15 Reasons to Hire Unity Developers for App Development

Reasons why you should hire Unity developers

Unity developers are skilled programmers who use Unity software to design and build games. This game engine enables developers to create high-quality 2D and 3D games for smartphones, desktop computers, and gaming consoles. Unity provides cross-platform compatibility with almost every OS and gaming platform.

Unity is being used to develop the next generation of entertainment media, applications, and tools in industries ranging from animation and film to industrial and medical. The chances are that you've interacted with a Unity-created product without even realizing it.

What is Unity development?

The Unity engine gives you direct control over the data you can pass into instanced shaders. Unity's physics system is easier to use because it separates object parameters such as mass from object colliders, allowing users to build compound colliders quickly.

Various factors make unity a great and preferred choice for App development. This blog will find 15 reasons to hire a unity developer for Unity app development. We have got you covered if you are still unsure whether to hire Unity developers for your app development.

Why Unity for development?

Cross-platform tools are becoming increasingly popular in the developer community. The reason for this is less effort and higher productivity! Why Choose Unity Software for your App development?

While developing native apps for various platforms, developers must develop, test, and do a lot more for the app with the same features and UI for each platform. It implies squandering time and resources.

According to a research2guidance report, "30% of developers have realized 50%+ time savings as a result of Cross-Platform Tools."

Today, the market contains over 150 cross-platform tools used for various purposes such as gaming, business, and so on.

Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Corona, and others have made app development much more effortless. Because there are so many cross-platform tools available, developers are frequently perplexed as to which one to use. If you choose Unity for App development, you will have the upper hand in the app world. Unity software provides a development environment that allows you to create 2D and 3D games with consistent graphics, fantastic layout, intuitive design, and engaging gameplay.

It is commonly used to create video games for desktops, consoles, mobile devices, and even websites. The Unity Free version is free, whereas the Unity Pro version costs money.

Hire Unity developers to increase the value of your startup or enterprise

Unity developers work on the following aspects of the application development process:

  • App Development
  • App Design
  • App Deployment

Hire passionate and dedicated Unity AR and VR development teams to create high-performing, scalable, and secure Unity apps. Unity developers use the most recent technology stack to provide customers with a seamless digital experience.

To create Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps, you can hire Unity3D developers. Unity engine allows developers to build apps for various industries, including consumer electronics, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and construction.

Expert Unity developers build and deploy the app for you. Unity is the best game engine to use if your game is a simple puzzle game like Braid, 3D platformers, logic games, or even first-person shooter games.

Consider Unity app development if the target devices for your game are mobile phones. Unity works best on low-powered devices because it allows you to create complex games without the need for a powerful setup like a PC.

You will be able to create a game for every platform with the help of Unity 3D game development. When a client hires a proper Unity 3D developer from the company, they may receive a variety of benefits. Let us give you an example right now.

Development of a successful Unity app requires expertise

Competition in the gaming world is tremendous! To make your app buzz, you need to hire Unity developers capable of creating user-friendly apps with great design and user interface.

1. Begin with ideation

Product development requires human effort. Ideation is the process of generating ideas and solutions. Unity developers can be a part of thorough sessions such as sketching, prototyping, brainstorming, brainwriting, the worst possible idea, and many other ideation techniques. As the gaming industry evolves every day, only a whole idea will get a break.

2. Planning goes next

Developing an app on Unity from scratch requires a plan. For instance, if you are interested in developing a game, everything from your game mechanics, specifying which type of game it will be, the game's story, preliminary artwork, a brief, and so on. You need to get your entire concept out of your head and discuss it with your Unity developers team and designers. Taking inputs from the expert developers and designers during the early stage will save you a lot of time and effort. Experts will be able to share their past experiences and hurdles that you may face in later stages. It is always a good idea to know the challenges you will face in the coming future, which reduces the chances of errors and glitches.

3. An expert takes less development time

The graphical unity editor makes it simple to design and layout unity scenes and inserts objects, scripts, and light effects. It significantly reduces development time. It takes around three to six months for a developer to master Unity. If you hire Unity developers who already have significant game development experience and app development skills, it could take less. An expert with C# and Javascript knowledge can speed up the process.

4. Provide your customers with a one-of-a-kind experience

A gaming app should provide its customers with unique experiences. When you hire dedicated mobile app developers, they will build your app using cutting-edge technologies. Virtual reality and augmented reality, for example, are two technologies that are gaining popularity in the world of mobile apps.

5. Build applications for augmented reality

The AR Foundation in Unity is a cross-platform framework that allows you to create augmented reality experiences once and then build for either Android or iOS devices without making any additional changes. Expert unity developers can create apps for AR. Using unity app development, you can attract customers' attention by developing interactive and emerging augmented reality mobile apps.

6. Build applications for virtual reality

In today’s digital reality, marketing is the key to success. Unity Technologies provides a platform for developing visually appealing and engaging 2D, 3D, VR, and AR games and apps. A powerful graphics engine and a full-featured editor allow you to quickly realize your creative vision and deliver it to virtually any media or device.

Hire Unity developers to boost your marketing efforts by displaying a 360-degree view of your products. By adding VR, you can create games that will surprise the users.

7. Development of cross-platform games

With Unity software, developers create a networked multiplayer game that works across multiple device brands. Users will go crazy and think you're some kind of crazy wizard if you present them with an iOS and Android game playing together!

Only a dedicated Unity developer can assist you in providing a consistent digital experience to your customers across multiple platforms.

