Turing.com review by ex-Facebook engineer

"The culture and experience at Turing is at par with Silicon Valley companies"

- Parv, ML Engineer from India

Parv sharing his Turing.com review

Parv, a former Facebook engineer, shared his Turing.com review in an exclusive interview with Turing Newsdesk and said that the company’s value proposition gave him access to the world’s best career opportunities. He also added that his role at Turing gave him an opportunity to interact with a diverse group of colleagues from around the world.

Life before Turing jobs

Parv is an ML engineer based out of Mumbai, India. Having studied computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Parv has over eight years of experience in building platforms and production-ready machine learning and deep learning systems.

Parv’s exceptional knowledge and understanding of his subject helped him start his career with a bang. “I was with Facebook at their Silicon Valley and New York offices. I helped build a generic machine learning platform that every team uses across the company, and also worked on increasing users’ engagement with Ads,” he recalls.

“Then I moved to Instagram and created a system that would deliver a better user experience on the Hashtag pages by increasing the quality and relevancy of the images shown. I progressed rapidly from an engineer to a Tech Lead in the 5 years at Facebook.’’

After spending many years away, Parv decided to return home and spend more quality time with his family and friends. But having lived a fast life, he didn’t want to put the brakes on his career. “ I wanted to make sure that my rapid career growth continued at the same pace, despite moving out of Silicon Valley,” he says.

How did he learn about Turing US software jobs?

Being always on the lookout for relevant opportunities, Parv came across a Turing job ad on Facebook and wasted no time applying.

“Turing’s value proposition of giving me access to the world’s best career opportunities, no matter where I lived, was very compelling to me. In a few hours, I completed Turing’s tests and interviews related to Machine Learning and Data Science. Within two weeks, they offered me the position of Lead ML Engineer. I accepted,” he shares.

How has his journey with Turing.com been so far?

Since joining Turing, Parv has realised that you don't need to be away from your family to work with international industry leaders.

“Every day, I get to interact with a diverse group of colleagues from around the world and work together on products that are defining the future of work. It’s very exciting to build novel Machine Learning technologies to help solve the trillion-dollar problem of matching talent with opportunity at a global scale.”

What’s his take on Turing developers?

Being a Turing developer means you work with some of the best professionals in the world. “Working on challenging problems and collaborating with very talented colleagues from all over the world has contributed significantly to my continuous growth,’’ he mentions.

What's the final verdict?

“Having lived and worked in Silicon Valley, I can state firsthand that the culture and experience created at Turing is at par with the world’s best companies,” he concludes.

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