/specific feature integrations, or even platform migrations can be completed within a predictable timeline. For such situations bringing in a part-timer or freelancer can be a good choice.

Hiring a freelance Node.js developer will not just give you access to their skill and knowledge but also be a cost-effective strategy. As an employer, you will not have to adhere to the local labor laws and regulations when employing freelancers.


Another approach you can adopt to hire Node.js developers is outsourcing the entire project to a proven team. Outsourcing is a globally popular model often adopted by large enterprises and growing organizations. Choosing to rope in the services of a specialized service provider over hiring a dedicated Node.js developer or freelancer can offer several advantages. Especially for companies or institutions who are looking to take their services/business online for the first time. This allows major stakeholders a lot of time to evaluate the returns and efficiency of deployed digital solutions.

Based on your organization’s finances and long-term goals, you can try to find suitable service providers. Outsourcing allows a company to hire entire teams, with customized roles and essential niche specialists based on requirements.

Along with the mentioned three conventional models, a significant portion of the tech industry are adopting a developing trend. Today, with remote work having been proven to be efficient, remote positions are becoming a preferred choice for hiring Node.js developers. Cornered by unforeseen circumstances, the tech industry has managed to find the perfect balance and prove remote hirings to be equally valuable. Working with a remote team not only makes the daily operations less costly but also grants access to a global pool of talent.

So, if you’re looking to hire Node.js programmers, select an employment model that suits the project requirement. When making a choice, also keep the project timeline in mind. Will it be a one-and-done gig or a long-term project?

How to write a job description for hiring Node.js developers?

One of the key requirements for hiring high-value Node.js developers is an efficient job description. When posting about openings it is important to write a job description that offers a deep insight into the role. Professional Node.js developers looking to switch companies, especially experienced developers would look for specific opportunities. Most will be looking to take their career forward working in niches of their choice.

Writing a crisp and insightful job description can persuade the applicants to consider your posting. But the job description will also vary based on the employment type you’re hiring for. Whether you’re hiring Node.js developers for freelance or full-time roles will determine the information you need to include.

Also, while drafting a job description for hiring Node.js developers, keep in mind the key aspects you need to shed light upon. A well-written job description should include information like

  • The name of the role (Node.js developer, in this scenario)
  • Required experience level
  • Primary technical requirement
  • Niche-industry knowledge (if any)
  • Type of organization

Along with such information, make sure to list the daily/recurring responsibilities the Node.js developer needs to undertake while employed. A job description should give applicants a clear idea about the roles and responsibilities a developer needs to perform. This also acts as the first level of filtering for sourcing the talent best suited for your team. Developers do not only look for a new company but rather for opportunities that help to elevate their careers.

In addition to daily responsibilities, your job description should also mention the eligibility criteria for the role. This will also help to narrow down the choices to the best Node.js developers to hire for your company. Mentioning a basic requirement to apply - in terms of the tech stack, professional attribute, or experience will attract the right Node.js developers for the opening.

You can take this sample job description for hiring Node.js developers as a reference for your own.

“We are looking for a Node.js developer responsible for optimizing our web-based application performance. Your primary responsibility will be to build server-side logic, definitions, and maintenance of the central database while ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end. You will be collaborating with our cross-functional teams build to implement the best practices.”

Along with an insightful job description, you always need to be aware of some basic qualities for hiring Node.js developers. As a recruiter, you must have a deep understanding of some essential qualities to look for in new talent.

General qualities to look for when hiring a new developer

Problem-solving attitude

When looking to hire Node.js developers try to find people with an urge for finding solutions. Professionals with self-motivation in developing unique solutions can add a lot of value to technical teams. Hiring the right Node.js developer can greatly improve technical proficiency while also improving development strategies.


The modern tech industry is driven by professionals who are happy to work as team players. Professionals who are keen to participate and collaborate in team-building activities and brainstorming are more likely to deliver better results. For this, it has become essential for companies to hire Node.js developers who are happy to collaborate independently whenever required.


The ability to adapt to situations is an important quality that can define a developer. Try to look for Node.js developers who are open to implementing alternative measures to get things done. One of the easiest ways you can judge the adaptability of applicants is to check the number of skills they’ve added based on project requirements.

