5 Factors to Consider before Hiring Mobile Developers

factors to consider before hiring mobile developers

Mobile applications are a way to provide value to your customers as it allows you to provide them services at their fingertips. Besides that, mobile apps are an excellent way to attract users' attention. Organizations have realized that and are looking for mobile app developers. Going through this blog means you are also considering hiring mobile developers for your project. It is not an easy job, and you need to consider several factors to find the best talent. This blog is a comprehensive guide to help you hire the right developer. Before you start looking to hire mobile app developers, let’s understand the points you have to consider and how you can find one that fits perfectly within your team.

Critical factors to keep in mind when hiring mobile developers

Here are some of the different factors and aspects that you should consider thoroughly before deciding to hire mobile developers:

Understand the requirements

Before you embark on a talent hunt, you need to understand the project requirements which vary across industries. For example, a banking app is different from an e-commerce app, and requires different technologies and skillset. You need to figure out the features and functionalities to include in the app and how to make it stand out from your competitors. It will help you focus on hiring a competent developer who can deliver the desired results.

Even though there are millions of software developers across the globe, skilled manpower is scarce in this field. Talented developers are always in demand because they deliver the results. Glitches in the app can affect user experience and will lead to time and money being spent to fix them. So, don't let the price influence your decisions while hiring mobile developers.

Check the developer's portfolio

Before hiring mobile developers, you should have a look at their portfolio to see their body of work. If they have developed similar applications, it is a great idea to take a test to evaluate their knowledge and experience. You can also ask them to share the links to the apps they have developed as samples to check the features and functionalities. By doing this, you get a clear idea of their capabilities and see if they are the right fit for your project.

Additionally, you should look at their skills to see if they are relevant to your project. For instance, if you are looking to hire an Android app developer, you must check if the candidate knows Android Studio, Android SDK, Java, XML, and databases. Similarly, if you need to develop an app for Apple devices; you must ensure the candidate has knowledge of Objective C, Swift, Xcode IDE, RESTful APIs, UI/UX design standards, Metal, and other relevant skills. If you want to develop an app for both platforms, you have to confirm if the developers know the technologies for both platforms.

Check with their previous employers

Hiring mobile app developers is not all about skill and experience. You need to know more about the candidates before selecting them. It is a good idea to check with their previous employers to know specific things about them. Insights into the projects they worked on, their working style, integrity, and behavior could play a significant role in shortlisting them for the interview.

Open to learning new technologies

Technology is changing fast, and so are mobile applications. You need to upgrade them regularly with new technologies to make them more convenient and user-friendly for your customers. To meet this demand, developers need to upgrade themselves regularly. While hiring mobile developers, you have to keep in mind that they should be open to learning and upgrading themselves to meet the demand of the job. Otherwise, you will have to hire new employees frequently, which is not desirable.

Communication skills in English

Like technical skills, excellent communication skills in English are also essential for mobile app developers. They have to collaborate with other members working on the project and cross-functional teams. Moreover, they might have to work with someone from another part of the globe, and English may be the common language to communicate. That's why you must test the candidate's communication skills before hiring them.

Why choose Turing to hire mobile app developers?

Hiring mobile developers is challenging as you have to consider several things to find the most suitable candidate. You have to check each resume and shortlist candidates for the final interview. However, there is a smart way of doing that. At Turing, we use an AI-powered vetting process to shortlist candidates who are of a Silicon Valley caliber. We only select candidates with proven experience and who have an excellent track record in terms of their work and integrity. Be it the technology behemoths in Silicon Valley or a startup, we have associated with hundreds of organizations and helped them find the best developers for their projects. By choosing Turing, you can hire mobile developers within three to five days who will be best suited for your company.

If you are planning to develop a mobile app, and want to build your dream team in a matter of days, partner with Turing and hire the best talents in the industry with a 2-weeks no-risk trial period.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous ways to source and hire the best mobile app developers in the market. First you need to build a robust hiring funnel to ensure that the hiring process is structured and streamlined for finding the best talent in the market. Then you must follow the different steps in the funnel carefully to source the required talent. However, choosing the services of AI-Powered hiring platforms like Turing for finding the best mobile app developer makes the whole process fast, simple, and seamless.

The future of mobile developer is likely to be promising as the mobile app development industry continues to grow a rapid pace. Mobile computing is the future of digital solutions and the number of businesses developing their own native apps is growing on an yearly basis. This is why there will be a sustained demand for mobile app developers in the coming years.

There are several skills that an efficient mobile developer should possess. Some of these skills that are essential for the development of mobile apps include strong analytical skills, high level of proficiency in core programming languages, creativity, communication, and problem solving skills among others.

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