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"I have a pretty good income, and I work for the best US companies"

- Tiago, Software Engineer from Brazil

Turing developer story by Tiago

Tiago, an experienced software engineer, shared his review and said that he saw a radical shift in his life after joining Turing. He also mentioned that now he has plenty of time to spend with his son, read Manga, and play video games.

Life before Turing jobs

Tiago is a software engineer based on a beautiful island off the coast of Brazil, with over ten years of experience. An expert in web-related technologies like Ruby on Rails, Node, React, SQL, and NoSQL databases, Tiago was quite reluctant to leave his picturesque natural surroundings for work.

Although it sounds like a dream for most, Tiago recalls times when his unique location was his greatest hindrance. “While I love living here, in my previous jobs, it was very tedious to commute downtown for work every day. I hated the fact that I barely had the time to play with my baby boy,’’ he recalls.

Determined to spend more time with his family, Tiago scanned the internet looking for relevant employment opportunities. With possibilities seeming bleak, Tiago had to contemplate leaving his beautiful surroundings and spending even less time with his family in order to provide for them. That is, until he discovered Turing!

How did he learn about Turing US software jobs?

Scouring the internet on a desperate job hunt, Tiago came across a Turing job ad on LinkedIn and applied immediately.

“I took their test designed by the top leaders from Google, Facebook engineering leaders, and Stanford AI scientists to select the best engineers from all over the world. The interviewers evaluated my assignments thoroughly on the basis of both subjective and objective criteria. I aced Turing’s interview process and was hired for one of Turing’s customers,” he shares.

How has his journey with been so far?

Since joining Turing, Tiago has been vocal about the benefits of working without borders and boundaries. From his own experience, he recalls: “After joining Turing, I saw a radical shift in my life. Aside from the fact that I now have plenty of time to spend with my son, I am now able to get back to my hobbies like reading Manga and playing video games once in a while. I also managed to put exercising back into my routine.”

A smiling Tiago continues: “Evenings are mostly wifey time, we love to stream shows together. You could say I’m able to enjoy living on an island without its downsides. Haha.”

What’s his take on Turing developers?

Working for an international firm without having to travel is one of the best parts of being a Turing developer. “What I love about this organization is they promise you long-term opportunities. Once you qualify for Turing, you may never have to look for another job again. The income is pretty good compared to local salaries and the best part is you get to work for the best US-based companies with no visa needed,” he says.

He continues to explain that perhaps his greatest respite is overcoming internal conflicts. “I am happy that now I don't have to choose between quality opportunities, money, and freedom,” he says.

What's the final verdict?

“At Turing, we celebrate each other’s wins and successes together. One of the best things is that it's truly a global organisation with boundaryless teams. Every day you work with great engineering minds on amazing projects and have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the world,’’ he concludes.

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