5 Tips to Hire Javascript Developer for Your Business

5 tips to hire JavaScript developer for your business


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Frequently Asked Questions

avaScript developers are one of the most in-demand developers in the market. There are several platforms and forums where you can find highly qualified, experienced, and skilled JavaScript developers including LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and others. However, finding one through AI-powered deep jobs platforms such as Turing makes the entire recruiting process smooth, seamless, and easy.

There is a wide range of skills that a Javascript developer should have in their arsenal. Some of the major prominent skills include expertise in front-end development practices, a good understanding of JavaScript libraries and frameworks - JQuery, Angular, React, Node.js, Vue.js, etc, experience in working with various database technologies, knowledge of different CMS, and familiarity with version control systems.

Yes, JavaScript developers are in high demand as the language is widely used for the development of dynamic websites, web-based applications, and mobile apps. It is used for both front-end and back-end, as JavaScript developers are responsible for developing multiple modules in application development. In fact, it powers more than 97% of websites on the internet and thus JavaScript developers continue to be highly sought after by companies.

One of the simple ways of scanning a Javascript developer's skills is to browse through their resumes/CVs to find out their skillset. However, if you want a more reliable evaluation of skills, then technical interviews, development assignments, and the vetting process provide a far more accurate representation of the developer’s skills.

The rate that a freelance JavaScript programmer charges fluctuates based on a number of different factors. However, in general terms, according to arc-dev, a freelance JavaScript developer usually makes anywhere between $61 to $80 per hour based on their level of experience, expertise, project scale & complexity, and geo-specific market standard.

Yes, JavaScript is likely to evolve and continue to be one of the backbones for a large set of development modules in the future. It is one of the most dominant programming language with a rich catalog of libraries, frameworks, and supporting tools. With such a large share in the development framework, JavaScript will be highly relevant in the future.

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