Turing.com review by former tech entrepreneur

"I can work in the heart of Silicon Valley from the comfort of my home"

- Dhyey, Software Engineer from India


Dhyey, an AI/ML & Data Science enthusiast, shared his Turing.com review and said that he loves the company's close-knit culture and the opportunity to work with talented people from diverse backgrounds from across the world. He also added that now he can spend his free time on the things he enjoys such as binge-watching movies/TV shows and playing chess.

Life before Turing jobs

A software engineer based out of Rajkot, India, Dhyey specializes in various areas of Artificial Intelligence such as ML, NLP, and CV. Being an AI, data science, cloud computing, and chess enthusiast, Dhyey spends his time building cross-platform apps in React Native.

After working at Amazon Canada for a couple of years on warehouse control and demand forecasting, Dhyey decided to return home. "I wanted to work on my own startup, so I moved back to India. Unfortunately, after making some progress, the pandemic hit, and the project got derailed," he recalls.

But hardship was never going to get the better of him. "I decided to utilize my time productively and work with a firm that is making an impact in the world," he exclaims.

How did he learn about Turing US software jobs?

Dhyey came across Turing's ad during one of his determined job hunts. "The idea of working for top US companies from anywhere in the world without needing a VISA felt like a dream! I just had to sign up and check it out!" he says.

"I took their tests which were quite challenging. But that's how I knew that the work would be just as fulfilling! After 4-6 hours of tests and interviews, I got hired. Today I am working with top tech leaders from all over the world," he remarks.

How has his journey with Turing.com been so far?

"Life is slow and peaceful back home, Rajkot being a small city. I don't have to travel to big cities for decent tech opportunities. I'm not too fond of the commute and pollution, which drain my energy. With Turing, I can spend my free time on the things I enjoy, like playing chess and binge-watching movies and TV shows," he says.

What's his take on Turing developers?

The international exposure that comes from working at Turing is naturally appealing to talented professionals like Dhyey. "I love the company's close-knit culture and the opportunity to work with talented people from diverse backgrounds. Every day, I work and interact with the best engineering minds not just in my city or country, but from around the world," he shares.

What's the final verdict?

Enjoying his new life as a remote developer, Dhyey concludes: "I can work in the heart of Silicon Valley from the comfort of my home. With great pay and solid growth opportunities, I feel like I have the best of both worlds."

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