Here Are 50+ Hottest Ideas To Kickstart Your Online Business In 2023

59+ Web App Ideas to Kick Start Your Online Business

The apps that contribute to business productivity are in high demand in the global market. These apps can be developed for different verticals including business, entertainment, or social cause. Simple web app ideas for online businesses can help you with immense profits and growth. For those of you starting from scratch, let's get started with the basics.

Hottest Ideas For Online Business To Kickstart In 2023

Hearing success stories of billion-dollar companies that started with almost zero or no money, and no infrastructure is definitely worth the hype around the online businesses. With everything and anything that your company needs, from ideas to finance to growth metrics available in the digital world; businesses small or big constantly feel the urge to go online!

Hosting your business on your own website can improve your presence, ROI, and financial security. All this can happen with minimal effort and funding because smart work is the new normal.

Here are some online business ideas for new businesses covered under three-wide umbrellas that drive human potential and global finances. These simple ideas for web apps cater to enterprises of all levels, from MSMEs to billion-dollar firms.

Technology & business - The ones that churn the global economy

Companies find digital options for their business to be more promising due to their security and sustainability. Here we bring you online business ideas for 2023 that aid IT firms and businesses in big time.

1. E-commerce

With 24 million e-commerce sites across the globe and counting, this competitive market still has a hunger for new creative ideas.

Notable forerunners: Amazon, Alibaba.

2. Web hosting & cloud services

Most young businesses yearn for proper technical support and providing that through web hosting can be an impactful web app development for startups.

Notable forerunners: Blue host, AWS.

3. Job hiring & training portals

Job posting, hiring, and training websites never get old as they move towards cutting-edge solutions enabling the best talent to surface.

Notable forerunners:, LinkedIn.

4. Content Management Systems (CMS)

A CMS added with SEO, data analytics, and lead generation tools can provide a wholesome business web application design.

Notable forerunners: Confluence, WordPress.

5. Business accounting

Offer business invoicing with inventory management, business analytics, and party management under a single web application.

Notable forerunners: Zoho books, Quick books.

6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The key to the success of any business is its customer service, so building a CRM application can help most businesses.

Notable forerunners: Salesforce, Hubspot.

7. Learning platforms

With the world recovering from a pandemic and industries offering hybrid or remote working options, remote learning could be the future of education.

Notable forerunners: Udemy, Coursera.

8. Workflow management

Relieve companies from bottlenecks with day-to-day workflow management that sync well with the efforts of physical teams.

Notable forerunners: Jira, Trello.

9. Payment portals

Make individuals and businesses go paperless by building an all-in-one payments app for every digital transaction.

Notable forerunners: Paypal, Stripe.

10. Digital marketing

Digital marketing has become the talk of the town. Even fortune companies hire third-party apps for accurate data analytics and optimization.

Notable forerunners: Hootsuite, Buffer.

11. Investment

Even though the world has moved in the direction of bitcoin; investment apps are never out of fashion, and investors love trying new ones.

Notable forerunners: Wealthfront, Acorns.

12. Rentals

Renting out vehicles, appliances, and even properties have become a wise option in this fast-changing world, nowadays a simple web app is all that you need for all your renting needs.

Notable forerunners: Zillow, Zumper.

13. Multi-professional services

A handyman app where all daily service providers get listed can be of great help, because who would not want to get cleaning or beauty services at the click of an app!

Notable forerunners: Thumbtack, Taskrabbit.

14. Event management

A consolidated event management app from venue to decor to food is always in demand since celebrations and gatherings are an integral part of social life.

Notable forerunners: Cvent, Eventzilla.

15. Storing & sharing

Since the advent of wireless appliances, storing and sharing data has been a concern due to either lack of space or security, so an app to sort things is always welcomed.

Notable forerunners: Dropbox, SHAREit.

Entertainment - The ones we can't live without

Even though business web applications are in high demand, they aren’t used as much as entertainment apps. Entertainment has no age bar and people from all walks of life enjoy using these apps.

16. Community hubs

As technology evolves, community relationships also evolve with simple web apps supporting communication, from texts to videos.

Notable forerunners: Facebook, Instagram.

17. Video/Movie streaming apps

The pandemic has taught us to embrace OTTs and the ever-growing film industry, developing these apps will continue to be a hit.

Notable forerunners: Netflix and prime

18. Food/Package delivery

Even though food delivery apps have been a great hit, only a few are efficient, and new web app ideas can cater to cloud kitchens and more.

Notable forerunners: Dash and UberEats

19. Ride finder

These apps can be of great use to our environment by reducing pollution as usage of personal vehicles gets minimal.

Notable forerunners: Uber, Lyft.

20. Tickets booking

Book movies, hotels, and flight tickets at the click of a finger. Constructing a wholesome app for every booking becomes necessary.

Notable forerunners: Airbnb, Fandango.

21. Local guide and reviews

A simple web app that lets people share opinions can guide individuals to make informed decisions.

Notable forerunners: Product Hunt, Local Guides

22. Online library

Reading has a huge fan base, and new approaches to make virtual reading more realistic will always be a bestselling app.

Notable forerunners: Kindle, Libby.

23. News

A web app for news can keep you updated on worldly happenings anywhere and anytime.

Notable forerunners: TechRadar, Flipboard.

24. VR and gaming

Since the introduction of virtual reality, gaming has taken over a whole new dimension. Many new apps are now surfacing, to make the gaming experience even more holistic.

Notable forerunners: Miniclip, Arkadium

25. Dating sites

These apps have become the trend in the past few years to help people find their true match in their comfort zone.

Notable forerunners: Bumble, Tinder

26. Music streaming sites & online radios

Listening to your favorite playlist while traveling or hearing podcasts; anything and everything can happen over an app.

