Best Recruiting Tips to Hire ReactJS Developers

Recruiting tips to hire reactjs developer

Hiring ReactJS developers on your own requires a basic understanding of software development. However, if you are a non-technical manager and want to hire the best ReactJS developers then this blog is for you. This resource is for those who are interested in learning more about the React.js developer hiring process, regardless of their technical and non-technical backgrounds.

In this blog post, we have listed down the major recruiting tips that you need to follow in order to hire ReactJS developers. However, before delving into the tips, you must first have a clear understanding of this front-end library.

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What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a popular JavaScript library that helps software developers to create interactive user interfaces. Some of the features that make this framework popular among developers include efficiency, flexibility, declarative in nature, component-based, server-side support, extensible, mobile support, among others. ReactJS is an open-source front-end framework that is specifically used for various purposes. This includes creating reusable user interfaces for single-page applications, handling the view layer for web as well as mobile applications, generating a static site, and many more.

ReactJS is now used by practically everyone to build native apps, from startups to large companies regardless of their sizes. ReactJS is one of the popular front-end development frameworks since it allows developers to create robust as well as extensive products while still being simple to integrate into existing apps. You may want to hire ReactJS developers who use this framework to create large-scale web applications that can change data without reloading the page. The core goal of this front-end framework is to be quick, scalable, and simple.

Why hire ReactJS developers

The number of JavaScript developers has exploded in recent years, with reports estimating that there were more than 13 million JavaScript developers in Q1 2021. Because ReactJS is the most popular JavaScript framework, practically every JavaScript developer has experience with it. But therein comes the challenge of hiring ReactJS developers who are competent enough to represent your company.

When there are so many options, picking the best one can be tough. Besides this, hiring ReactJS developers with advanced knowledge is also difficult due to the small pool of highly qualified ReactJS developers available from the global pool of JavaScript engineers. If you're looking to hire ReactJS developers with a lot of practical expertise, you've come to the correct place.

When you hire ReactJS developers, the first thing to note is that they are able to develop robust and bug-free applications with excellent performance. You must also keep in mind the most important developer skill sets while hiring ReactJS developers. Hire ReactJS developers who can design attractive and engaging user interfaces and have a good understanding of design principles.

The below-mentioned points are some of the important recruiting tips that you must follow to hire ReactJS developers.

Detailed ReactJS job description

If you want to hire ReactJS developers who are eligible for your organization, the first thing to keep in mind is that you need to post a clear as well as an attractive job description. There are certain points that need to be added while posting the jobs online. These will help you stand out from similar job postings on online job posting platforms.

A well-written and thorough React.JS developer job description will help you hire highly qualified employees for your company. The points on your job description page should include clear and concise job responsibilities, a brief description and overview of the company, important skills, required experience level, and hands-on experience required for the position. While listing down the job responsibilities you must list down all the major responsibilities that the candidates are going to fulfill when they join your company.

Here is a sample job description to hire ReactJS developers:

“We look forward to hiring a dynamic and expert React.js developer. They must possess quality technical skills ranging across various stages of software development.. The developer is also expected to produce high-quality code deliverables for a module, lead validation for testing, as well as assistance associated with implementation, transition, and warranty. They must have excellent communication abilities and must know how to be a team player.”

Skills to look for in ReactJS developers

Mentioning the skills, you must list down all the professional as well as academic skills that the candidate needs to have in order to apply for the job position. Besides professional skills, you should also mention all the necessary technical skills that will be required for this position.

Here are some of the top skills to look for while hiring Reactjs developers:

Working knowledge of various databases:

Knowing how to work with different types of databases is a must for a ReactJS developer. You don't want to hire ReactJS developers who are just knowledgeable with relational databases. Rather, you should hire ReactJS developers who are conversant with both SQL and NoSQL databases.

Knowledge of HTML and CSS:

The two most crucial abilities that a ReactJS developer must have are HTML and CSS. These abilities aid in the creation of web page structure as well as the addition of styles. You don't want to hire ReactJS developers who just know the basics of these two languages. Rather, hire a seasoned ReactJS developer who is well-versed in these languages and has adequate working knowledge.

Knowledge of version control systems:

Without knowledge of code versioning systems, software development is incomplete. ReactJS developers can use popular versioning technologies like Git to keep track of each step of the application development process. If you hire ReactJS developers with sufficient experience with such platforms, you can assign them to any frontend project.

Knowledge of back-end technologies:

While ReactJS may be included in any JavaScript file, it can also be enhanced with a variety of packages. Understanding the npm registry is crucial for React developers. Npm is a cloud storage service for packages where software developers can obtain software to aid in the development of software. You need to hire ReactJS developers who have adequate experience and knowledge of using back-end technologies in their projects.

