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"You never have to apply for another job once you’re a Turing developer"

- Harsh, full-stack developer from India

Harsh, a former tech entrepreneur, shared his review and talked about how the company bridges the gap in employment opportunities across the globe by providing developers with better quality of work, culture, compensation, and exposure.

Harsh sharing his experience working as a Turing Developer

Meet Harsh

Harsh is a full-stack developer based out of New Delhi, India. He has been a part of the Turing family for a year now.

Harsh has more than five years of professional experience in web-related technologies like JavaScript, Python, and Golang. He has deployed several applications on Docker and Kubernetes.

Life before Turing jobs

Talking about his career trajectory, Harsh notes: "I'd been working on my startup for four years, yet I felt I was missing something. I didn't know what. But I always knew that I wanted to learn how world-class tech companies scaled their businesses."

Drawing inspiration from this, Harsh began looking for relevant employment opportunities. It soon became apparent that there weren't enough high-quality jobs in his local area, especially for the technologies that interested him.

"I didn't want to relocate away from my family. I wanted decent pay that justified the amount of effort I was putting in," he shares.

And thus, Harsh began looking for jobs that met his criteria.

How did he learn about Turing US jobs?

Harsh stumbled on an ad from Turing on one of his job hunts.

"When I went to the website, I noticed that their platform was different from the other remote gig websites. It offered long-term opportunities to developers," he adds.

"I registered on the website and took a couple of very well-designed tests. It was apparent that Turing had created these tests to select the best of the developers. I was able to clear them thanks to my extensive experience," he smiles.

How has journey with been so far?

"I work with top US firms as a part of the Turing family, and I do that without even having to leave my room. Turing bridges the gap in employment opportunities across the world by giving developers better quality of work, culture, exposure, and pay," Harsh states.

What's his take on Turing developers?

The Delhi-based engineer believes that the best part about being a developer with Turing is the freedom to choose the place and time of work. "Turing developers can be anywhere in the world and still be able to work," he adds.

But that's not all. Talking about how the organization provides the best opportunities to its developers, Harsh explains: "Turing has an incredible matching team. They work with developers to find their interests and then match them with the right company, which, I feel, is unique! On other platforms, developers have to compete against each other to get gigs."

What's the final verdict?

"This organization takes care of everything, right from professional growth, timely payments, communication tools, and feedback to even fostering a sense of community. If you, too, are looking for better opportunities and a better quality of life, join me today. Once a part of Turing, you never have to apply to another job," he concludes.

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