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    Ankit Sahu

    Ankit is a writer and researcher who has extensively worked on blogs, emails, websites, applications, video scripts, and social media content for Govt. of India (Ministry of MSME and CBSE), global brands (Reebok and Abbott Healthcare), and Indian homegrown brands (Republic TV, TimesPro, Chitale Bandhu and Kolte Patil Developers).

Frequently Asked Questions

While the developer needs to have both technical and soft skills, primary requirements include excellent knowledge of Python web frameworks, event-driven programming ability in Python, a basic understanding of front-end technologies, deep attention to detail, and the ability to work under pressure.

To hire the most qualified candidates for this position you need to pay attention to the candidate's experience, research the tools and languages they have worked with, crosscheck their experience, and what projects they've worked on. Make sure to go through the tips mentioned in the article to hire a great candidate.

Many tech giants, including Google and Facebook, use Python and hire the topmost Python developers from around the world. Since Python is a very developer-friendly platform, there is a significant number of businesses that prefer hiring Python developers for various projects.

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