8. Back-end development

You must look for a unity developer who has app development experience and has handled projects as a lead. Hire Unity developers to assist you in developing a robust app by building a strong backend for your mobile gaming applications using Unity.

9. Communicate with graphic designers

Communication is essential. Effective, open communication and collaboration go hand in hand when working with web designers. A unity developer’s job is to communicate with designers and incorporate their ideas into the game. The developer uses Unity to turn the design specification into an in-engine reality. The goal is to realize the project scope to the fullest extent possible.

10. Collaborating with cross-functional teams

Unity developers will collaborate with the rest of the team to create an efficient pipeline. They will contribute to the smooth flow of projects in their own way by writing and maintaining reliable and reusable code. Experienced developers would be able to manage the tasks with ease.

11. Testing codes and fixing bugs

The primary goal of testing is to detect software failures to identify and correct flaws. Testing cannot prove that a product works properly under all conditions, only that it does not work properly under certain conditions.

When you hire a unity developer for your project, they will bring their ability to identify bugs and bottlenecks to every unexpected hiccup. Also, they develop novel solutions to these issues.

12. Increasing business visibility

With the help of top mobile app developers, you can create a dedicated app to promote your business, products, or services digitally. You can demonstrate to your customers that you care about the convenience and service you provide by using a mobile app.

The app can also be used to share and spread all of your company's latest news, creating a buzz around it. With the assistance of app developers at every step of the way, you can significantly increase your sales and revenue with the help of a mobile app.

13. Improved service quality

One of the essential requirements for successful Unity software project development is accurate time estimation. However, due to a lack of experience, freelancers frequently make mistakes in this area, resulting in unmet expectations and disappointment for stakeholders.

As a result, it is critical to establish target goals and deadlines and practical project tracking to provide value.

When it comes to hiring remote full-time developers from a company, this is not the case. They employ techniques that have a low team impact, higher estimation accuracy, higher expectations, and satisfied customers.

14. Simple documentation

Another significant advantage of working with an excellent Unity Game Development Company in India is that documentation is relatively simple. The majority of the documentation provided by the game engine is simple to grasp.

The game engine is used by most expert developers, but any new developer can also use it. In addition, some understandable and straightforward working details are provided to customers, which anyone can understand without difficulty. So, to use the Unity Game Development process, one does not need to be an expert.

15. Post-production assistance

This is the final stage of the Game application development process. It involves code testing, finding bugs, screen testing, character checking, and releasing a beta version for the gamers. After this, Unity developers redesign and fix the issues. Post-production also includes the final publishing of the application on different platforms. Developers do provide support and maintenance to the company to keep the game exciting.

What skills to look for when you hire Unity developers?

To begin, a Unity Developer must have a thorough understanding of the Unity engine in order to be prepared for any project. This includes everything from scripting experience to working on visual elements and the user interface. When you hire Unity developers, look for solid C# programming skills to create scripts. As part of the bigger picture, familiarity with level design and knowledge of game physics and particle systems will be beneficial.

More broadly, any experience with game development outside of the Unity engine itself, on any platform that runs Unity, can be beneficial. Experience with memory optimization, 3D and 2D development, and VR or AR experiences are also highly desirable.

Unity's applications outside of gaming are expanding. There has never been a better time to implement Unity App development.

Finally, hire the best!

Before you conclude, go back to the beginning of the hiring process and see whether the candidate fits into the project role. Get access to a variety of engagement models for hiring Unity developers based on the needs of the project and the business. Of course, there is a lot of variation in the specific focus of different Unity developers. Some developers will prioritize broader design work, while others will concentrate solely on coding. Some developers may try to cover a lot of ground at once. Every unique developer's role and skills vary greatly, just like the wider world of games industry jobs.

Are you looking for assistance in the hiring process? We have got you covered! You can hire Unity developers from Turing’s developer pool who have extensive experience developing gaming applications. Turing is thriving to unleash the world's untapped human potential by bridging the gap between the world's software engineering talent and the incredible opportunities at leading companies in Silicon Valley and the United States.

Hire a remote Unity Programmer from Turing to get the most out of your gaming products. Click here to know more about our vetting and hiring process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unity is an amazing gaming development platform, compatible with almost everything - PC, consoles, mobiles, as well as web browsers. So, yes, Unity developers enjoy their fair-share of demand and popularity and will continue to do so in the years to come.

A Unity developer is primarily responsible to build games in the Unity framework. It means they are responsible for communicating with the designers working on the project and implement those features into the game being developed.

If you want to create 2D/3D games and AR/VR applications, Unity is the way to go. If you want to create photorealistic and high-graphics games, Unreal is the way to go.

Hiring a good Unity developer is probably not the easiest thing to do. It can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to hire a good developer. The easy way to go about this is by entrusting your hiring needs to Turing. In just 3-5 days, you will get silicon-valley caliber Unity developers, fully vetted, fully fit, and competent to work on your project.

No, coding is not mandatory for developing in Unity. You can however, improve your skills after you start building gradually, and develop your own ideas into 2D or 3D games in Unity through coding.

Actions and algorithms can be programmed more easily using C#, BOO, or Javascript. You can use these three efficient languages in Unity 3D to create an app.

According to, the average annual cost of hiring Unity developers will turn out to be $115,000.

No. Despite its status as a GAME ENGINE, Unity is widely used to create a wide range of Augmented and Virtual Reality applications, as well as 2D and 3D games.

Yes, it supports multiple platforms. You can export a game to 17 different platforms using Unity 3D, including iOS, Android, Windows, Web, Playstation, Xbox, Wii, and Linux.

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