Ability to write clean code:

Clean code is the code written by any developer that is easy for other developers to read, comprehend, as well as extend. Writing code that only the computer understands or code that only you understand is easy, however, it is inefficient in the long run. You'd like to hire ReactJS developers who can write code that's simple to understand, scale, as well as debug.

Good knowledge of cloud computing platforms:

Cloud computing services increase an organization’s productivity by allowing several people to exchange and work on data at the same time. You should hire ReactJS developers who have a thorough understanding of cloud computing and hands-on experience with numerous cloud computing services, such as AWS, Azure, and GCP.

High-level proficiency in JavaScript and ES6:

You won't be able to learn React without a solid understanding of JavaScript's fundamental concepts. ES6 is a new standardized version of JavaScript that brings interesting features to make your code more readable. You want to hire ReactJS developers who have hands-on knowledge of various ES6 abilities, such as DOM manipulation and event handlers, prototypal inheritance and object creation, higher-order functions, and callback functions, among others.

Knowledge about MVC design pattern:

MVC patterns separate the input, processing, and output of an application. In MVC application development, the controller accepts all application requests and instructs the model to prepare any information needed by the view. The view displays the final result based on the data generated by the controller. It would be a major benefit if you hire ReactJS developers who have a thorough understanding of it.

Familiarity with the latest frameworks:

Frameworks aid in the development of effective web applications. Besides ReactJS, there are several other front-end frameworks, such as AngularJS, EmberJS, jQuery, among others. You must hire ReactJS developers, who have a good knowledge of these frameworks and understand which frameworks to use in a particular project and which functionality should be emphasized first.

Soft skills:

While looking to hire ReactJS developers, you must hire professionals who have excellent problem-solving skills, are excited to work as team players, have the ability to adapt to any situation, and have persistence and eagerness to learn. Hiring the right ReactJS developer can help you to improve the development strategies of your organization.

ReactJS interview tips for hiring managers

While doing the final round of the interview you must cross-check the abilities of the ReactJS developer. You can accomplish this by checking their project management skills, experience communication skills, team management skills, and others. This will help you to judge and provide an overall result for the candidates that can assist you in deciding the most suitable candidate for the job position.

You can use the questions listed below to test the technical knowledge of developers applying for the role of ReactJS developer.

Entry-level ReactJS developer interview questions

  • What purpose do arrow functions serve in React?

  • What are synthetic events in React?

  • Why should you use React instead of other JavaScript frameworks, such as Angular?

  • What is JSX?

  • What are the features of React?

  • Define Virtual DOM and its function.

  • What are some lifecycle hooks we can use?

  • What are forms in React?

  • How is React different from Angular?

  • What are the components in React?

  • Can you initialize the state from a function? Provide an example.

Intermediate-level ReactJS developer interview questions

  • How do you implement state in React?

  • What is the process of embedding two or more components together?

  • What is the use of render() in React?

  • Differentiate between Real DOM and Virtual DOM.

  • Why can’t browsers read JSX?

  • Can you differentiate between the ES6 and ES5 standards?

  • What is the method of updating the state of a component?

  • Differentiate between stateful and stateless components.

  • How do the lifecycle methods of React components work?.

  • What do you understand by refs in React?

  • Why is super constructor used with props argument?

Advanced-level ReactJS developer interview questions

  • How do you modularize code in React?

  • What is a “Single source of truth”?

  • What are controlled and uncontrolled components?

  • What is React Router?

  • What are Higher-Order Components(HOC)?

  • What is the significance of keys in React?

  • Why do we use switch keywords in React Router v4?

  • How is React Router different from conventional routing?

  • Differentiate between a class component and a functional component.

  • What do you understand by ‘mounting a component in React’?

  • What is the difference between state and props?

Right sourcing platforms for ReactJS developers

Now that you have created the job description, it is time to place the job description on the right sourcing platforms. You can post the job description on your official website, social media platforms, etc. There are a number of options available online today where you can place your job requirements. Speaking of hiring ReactJS developers, there are several ways you can hire them. But, this one platform assures you of getting the most talented and experienced ReactJS developers. Yes! We are talking about the Turing Intelligent Talent Cloud. Turing will help you hire the top ReactJS developers in a matter of 3-5 days.

Wrapping up

ReactJS is a popular JavaScript framework for creating modern, reactive web user interfaces. Hiring ReactJS developers can help you design as well as create user-facing features for websites and applications.

To help you find the right talent, Turing's Intelligent Talent Cloud uses AI to source, vet, match, and manage over a million developers worldwide. With Turing, you can hire Silicon Valley-caliber ReactJS developers within 3-5 days.


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According to Statista, in 2021, AngularJS and ReactJS are two of the most used web frameworks worldwide. This does not come as a surprise, as in 2022, 40.1% of software developers have chosen ReactJS for developing applications.

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