Complete Guide on How to Hire a Ruby Developer in 2023

Guide to hire Ruby developers

Are you looking to hire Ruby developers for your organization? If so, by the end of this guide, you will be able to do so with perfection. Ruby is one of the top in-demand skills as leading companies such as Airbnb, Github, Shopify, Bloomberg, etc., are using Ruby and its frameworks in their tech stack.

We believe spotting, hiring, and retaining a skilled Ruby developer isn’t an easy job. It depends on three crucial factors: technical knowledge, social skills, and time management. So if you’re looking to hire a skilled Ruby developer for your company, we have crafted a comprehensive guide covering various aspects ranging from selecting to hiring the right Ruby developer.

Benefits of using Ruby for your project

Without a doubt, Ruby is one of the most popular and reliable programming languages in the tech community. It even has its own Ruby on Rails framework. The language comes with a wide range of features that allows developers to build high-quality web applications efficiently.

Open source and flexible

Ruby comes with an open-source library that allows developers to share their codes with other community members. Such networking makes it easier for beginners to learn the ins and outs of the language.

Additionally, it offers high flexibility, enabling Ruby developers to add multiple objects and methods to the solution without disrupting stability. As a result, it simplifies the creation of flexible APIs.

Consistent in nature

One of the prominent features of Ruby is that it is generally consistent in nature which is extremely beneficial for a developer, especially if they have just started out with the language. Consistent syntax enables developers to build the solutions without learning a lot of new things. So, any application can be created without going through a significant learning curve, consequently making the entire development process less time-consuming and improving productivity and performance.

Extremely secure

Ruby is a trusted programming language that puts a strong emphasis on securing solutions. It makes the job of a Ruby developer easy by preventing any data from being hijacked or overwritten. When utilizing Ruby development services or features, programmers can secure all sensitive data records and ensure that such data is not accessible to any external threat.

Improved processing

Development teams can now easily configure and develop solutions on Ruby with the help of its multi-threading or native thread support. This allows developers to execute multiple programs at once without slowing down the system. Furthermore, the language is portable, meaning that programs written on it can be operated across multiple operating systems.

Easy management

Ruby is a simple programming language that is extremely easy to understand than any other programming language. In fact, it significantly simplifies the extensive changes that most projects require at any stage of the software development process. Besides, as a company grows or evolves, so does the software solution you create or utilize. Since Ruby offers a simplified change and management process for the codebase, it becomes much easier for businesses to scale their operations in the future if needed.

Essential things to look for while hiring Ruby developers for web development

While putting out a vacancy, every company has specific requirements for different profiles, i.e., Junior Ruby developer, intermediate Ruby developer, senior Ruby developer, or any other Ruby programmer with years of experience varying from profile to profile. Along with technical understanding, a dedicated developer must also possess non-technical skills. Therefore, before hiring Ruby developers for your team, you should figure out the qualities an ideal candidate must have.

To make it less complicated for you, here is the list of a few common skills that are required by all, from a novice developer to a Ruby expert:

Expert knowledge of Ruby programming

Ruby, a highly portable general-purpose language, is well suited to building desktop applications, static websites, data processing services, and even automation tools. With the knowledge of the Ruby programming language and the added functionality of the Rails application framework, developers can do a lot.

Hands-on experience with Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Popular for long-term projects needing significant transformations with heavy traffic or MVPs, Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application development framework written in Ruby programming language. A Ruby programmer should have hands-on experience with the Ruby on Rails framework.

Automated testing

Ruby is well known for certain specialized functions like runtime methods, which speed up the automation process. Developers who are well versed in writing these test automation scripts can ace the game. Therefore, before you hire Ruby developers, ensure they know about automated testing and its various facets. This will help them validate if the software is working as expected.

Experience with APIs

APIs are application programming interfaces that allow communication between two applications. They are required to share data and execute predefined processes easily.

Ruby developers should be well aware of APIs to discern how the communication occurs between two applications. They should have a basic understanding of public classes, methods, and properties that define this interaction.


To write fast, secure, and reliable applications, Ruby developers should be well versed in using database technologies such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc. It will help them organize information, detect errors, and debug applications to improve the overall application performance.

Domain knowledge and skills

A dedicated Ruby developer should have basic knowledge and skills such as database management, expertise in integrating data from different sources, and knowledge of APIs. In addition, a Ruby expert must have handled various Ruby projects in the past and know how to navigate through obstacles to build robust applications.

Effective communication

There are times when a developer must explain technical concepts to various stakeholders and other team members for successful collaboration. Hence, Ruby experts must have decent communication skills for seamless technical and non-technical communication.

Work portfolio

The portfolio is the best way through which developers can show off their skills. It also demonstrates developers’ ability to work within a team or individually. A quick scan through the portfolio is a great idea to know someone’s achievements and the kind of work they’ve been doing. A recruiter must pay close attention while going through developer portfolios.

Ruby experts must keep themselves up-to-date with the latest technological developments. It helps them identify opportunities for improvement in the existing products and systems and implement new solutions to overcome the challenges.

Best ways to hire a Ruby developer

To hire Ruby developers who are best for your company, you can use either of the three ways as per your requirement.


If you have time, budget, or resource constraints, deep jobs platforms like Turing can help you hire reliable and talented Ruby developers. You can save ample time and money throughout the hiring process as the outsourcing platform will take care of everything from sourcing to vetting to managing the developers.