Eagerness to learn

Another essential skill you should look for in Node.js developers is an eagerness to keep developing skills. The very best developers keep upgrading their tech stack to match developing expectations. Not only does this make them high-value professionals but also allows companies to adopt alternative measures whenever required.

Work ethic

An essential aspect you should always consider when hiring new employees is a good work ethic. When hiring Node.js developers, try to find professionals who work diligently on their assigned tasks. Professionals who try to uphold a good work ethic tend to be more efficient and smart at their work compared to the rest.


Persistence can be a defining trait when it comes to defining a high-value programmer. Look for Node.js developers whose professional journey shows an upward graph since starting. Scoring such Node.js developers will ensure you build a team with developers motivated to deliver excellence in the years of service.


The very best developers are defined by their ambition to succeed and climb their way up the corporate ladder. Recruiting an ambitious Node.js developer not just guarantees high-value hiring but also creates a pool of self-motivated problem solvers. This can greatly benefit an organization and help to improve its operational efficiency.

When asked to hire Node.js developers, always keep these attributes in mind when interviewing applicants. It will help you to build a team of skilled developers capable of producing digital solutions fit for the current era.

But to conduct constructive and efficient interviews, you’ll need to test the depth in knowledge of the applicants. You can use the questions listed below to test the technical knowledge of developers applying for the role of Node.js developer.

Entry-level Node.js developer interview questions

  • What is Node.js and what are its use cases?
  • What are the advantages of using Node.js?
  • How does Node.js work?
  • Why is Node.js Single-threaded? How does it handle concurrency?
  • Can you explain the callback function in Node.js?
  • Define the term I/O
  • What is NPM?
  • State the differences between frontend and backend development
  • What are the modules in Node.js?
  • Why is Node.js preferred over other backend technologies like Java and PHP?
  • Intermediate-level Node.js developer interview questions
  • Explain event-driven programming
  • What is an EventEmitter in Node.js?
  • Define Event Loop in Node.js
  • What is the package.json file?
  • State the differences between process.nextTick() and setImmediate()
  • What is the process of using a URL module in Node.js?
  • Explain the Express.js package
  • How to install, update, and delete a dependency?
  • Explain asynchronous and non-blocking APIs in Node.js.
  • How to implement async in Node.js?

Intermediate-level Node.js developer interview questions

  • Explain event-driven programming
  • What is an EventEmitter in Node.js?
  • Define Event Loop in Node.js
  • What is the package.json file?
  • State the differences between process.nextTick() and setImmediate()
  • What is the process of using a URL module in Node.js?
  • Explain Express.js package
  • How to install, update, and delete a dependency?
  • Explain asynchronous and non-block

Advanced Node.js developer interview questions

  • What is REPL in Node.js?
  • How does control flow manage the function calls?
  • What is the control flow function?
  • What is the purpose of NODE_ENV?
  • Explain buffer class in Node.js
  • Define reactor pattern in Node.js
  • What is a test pyramid in Node.js?
  • Describe Node.js exit codes
  • What are the different types of HTTP requests?
  • What is the process of connecting a MongoDB database to Node.js?

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Wrapping up

When hiring Node.js developers it is important to keep in mind to find experts matching global standards. Node.js is a widely used software development environment and a preferred choice among developers. With growing popularity and dependence on the platform, it has become essential for companies to hire experts capable of driving projects. This guide has been developed with the purpose of helping recruiters hire Node.js developers well suited to their company culture and operational patterns. Use the listed technical questions to test the knowledge of applying developers to make the right hiring.


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You should hire Node.js developers as it enables you to build high-performance apps with efficient performance. It offers many advantages like - scalability, code reusability, efficient performance, quick code execution, and a lot more as it has a single-threaded and event-driven design that enables it to process multiple concurrent requests without affecting RAM.

You can hire the best Node.js developer through Turing’s Intelligent Talent Cloud platform, which helps you recruit from the top 1% developer pool in a fraction of the time. Turing is trusted by companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies to fast-growing startups. These companies include well-known, new-age organizations backed by top firms such as Google, Rivian, A16Z, Bloomberg, etc.

Yes, Node.js developers are in high demand. Node.js is a widely used software development environment and a preferred choice among developers. With growing popularity and dependence on the platform, it has become essential for companies to hire Node.js developers capable of driving projects.

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