Top AngularJS Benefits and Features in 2023

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Do you want to build high-performance, dynamic, scalable, robust, and complex web apps or SPAs (single-page applications)? Adapting AngularJS can help you achieve your business goals by developing applications faster and saving development costs.

This blog will discuss the benefits of AngularJS and will assist you in making the right decisions for your organization based on the project requirements. We will also discuss the benefits of hiring Angular developers and highlight the use cases of the AngularJS framework.

Let’s get started!

AngularJS: A brief overview

AngularJS is an open-source front-end framework for developing a dynamic web application. Maintained mainly by Google, this client-side framework is updated regularly with new features. Angular allows developers to extend HTML syntax with a script tag and express the application's components clearly and concisely.

One of the most prominent AngularJS benefits is that it is entirely based on HTML and JavaScript. Hence, AngularJS developers don't need to learn any new language or syntax.

You must be wondering why AngularJS and not any other technology. AngularJS is a framework used to develop and maintain web applications of varying complexity. It ensures high performance and offers continuous support to the application.

Use cases of AngularJS

We have already established that AngularJS is a perfect choice for creating dynamic front-end applications. Let’s look at some more use cases of the AngularJS framework.

It will help you decide if it is a perfect fit for your next web development project.

Dynamic applications

AngularJS has frameworks to build simple but powerful dynamic web applications with scalability and security.

Enterprise web applications

There’s a lot that goes into building enterprise web applications, such as architecture, localization, theming, build, packaging, best practices, and more. However, features such as refactoring, navigation, autocompletion, etc., enable AngularJS developers to build large-scale app development projects smoothly.

Custom development

Highly specialized businesses require specialized features and components custom-tailored to the company's goals and objectives. AngularJS is an ideal choice for building on-demand applications due to its wide variety of features.

Video-streaming applications

With its stable, extensible, and advanced features, AngularJS developers can build video-streaming apps that offer ultra-modern and seamless experiences to the end-users.

E-commerce applications

AngularJS offers fluid UI standards combined with robust UI controls enabling AngularJS developers to bind complex two-way data with the best architectural design to help your company significantly impact the market.

Content management applications

AngularJS developers can quickly build dynamic apps to handle large amounts of data. The abundance of benefits of AngularJS enables content management, handling users and access rights, and applying business rules to become much easier and effortless.

Top 11 AngularJS advantages for web app development

In the race to build data-driven and customer-centric applications, you must utilize the AngularJS framework for faster and cost-effective web app development. Due to the abundance of AngularJS benefits, the developed product can lead to sustainable business growth.

So without any further ado, let’s look at the top AngularJS benefits:

MVC support

To integrate the MVC design pattern, developers usually split the application into the three MVC components and write code to stitch them together. AngularJS supports in-built MVC support allowing AngularJS developers to break the application in the MVC component while the framework takes care of everything else.

Code reusability

AngularJS enables developers to reuse the existing code to develop new applications. It promotes enhanced efficiency, improves overall performance, saves cost, and adheres to the best practices and standards.

Plug and play components

AngularJS developers can add existing components to a new application without hassle. They can directly copy the existing code to the components directory. Additionally, they can access all the assets available in the directory quickly and efficiently with little to no delay.

Data binding feature

AngularJS allows data binding in the form of -

  • One-way data binding
  • Two-way data binding

This handy and powerful feature enables developers to update data from components to view and vice-versa. This automatic data synchronization occurs between the model and the view layers of MVC architecture. AngularJS efficiently utilizes data binding features to handle data sharing by updating values simultaneously between the two layers of the applications.

Backed by a vast community

Being one of the most popular and used web frameworks, AngularJS has garnered a massive and remarkable community. The members of this community help each other grow by sharing experiences, addressing issues, and solving problems.

Faster application development

AngularJS framework offers a comprehensive set of tools and technology, enabling an AngularJS developer to build the applications swiftly and efficiently. This complete package of resources allows for data-driven application development and significantly reduces the crucial development time, effort, and resources.

Support dependency injection

As the name implies, dependency injection simply injects dependent functionality into modules at runtime. AngularJS offers a supreme built-in dependency injection mechanism that enables developers to develop, test, and maintain the application efficiently. This mechanism promotes code reusability; for instance, you can define your service, which can be utilized across multiple modules.

