Hamburger_menu.svg review by full-stack developer from Nigeria

"With Turing, I’ve accomplished all things that I couldn’t three years ago"

- Peter, Full-stack Developer from Nigeria

Peter, a JavaScript specialist, shared his review and said that he felt more confident and witnessed rapid growth in his career after joining Turing. He also added that he bought his own dream house within eight months of joining.

Life before Turing jobs

Peter is a full-stack developer specializing in JavaScript, React, Node.js, etc. Peter is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

For Peter, life used to be very different in the not-too-distant past. "I was a teacher around five years ago," he recalls. "Now I'm doing what I love, building software! Sounds awesome, right?"

But working as a software developer in a city can be really exhausting. "Driving to work daily was a major waste of time for me. I definitely did not enjoy sitting in traffic every morning!" he exclaims.

"I would much rather spend that time with my wonderful wife and play with my lovely kids," he continues.

How did he learn about Turing US software jobs?

Peter's tryst with remote work began fairly early in his career. "I started working for a company in Nigeria, and that's when I fell in love with remote work. But I didn't really find the work fulfilling there."

Determined to find better opportunities, Peter came across Turing while scanning the internet for suitable remote jobs.

"It took me a few hours to complete the tests and interviews. After a few weeks, I was offered a career-defining job. Now, I stay at home, here in Nigeria, and work for a US-based company without a visa," he shares.

How has his journey with been so far?

Capitalizing on his flexible work schedules, Peter spends most of his free time with his family. "We have a routine now. We watch movies every alternate day, and in the evening we go out for long walks and play. If you want to express your love to your family, you have to begin by spending time with them," he smiles.

What's his take on Turing developers?

"Thanks to Turing, I have started to feel more confident. I am also witnessing rapid growth in my career. Additionally, the income is very good," says the Nigeria-based developer.

"When I wake up and work every day, I know that it's actually helping developers from around the world find perfect jobs to grow and succeed. Knowing that I am making an impact every day feels amazing!" he exclaims.

What's the final verdict?

The JavaScript enthusiast concludes his review with the following words: "An interesting thing for developers is that once you qualify for Turing, you may never have to look for another job again. They offer both long-term opportunities and freedom. I bought my own dream house within eight months of joining. I have accomplished all things that I couldn't three years ago."

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