Hire Dedicated Angular Developers: Advantages, Challenges and More

All you need to know while you hire dedicated Angular developer

It's been a long time since the initial version of Angular was released on (digital) stores. The framework's popularity has risen and fallen, but it remains one of the world's most used JavaScript frameworks. Many businesses use Angular because of its ability to run massive, highly scalable online apps. It's open-source and has a sizable community surrounding it. However, hiring dedicated Angular developers is not easy. So… How can you hire dedicated Angular developers without going insane?

Today, we'll look over the situation of the Angular jobs market in 2023, as well as how to locate the finest applicants.

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Overview of the Angular job market

Returning to AngularJS, the Angular brand has been on the JS framework market for almost ten years. The distinct, organized approach to designing apps was widely adopted, but the introduction of other popular JS frameworks such as React and Vue stopped it from monopolizing the market.

However, this does not imply that Angular is in trouble right now. Quite the contrary, according to the Stack Overflow survey, Angular (Angular 2+ and AngularJS combined) is the world's third most popular web framework, with up to 26.5 percent of all respondents admitting to using it.

Angular is popular (for web application or single page application development, among other things), and Angular engineers are still in high demand, although this isn't necessarily obvious at first look because Angular excels in particular types of projects. Because of its structure and form, Angular draws a lot of folks with Java and .NET backgrounds. In comparison to other frameworks, it is a one-stop shop for managing a web project. It is therefore ideal for large and long-term projects. It's less suitable for startups who want to create a functional MVP as soon as feasible. Angular projects are simple to manage for a wider number of Angular developers due to thorough specification and uniformity.

What does an Angular developer do?

To begin, it is critical to realize that Angular engineers concentrate on the UI, or user interface, side of your product in order to construct dynamic and adaptable online apps. Angular is a web framework that has grown to be the second most popular front-end framework used by programmers. It is a framework that allows Angular developers to construct dynamic and user-friendly online apps.

While Angular has increased in popularity, it is tough to hire a dedicated Angular developer with the necessary knowledge and work experience to join your development team. Based on our experience dealing with specialists in the area, we believe that testing software engineers on their abilities throughout the screening process is the best method to ensure transparency when you hire a dedicated Angular developer.

Hiring Angular programmers? Points to consider before you hire

It might be challenging to hire a dedicated Angular developer to join your team! Making sure the best Angular developer knows the best practices in the area and has the appropriate amount of expertise for your projects is a crucial component when you hire a dedicated Angular developer. If you want to hire a dedicated Angular developer, you should search for the majority of the following skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Angular, especially the version with which you wish to work.

  • Quality HTML and CSS coding knowledge is essential because they are core abilities that come in helpful when looking for software solutions and changes.

  • Because it is the recommended language for Angular, you should be familiar with Core JavaScript and TypeScript.

  • The ability to construct comprehensive modules and components, as well as a comprehension of the system's web services, are required.

  • Node Package Manager (npm) knowledge is required because it is used to install Angular and other web development tools.

  • Understanding of the Angular Command Line Interface is important since it allows software developers to easily write and customize programs.

  • Contact Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJS), which is a reactive programming library.

  • Knowledge of browser APIs and REST architecture.

  • Knowledge of Git and Github is advantageous since it allows you to experiment with new features and coding approaches in a secure environment.

  • Background in server-side rendering.

  • Understanding of methods such as KISS, DRY, and SOLID.

  • Capability to control sockets and solve technological problems.

  • Soft skills include attention to detail, excellent communication skills, creativity, solution-oriented thinking, and the ability to operate in a team.

Skills of an Angular developer

Based on their programming experience, Angular developers may be divided into three categories based on the services and experience they provide: basic, mid-level, and senior.

The essential Angular developer possesses fundamental front-end quality code abilities such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and familiarity with AngularJS or Angular, Github as well as libraries such as Angular components, NGX Bootstrap, Prime NG, and so on. They are not expected to assume the most prominent part in projects because they are not specialists or full-stack engineers; nonetheless, they are required to have some experience working within a team, have excellent communication, and grasp fundamental web application components. Furthermore, if the engineers encounter problems, they may seek advice from professionals or visit stack overflow forums, where Angular developer communities can exchange approaches with one another to learn more.

Mid-level Angular developers are familiar with all of the necessary front-end fundamentals and should be able to work with other JavaScript-based front-end frameworks such as React. Mid-level Angular engineers should be familiar with backend framework principles such as RESTful APIs, Node.js, and databases, in addition to sophisticated front-end abilities and an in-depth grasp of user interfaces. Mid-level Angular developers should have project management experience, be able to work with project management to learn from specialists and be able to work with project management to grow their abilities with designing apps.

Finally, senior Angular developers may work on both the front-end and back-end. Senior Angular engineers should be professional full-stack software developers with project management expertise and a flair for identifying complicated software solutions that occur throughout a project. They should be nimble and proficient at managing development teams, as well as able to share best practices in their industry with entry-level and mid-level engineers. The senior Angular developer is an important part of the project as he assures code quality. Because they are full-stack developers, they frequently charge a premium fee for their services in job advertisements, and they are a vital element of the development team due to their project management tools.

