Top 6 Key Areas to Consider When You Hire Flutter Developers

Key areas to consider when you hire Flutter developer


  • Top 6 Key Areas to Consider When You Hire Flutter Developers

    Soumik Majumder

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Good knowledge of Git.
  2. Understanding of Computer Science.
  3. Understanding of software development life cycle.
  4. Strong knowledge of different architecture approaches.
  5. Experience with GoF patterns.
  6. Knowledge of SQL.

MVC, simply called Model-View-Controller is an architectural pattern that differentiates the application into three different logical components -

  1. The model
  2. The view
  3. The controller

Each one of these components can easily handle different developmental aspects of applications.

As per kodytechnolab, the annual average cost of hiring a skilled Flutter developer for your organization in the United States can cost you $84,000.

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