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"I feel like I’m Cristiano Ronaldo and Turing is my manager."

- Hernan, Fullstack Developer from Colombia


In his review, Hernan, a highly-skilled full-stack developer from Bogota, Colombia, said he learnt the importance of spending quality time with friends and family. He also mentioned his love for football, electric guitars and spending time with his son.

Life before Turing jobs

With over 11 years of experience, Hernan has worked with several developer teams and product owners as a full-stack developer as well as a database administrator.

How did he learn about Turing US software jobs?

A loving father, Hernan was set on finding a job where he could spend more time with his son without any economic or professional compromise. Scanning the internet, he came across Turing. “I found [Turing] online. I gave the test, went through their vetting process, and was hired for one of their customers,” he says.

“The process was very short and convenient. The tests are designed to let only experienced and highly skilled developers in. I chose seven other tech stacks apart from my expertise. I would suggest everyone applying to Turing to try that too. It’s a lot of fun. Haha,” he exclaims.

How has his journey with been so far?

Remote work offers an unmatched opportunity to optimize and manage time the way you see fit. For exceptional developers like Hernan, these benefits were holistic.

“I noticed that I spend more of my free time in ways I’d consider quality time: time spent with my family, with friends, working on things that are important to me, hobbies like playing electric guitar and football,” he says.

“Once I became a Turing developer, I saw a radical change in terms of growth, financial health, and personal life too. The payments are on time, and I always felt very secure and happy with my salary,” the Colombian developer remarks.

What's his take on Turing developers?

Turing is not just a work-space, it's an international family, always looking out for one another. Talking more about his experience, Hernan recalls, ”My Turing manager is very sweet. He always makes sure that I am happy with the work and lifestyle. I have the luxury of planning my own routine. I can take care of my baby son who is always just one door away. I get to be a part of his every moment.”

“I love what Turing is doing: hiring world-class developers and giving them the opportunity to work with amazing tech leaders on huge projects from their homes. I’ve got many meaningful interactions in my daily life, within and outside of work. That too while working on interesting projects from home, collaborating with people from all over the globe,” he mentions.

What's the final verdict?

Summing up his experience at Turing, Hernan observes: “There is complete transparency in their whole process. Without Turing, finding an opportunity to work for such US companies would have been really tough.”

“I feel like I am Cristiano Ronaldo and Turing is my manager. I don’t have to send CVs to companies, Turing finds the best opportunities for me. I have someone whom I can trust, who will never let me down, and will always try to give me the best career options,” he concludes.

If you’re a highly skilled developer, join Hernan today and enjoy a better quality of life while working with a world-class company. Go Boundaryless with Turing.

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