Complete Guide on How to Hire a Ruby Developer

Guide to hire Ruby developers


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of several use cases of Ruby that are well known throughout,

  • One of the biggest players in the streaming industry - Hulu.
  • Live video and on-demand entertainment content sharing platform - Twitch.
  • Popular lodging and vacation rental listings - Airbnb.
  • Widely used all-in-one eCommerce platform - Shopify.
  • Popular source code host and tech community - GitHub.
  • A major player in cryptocurrency exchange - Coinbase.

Each application has its own peculiarities and complexity when it comes to scaling. In fact, it would be too simplistic to think scaling is effortless. Yet, it is one of the questions that people want to be answered and we usually hear them recurrently.

Let’s have a look at a few of its applications in the real world. GitHub is one of the platforms that’s widely used by the tech community, which is developed in Ruby using Ruby on Rails framework. You can imagine the number of requests that GitHub handles, which should be enough to draw your own conclusions regarding Ruby's scalability.

Avoid utilizing Ruby in case your project requires heavy computational processing. There are other great tools available in the market for such applications, such as Python, Matlab, or R. However, the language is best suited for software development that support complex databases and is traffic-heavy, like social networking or eCommerce applications.

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