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Frequently Asked Questions

The online marketplace offers multiple platforms that can be used to hire great game developers. You can also utilize recommendation programs, outsourcing agencies, freelancer platforms, developer conferences, and hiring marketplaces.

Video games are constantly evolving and the most advanced technologies would include - facial recognition, voice recognition, gesture controls, HD displays, realistic graphics, AR & VR, and wearable gaming consoles.

Lots of companies prefer hiring freelance developers, especially when they have one or a few simple game development projects. So, hiring freelance developers is actually pretty common in the gaming industry.

There are multiple cutting-edge gaming technologies. Though the topmost technologies would include cloud gaming, virtual reality, Metaverse, NFTs & Blockchain, etc.

If you have new gaming ideas and you want to hire freelance developers, you should first prepare a personalized, concise, compelling, and transparent pitch that attracts great developers. Once you have the best game developers on your team, get started with building innovative, creative, and immersive games.

New novel technologies have revolutionized the gaming industry and have opened up new opportunities for evolvement. In fact, global accounting firm PWC lumped video games and eSports together and predicted that they would show a combined 6% CAGR over the five years in their Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2021–2025.

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