Salary for in-house Angular developers

To hire dedicated Angular developer for your business or firm, investigate the various typical wages for the services they give. Angular developer cost may range from $10 to $150+ per hour. These fees vary widely depending on their expertise, skill set, location, web development services, and the manner in which you hire them. Let me take you through some of the options that you have.

When considering the normal success of personal agencies of two monthly wages, the average cost of hiring and onboarding a full-time Angular developer may reach up to $20,000. FTE developers in the US or Canada can ask for about $120,000/year = $10,000/month. When seeking for FTE programmers on your own, you must factor in fees like job ads, PPC, LinkedIn recruiter licensing, and other expenses.

Some of the benefits of having a full-time employee work for your company are obvious. They are available on your terms, and it is simple to support team cooperation and communication. If your organization fosters a positive office culture, your employees will be driven to give their all and inspired by a sense of belonging, loyalty, and commitment to your initiatives. Because of the extensive communication in a thorough recruiting process, you have a better chance of choosing a reputable and professional full stack developer whose work will meet the demands of your company.

Hiring in-house Angular developers, on the other hand, is not always the ideal solution, especially for startups, enterprises, and organizations looking for a rapid return on investment. You must pay for an office, utilities, and taxes if you hire in-house Angular developers. The lengthy hiring procedure is costly and inconvenient; if it fails, you will have wasted your time and money. Hiring someone else may need a return to the job listings and the hiring procedure all over again.

Outsourcing these projects is one technique to assure the services of Angular developers at more inexpensive costs. Even while these programmers are formally members of the in-house team in this situation, the Angular developer operates more like freelancers. As a result, employing freelancer engineers may be a better alternative to begin with for developing cost-effective web apps for your firm.

Factors to consider when you hire Angular programmers

Because Angular is such a popular framework for developing apps, Angular developers are in great demand. Furthermore, Angular developers are competent and have years of expertise designing high-quality applications.

These developers are conscious of their abilities, and they will not provide their services at a reduced cost. So, while you're making your budget, keep these three numbers in mind:

  • Nine out of ten startups fail.
  • Incompetence is the most prevalent reason for business failure, accounting for 46% of all cases.
  • Nearly 63% of companies reported a lack of suitable personnel to work with.

Do you see the link? Based on the most prevalent difficulty that startups confront, incompetence is most typically reflected in organizations' failure to acquire top people. What is the source of this? For starters, most employers have little idea of how software development works. This is why, when you hire remote Angular developers, they are unable to identify the correct fit and adequately examine developers' credentials and outcomes. At the same time, this is why they are susceptible to budgeting.

Because most companies struggle with funds, many of them are willing to forego skills and experience in order to reduce the cost of employing an Angular developer. However, if you are familiar with software development, you are aware that employing a less expensive and slower Angular developer may cause your project to be delayed. Breaking deadlines may easily ruin your project and cost you more money than hiring the most expensive developer.

Bugs introduced by inexperienced developers are also more difficult to correct once they have been embedded in your source code. Paying fresh web developers to go back and correct them is not only inconvenient, but it is also a method to drain thousands of dollars from your budget.

Where to hire dedicated Angular developers?

Even if you come to Turing to hire, where you'll get professional advice and assurance, there are always things you can do to help the process go more smoothly. The golden mean between the cost of Angular developers for hire and the quality of work may be attained in numerous steps.

Understand the process of software development and web app development. You don't have to become a developer, but you should understand the sort of software you want to produce, the technologies you want to utilize, and the structure of the Angular development team and engineers for your project's demands.

Establish certain requirements. You may find a list of criteria for all levels of Angular developers in one of the preceding sections, which you can examine carefully or consult about before you hire an Angular developer to work for you. Because your projects may not necessitate the use of all of these capabilities, good management is another approach to save the cost of employing professional Angular developers.

Be sensible with your budget, but keep in mind that exceptional talent does not come cheap. By prioritizing quality, you may save money, time, effort, and nerves. Hire a top-skilled, vetted freelance developer on trustworthy sites like Turing to save money. Be aware that while freelancer Angular developers might be expensive, they are still less expensive than in-house workers. To understand what your unique project needs, seek professional assistance and the guidance of finance professionals.

Turing is the meeting point of pricing and value, resulting in strong, long-lasting professional connections. With this advice, you'll be completely prepared to recruit committed Angular developers that will be dependable, talented, and produce demonstrable outcomes.

Final thoughts

Because Angular is one of the most popular programming frameworks, you may be interested in hiring Angular software professionals, either at home or offshore, at some stage in your company's development. When you begin the recruiting process, keep in mind that it is a multi-step procedure that typically takes a long time and costs a lot of money (too much for recruitment laypeople). So, if you need a knowledgeable Angular programmer immediately, try a deep jobs platform like Turing.

With Turing's Intelligent Talent Cloud, companies can hire pre-vetted, Silicon Valley-caliber remote Angular developers in 3-5 days. Spin up your engineering dream team with the push of a button and save your valuable time and resources.


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