Top 10 Ruby interview questions and answers for 2023

If you want to work as a successful Ruby developer for a top Silicon Valley firm or build a team of talented Ruby developers, you've come to the right spot. We've carefully compiled a list of Ruby developer interview questions for your Ruby interview to give you an idea of the kind of Ruby interview questions you can ask or be asked.

Last updated on Mar 21, 2023

Ruby is an open-source, dynamic, reflective, general-purpose programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. Ruby combines Perl, small talk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp characteristics. Ruby was created to be a new language that balances the features of Imperative languages.

Whether you are a candidate actively looking for Ruby interview preparation or a recruiter looking for Ruby developers, the following list of Ruby interview questions will be of great use for you.

Ruby interview questions and answers


Why is Ruby known as a language of flexibility?

This is an important Ruby interview question. Ruby is recognized as a flexible language since it allows its author to change the programming parts. Some aspects of the language can be deleted or redefined. Ruby does not impose any limitations on the user. To add two numbers, for example, Ruby allows you to use the + sign or the word 'plus'. This modification is possible using Ruby's built-in class Numeric.


What is the use of load and required?

Load and need are both used in Ruby to load available code into the current code. It is recommended to use 'load' when the code must be loaded every time it is altered or when someone visits the URL. It is recommended to use 'require' in the case of autoload.


What are the naming conventions?

This is an important Ruby interview question.

  • Variables: All letters are lowercase while declaring Variables, and words are separated by underscores.
  • Module and Class: Modules and Classes are written in MixedCase with no underscores; each word begins with an uppercase letter.
  • The table in the database: The database table name should have lowercase letters and underscores between words, and all table names should be plural, for example, invoice items.
  • Model: It is represented as unbroken MixedCase with singular with the table name.
  • Controller: Controller class names are written in plural form, so OrdersController is the controller for the order table.


What are the features of Rails?

Rails include numerous features such as:

  • Meta-programming: Rails uses code generation, but meta-programming is used for heavy lifting. Ruby is regarded as one of the best meta-programming languages.
  • Active Record: It uses the Active Record Framework to save objects to the database. Using metaprogramming, the Rails version of Active Record identifies the column in a schema and automatically connects it to your domain objects.
  • Scaffolding: Rails may automatically generate scaffolding or interim code.
  • Rails, unlike other development frameworks, do not require much configuration if you strictly adhere to the naming standard.
  • Rails include three environments by default: testing, development, and production.
  • Built-in testing: It supports code known as harness and fixtures, which allow test cases to be written and executed.


Explain the role of sub-directory app/controllers and app/helpers.

This is an important Ruby interview question.

  • App/controllers: The Controller handles a user's web request. Rails look for controller classes in the controller subdirectory.
  • App/helpers: Any helper classes needed to assist the view, model, and controller classes are stored in the helper's subdirectory.


How is Symbol different from variables?

In the following ways, the symbol differs from the variables.

  • It is more akin to a string than a variable.
  • A string in Ruby is mutable, while a symbol is not.
  • There is only one duplicate of the symbol that has to be produced.
  • In Ruby, symbols are frequently used to correlate to enums.


List out what can Rails Migration do.

This is an important Ruby interview question. Rails Migration can do the following things:

  • Create table
  • Rename column
  • Change column
  • Remove column
  • Drop table
  • Rename table
  • Add column


What is Rake?

Rake is a Ruby Make; it is a Ruby utility that replaces the Unix utility 'make' and builds a list of tasks using a 'Rakefile' and '.rake files'. Rake is used in Rails for routine administration activities such as database migration via scripts, schema loading into the database, and so on.


Define the role of Rails Controller.

This is a common Ruby interview question. The Rails controller serves as the application's logical heart. It makes the interaction between users, views, and the model easier. It also does other tasks such as:

  • It can route external requests to internal actions. It is highly adept at handling URLs. It governs helper modules, which extend the capabilities of view templates without bloating their code.
  • It manages sessions, which give consumers the sense that they are interacting with our applications in real-time.


What is the difference between the Observers and Callbacks?

Rails Observers: Similar to Callback, Observers are used when the method is not directly related to the object lifecycle. In addition, the observer has a longer lifespan and can be detached or attached at any time. For example, displaying model values in the UI and updating the model based on user input.

Rail Callback: This method can be called at specific points in an object's life cycle, such as when an object is validated, created, updated, or removed. A callback is a short-lived method. For example, consider operating a thread and providing a call-back function that is invoked after the thread terminates.

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Wrapping up

The above list of Ruby interview questions will be an important part of your Ruby interview preparation. These Ruby interview questions will assist you in solving similar queries or generating new ones. A Ruby interview, on the other hand, would not consist solely of these technical Ruby interview questions. A Ruby interview may also include questions regarding a person's social and life abilities. This helps the recruiter to note whether the candidate can work their way through difficulty while also being there for their coworkers. For a recruiter, it is important to find someone who is a team player.

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