Freelance Ruby developer

Hiring a freelance developer is the perfect option when you want to hire a developer for a small gig. Many platforms provide great freelance Ruby developers to work on specific projects. However, this method of hiring has its pros and cons.

Hiring a freelancer may work for some as it is the most cost-effective, but you may have to make constant follow-ups with the freelance developer to get updates on the project. Also, it requires paying attention to their experience and skills as they are equally important when it comes to freelancing. Sometimes, it can also be risky as there are chances that you might end up hiring the wrong candidate.

Full-time employment

Websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, etc., can help you get started searching for full-time developers. As it is a long-term opportunity, you must carefully access the applicants and pick your developer. Post a job with proper description and requirements as it will help you attract the right talent for your company.

What’s the best way to assess a Ruby developer?

You can schedule an interview once you have thoroughly screened the resume and assessed a developer’s abilities and achievements. To know the candidate better, you can evaluate their skills and knowledge in 3 ways:

By checking theoretical knowledge

Check out the top interview questions for Ruby developers, which can help you evaluate their technical proficiency. There’s no end to the theoretical questions you can ask the developer. Do not forget to include the ones that will demonstrate the knowledge you need for the project.

By a coding assignment

A coding test will help you assess a developer’s programming proficiency and technical knowledge. The coding assignment should be similar to the project you want them to work on. While assigning them the technical task, give them a timeline for the deliverables to avoid confusion.

By asking general questions

There are some common questions that you can ask any developer. E.g., Why did you choose Ruby as your programming language? Why do you want to work for us? Do you have any experience with project management? Although these are common questions, their response will tell you a lot about the developer's personality as to whether they’re genuinely interested in the profile or just want a job change.

By reviewing the resume

The candidate’s resume is a window to their level of skill and aptitude. This gives you an overall impression of the candidate's previous work experience and if it matches your requirement. That’s why before you proceed with the interview and other processes, you must prioritize reviewing the Ruby developer’s resume.

Five common mistakes to avoid while hiring a Ruby developer

Many top companies compete to hire the right talent to be a good fit for their organization. Imagine how challenging it is to find the talent that will benefit your company from a limited pool of skilled developers.

Lack of technical knowledge or improperly analyzing the applications can make you hire the wrong candidate.

We have listed a few mistakes that can be avoided when you hire Ruby developers:

Not screening the application properly.

Screening the applications is vital to filter quality candidates and eliminate unqualified applicants. Any mistake at this step can cost you time, money, and resources. Therefore, make sure to do an introductory call with the candidate. At this stage, you can cross-check the information they have provided on their resume by asking relevant questions.

Hiring inexperienced developers

It may appear affordable to hire an inexperienced developer to save money. But is it worth it? Sometimes cost-cutting isn’t the ideal solution for you. There are chances that the Ruby developer you’re looking for may need specific expertise and experience.

Remember, the more experience the developer has, the finer the product will be. Plus, an experienced Ruby developer knows how to overcome challenges and will be able to understand your requirements better.

Testing wrong skills

While hiring, many employers ask and judge Ruby developers for irrelevant skills or knowledge not related to the project. That is a waste of time for both- developers and companies. It is better to test the skills you are looking for in your developer.

When looking for a Ruby developer, you must prepare a list of questions related to the project and skills beforehand.

Selecting based on resume alone

A resume is a crucial part of the selection process but shouldn’t be the only thing. Developers tend to exaggerate their achievements in their resumes. In addition to the resume, you must carefully assess the skills and experience of the Ruby developer.

Not cross-checking the references.

After going through the complete process, you can always get a second opinion from their previous employer about their potential and caliber when you've finalized the right developer for the team.

Wrapping up

This Ruby developer hiring guide will assist you in the search for the best candidates. Since you know all about – what skills do you want the developer to have? What are some effective ways to hire Ruby developers? What’s the cost of hiring one? Common mistakes to avoid, etc., all you need to do is apply the knowledge you have learned so far in the hiring process.

Always remember as soon as a promising talent is available in the market for hire, it is immediately picked by companies due to supply shortage. If you are looking to employ the right talent or hire a remote development team, but don’t know where to start, you can get in touch with Turing. We offer a pre-vetted pool of experienced and skilled remote developers where you can choose the developer you require without going through a tedious and expensive hiring process.

At Turing, you can hire remote Ruby developers in 3-5 days with a 2-weeks, risk-free trial!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of several use cases of Ruby that are well known throughout,

  • One of the biggest players in the streaming industry - Hulu.
  • Live video and on-demand entertainment content sharing platform - Twitch.
  • Popular lodging and vacation rental listings - Airbnb.
  • Widely used all-in-one eCommerce platform - Shopify.
  • Popular source code host and tech community - GitHub.
  • A major player in cryptocurrency exchange - Coinbase.

Each application has its own peculiarities and complexity when it comes to scaling. In fact, it would be too simplistic to think scaling is effortless. Yet, it is one of the questions that people want to be answered and we usually hear them recurrently.

Let’s have a look at a few of its applications in the real world. GitHub is one of the platforms that’s widely used by the tech community, which is developed in Ruby using Ruby on Rails framework. You can imagine the number of requests that GitHub handles, which should be enough to draw your own conclusions regarding Ruby's scalability.

Avoid utilizing Ruby in case your project requires heavy computational processing. There are other great tools available in the market for such applications, such as Python, Matlab, or R. However, the language is best suited for software development that support complex databases and is traffic-heavy, like social networking or eCommerce applications.

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