Notable forerunners: Spotify, Cinemix

27. Video shooting

These apps have been one of the most sought-after ones in recent times as they provide great entertainment and they bring out the artist in people.

Notable Forerunners: Insta reels, Tiktok

28. Online dictionary

With a web dictionary app, you can readily access the contents of a dictionary much like a pocket dictionary of old times.

Notable Forerunners: Dictionary by Merriam-Webster, Wiktionary

29. Daily use apps

Come up with these much-needed yet underrated apps like Notes, calculator, Weather monitor, etc.

Notable forerunners: Google Maps, Evernote, Calendly

30. Picture editors

A web app for all the graphical needs that resize pictures, crop images, convert PDFs, and whatnot.

Notable forerunners: Adobe Rush Premium

Social well-being - Some other online business ideas, non-profit ones

Coming up with a web app for new business does not have to be solely for profit; it can also be incorporated for a social cause.

31. SOS alerts & women safety apps

These apps can be life-changing in times of emergency, and more of these apps are needed to have utmost protection for every individual.

32. Child abuse report

Not all child abuse comes to light. Apps like these can help in reporting more abuses, thus enabling timely help to victims.

33. Environment health

Apps that showcase trackers and share environmental statuses, enable people to make more protective decisions to be eco-friendly.

34. Fitness trackers

Fitness tracking apps have become a thing with the rise of various new diseases. Thus a handy web app that tracks all your vitals is a necessity.

35. Fund raising

More simple web apps are needed to conduct virtual campaigns and fundraisers to crowdfund more than one cause like global hunger, disaster recovery, education for all, etc.

36. Charity hubs

Many NGOs and private organizations use online web applications to host charity hubs to help needy people.

37. Food donation

Restaurants and homes can send leftover food to reach hungry stomachs by a dedicated web or mobile application.

38. De-addiction

People in need and distress can reach out to online help centers through web apps themselves.

39. Complaint registering

Apps to register all the complaints from domestic violence to petty issues can be made available locally for timely amends.

40. Mental health monitors

Regular checkups and training could help people be mentally healthy, and all this can take place through a single application.

41. Donors

Web apps that make online medical donations seamless are the best because at the end of the day it can even save a life.

42. Clean and afforest

Conducting regular cleanliness and afforestation drives in the local community through an app will benefit our planet.

43. Volunteering

Through these apps, volunteers across oceans can be gathered and garner timely services as promised.

44. Find a shelter

A list of local shelters can be integrated into these apps so that they help homeless people or refugees, or anyone in need.

45. Crime alerts

A 24*7 active web app can be curated to report or update crimes so that citizens stay alerted all the time.

Way ahead - Some unique web app ideas that are under development

Apart from the web app ideas listed above, the following ones can be impactful as they have high demand and await creative minds to be implemented successfully.

46. Scan & order

Make shopping easy by saving money and time.

47. Advance or lend cash

These apps can act as virtual pawnbrokers.

48. Virtual doctor

Never neglect medical emergencies, and the presence of online doctors is the need of the hour.

49. Automobile repair

Book an automotive repair even from the most remote of places using a mobile or a web application.

50. Laundry and iron

Get an app to meet this combo, and you’ll be dressed and ready to go 24*7.

51. Pet dating

Use simple web apps to respect your pets' feelings to choosing a healthy mate.

52. Home-cooked food

Home-cooked meals are unbeatable and are comfort food. Developing an online application to cater to this need will be a great hit.

53. Quality checkers

Carry mobile or web-based trackers to supermarkets to check the quality of products before you buy.

54. Tutor, tenant, maid finder app

It is not always easy to find a tutor, a tenant, or a maid who best suits your needs. So having a dedicated web app will solve this issue.

55. VR shop status

Using virtual reality and artificial intelligence, you can update the stock status of your local shops, be it clothes or groceries, and save time spent on offline shopping.

56. Home pantry alert

Get an app to track your home pantry to know when a refill is required, or even be updated on the expired products.

57. Exchanger

Let us contribute and minimize non-recyclable waste by having an app to exchange appliances, toys, etc., for people in need.

58. Plant monitor

Make sure your green buddy is receiving the right amount of water, sunlight, and nutrients with the help of a plant health tracker application.

59. Finder

Name it and find it from dairy products to the best restaurant around, a wholesome app to act as a finder is an absolute necessity.

60. Lost pet app

Use these apps to register a complaint and eventually can be used to track their location locally.

Ideas generated - So what's next?

Added to the above trending web app ideas, you should also know the next few steps to a successful online business hosting so that your new business idea and web application stay afloat no matter what.

  • Foolproof Content Management Systems
  • Relevant and a catchy domain name
  • Easy manageable hosting platform
  • User-friendly design and accessibility
  • Legit SSL certificates
  • SEO optimization & digital marketing
  • Customer support
  • Security plugins

An added advantage is that any business or individual entrepreneur can use these web app ideas. So get started today because anything under the sky or above it can cater to your online business idea! Who knows? Your new business web app idea might even be a business idea-sharing web application that revolutionizes global market demands.


It's hard to predict how the world will be a few years from now, but there are some pretty exciting trends that we expect to keep evolving and becoming more popular in the future.

Every business is going online today and with more people going online every day, it's never been this easier to start an online business and sell your products or services. If you're thinking about starting an online business, be sure to read through these ideas to start an online business before leaping in.

If you want to hire silicon valley caliber software developers to start your online business, Turing can help you hire the best remote developers from around the world. Our AI-backed Intelligent Talent Cloud helps you source, vet, match, and manage the world's best software developers remotely.


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