Hamburger_menu.svg review by full-stack developer from Nepal

"I earn more than any of my previous jobs"

- Roshan, Fullstack Developer from Nepal


Roshan, a full-stack developer, recently shared his review with the Turing Newsdesk. He revealed that the organization gave him a steady and secure high-paying job right in the comfort of his home. He also added that Turing enabled him to interact with engineers across the globe and grow in the process.

Life before Turing jobs

A full-stack developer by profession, Roshan is based in the beautiful city of Kathmandu, Nepal. With high personal ambitions and expectations, Roshan felt constrained by the limited opportunities available in Nepal.

"I worked as a freelance developer, and the jobs were not steady at all," he recalls.

How did he learn about Turing US software jobs?

Set on finding good job prospects, Roshan scanned the web searching for remote-work opportunities. He came across Turing on DesignRush.

"I applied immediately. There are some tests and a take-home challenge that you can start in your own time. It took a while for me to complete. But after I finished, I got a call from Turing, and soon after that, I was hired," he says.

How has his journey with been so far?

Top developers like Roshan need bigger stages for them to truly prosper.

"As an engineer, I get to learn so much working with smart professionals from all over the world. Financially speaking, I get more than any of my previous jobs coupled with the security of steady long-term employment," he mentions.

What's his take on Turing developers?

"I've definitely grown much faster since I joined this organization. Turing presented me with opportunities that are very hard to find where I live," shares the Kathmandu-based developer.

What's the final verdict?

The full-stack enthusiast did not hesitate to share his excitement. "I am working full-time with a Silicon Valley company without having to relocate!" he exclaims.

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