Real-time testing

AngularJS offers end-to-end unit testing features that guarantee easy-to-maintain, bug-free, well-documented, and high-quality code. The framework provides feature-rich and powerful options to AngularJS developers, so they do not need to depend on third-party software to support their applications.

Supports DOM manipulation

As AngularJS supports MVC architecture, it eliminates the need to manipulate the DOM directly from code inside the controller. Instead, the MVC design architecture enables controllers to manipulate the model. This manipulation influences the view with directives and data bindings. Hence, AngularJS developers end up with relatively clean and testable results.

Faster application prototyping

Developing web applications is not easy. The entire process consumes a lot of time, effort, and resources. Thus rapid prototyping is crucial and is the key to drastically reducing the design to production timeline from months to weeks. It allows AngularJS developers to write less code, present new concepts with better functionality, obtain quick feedback, and make changes without frustration.

Better server performance

A company’s operations rely heavily on the availability and functionality of its network for everyday business tasks. That’s why web server optimization is necessary for improved performance and speed for end-user satisfaction. Features such as caching and many other processes allow AngularJS developers to reduce the burden from server CPUs, resulting in reduced traffic and better performance.

Why should you hire AngularJS developers?

The Angular framework offers a plethora of advantages resulting in its high demand. So, if you’re looking to simplify your testing and web development process, along with boosting your sales and getting brand recognition, you should prioritize hiring a highly skilled and experienced AngularJS developer.

Roles and responsibilities of Angular developers

Let's look at what all AngularJS developers bring to the table. Before hiring an Angular developer, you must understand their role and responsibilities.

  • Front-end development -

The front-end is the software layer users see and interact with. An experienced AngularJS developer is responsible for interactive, high-performance, and fully-fledged UI components. Usually, AngularJS developers work with a team of back-end developers to efficiently integrate both layers.

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript -

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, together make up the heart of front-end development. Competent AngularJS developers must be proficient in these three technologies to build intuitive and interactive applications.

  • RESTful APIs development -

AngularJS developers collaborate with back-end developers to develop an application that consumes RESTful APIs. It helps the application access web services in a flexible and straightforward manner.

  • Troubleshooting bugs -

Good AngularJS developers are skilled and well-equipped to identify bugs and troubleshoot them, ensuring a top-quality product. They are responsible for performing unit and integration testing to detect and troubleshoot errors.

  • Integration with external data sources and APIs -

Third-party integrations are necessary for quickly adding new features and utilizing tools to ensure efficient and smooth operation. Proficient AngularJS developers have the essential knowledge and skills to integrate and access any third-party applications or services to handle situations where external data from any third-party services is required.

  • Ability to learn new tools and technologies -

AngularJS developers must stay updated with the latest tools and next-generation technologies. So, before hiring AngularJS Developers, look out for self-motivated candidates who are willing to adapt and learn.

Note - Consider going through Angular interview questions to prepare before conducting any interview.

AngularJS vs. Angular 2

It's easy to confuse Angular 2 and AngularJS. However, there's a significant distinction between them.

Let’s have a look at the differences in detail -

TypeScript and JavaScript

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript-based framework, whereas Angular is an open-source TypeScript-based framework.

MVC and component architecture

AngularJS mainly follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) software design pattern. Whereas Angular adheres to component-based architecture.


One of the benefits of Angular is that it offers CLI, which can be used for generating Angular components, services, directives, etc. On the other hand, AngularJS doesn’t have its own CLI.

Mobile support

AngularJS does not support mobile browsers whereas Angular supports all popular mobile browsers.


To conclude, such AngularJS benefits make it one of the best frameworks for building dynamic apps for your business or clients. The framework assists the developers in taking the application to the next level and saves their time and effort. For the same reason, AngularJS developers are in high demand, resulting in a cutthroat competition to hire AngularJS developers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AngularJs is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end framework used to build lighter and faster software applications.

The most important features of AngularJS are architecture, directives, dependency injection, and data binding.

AngularJS is a framework for building dynamic web apps using HTML as a template language.

Angular developers must be well-versed with technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MVVM/MVC, etc. They can build native desktop apps, e-commerce apps, calculators, games, tutorials, and more.

Some of the major advantages of using Angular JS include code reusability, faster development, ease of debugging, etc.

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