Top 10 Flutter interview questions and answers in 2023

Are you a professional Flutter developer, whose aim is to be placed in a top Silicon Valley company, or a recruiter looking to gather an exceptional team of top Flutter developers? If yes, then you are in the right place. We have carefully curated a list of Flutter interview questions and answers to provide you with some idea about the type of Flutter interview questions, you can ask or be asked for your Flutter developer interview questions.

Last updated on Mar 3, 2022

Flutter is an excellent open-source UI software development kit developed by Google. The Flutter developer interview questions given below will help you in understanding the ins and outs of this wonderful framework. You will also get an idea about the Flutter interview questions to ace your Flutter interview.

The following list of Flutter interview questions and answers will help you tremendously, whether you are a candidate preparing for your Flutter interview, or a recruiter scouring through to find proficient Flutter developers.

Flutter interview questions and answers


Why is Flutter preferred over other mobile app developing tools?

Flutter is a free and open-source mobile UI framework, introduced by Google in May 2017. Flutter enables you to develop a native mobile app using only one codebase. This implies you may design two separate apps using the same programming language and codebase (for iOS and Android).

Flutter is preferred over other mobile app development tools like Java and React Native due to a myriad of reasons. A few of them are:

  • Flutter supports cross-platform development
  • Programming in Flutter is extremely easy and flexible
  • The building process in Flutter is much faster than that in all its competitors


What are packages and plugins in Flutter?

A package is a set of classes, interfaces, and sub-packages that allow users to create modular code that can be shared easily. Instead of starting from scratch, using packages can help construct applications fast. In Flutter, you may use a package to add new widgets or functionality to an app.

On the other hand, a plugin is a piece of software that enhances your app's functionality. Plugins play a crucial role in the Flutter ecosystem.


What are the limitations of Flutter?

Since Flutter is still a relatively new tool, it has some limitations. They are as follows:

  • The number of third-party libraries is very small
  • The release size of Flutter is larger than expected
  • Flutter requires to be used along with another OOP language, Dart which cannot compete with other OOP languages such as Java, C#
  • Due to Flutter’s limited complexity, mobile ad platforms do not support it
  • Flutter is still not used by a wide audience


Why does it generally take a long time to develop a Flutter app?

Because Flutter generates a device-specific IPA or APK file, building a Flutter application takes substantially longer the first time. This method, which normally takes a long time, uses Xcode and Gradle to build a file.


What are keys and how do you use them?

A set of IDs for Widgets, Elements and SemanticsNodes make up the key class. Keys are responsible for preserving the state of widgets when they are updated inside the widget tree. Keys may also be used to modify and rearrange collections of widgets of the same type and defined states.

Otherwise, keys may be superfluous to the code, even if they aren't harmful in any manner. Keys are useful when you need to edit a widget tree with stateful widgets, but not when the tree is entirely made up of stateless widgets.


Explain BuildContext.

Widgets are generated with the build method, which has a BuildContext parameter that defines their functionality. The BuildContext class, as its name suggests, defines the context of a custom-built widget.

As a result, no widget exists without its own BuildContext, which serves as a reference to the widget's position inside the widget tree. BuildContext is frequently used to connect with the parents of a widget. BuildContext may also be used to quickly obtain widget info.


What is state management?

State management is critical whether you're developing a mobile app or a web website. A state is the local data held by a stateful widget that allows it to adapt to dynamic circumstances, such as interactive input. The state of an app is defined as anything that is stored in the app’s memory while it is executing.


What are the different types of streams in Dart?

Streams provide an asynchronous sequence of data. Asynchronous programming uses the idea of streams. They refer to a program's asynchronous succession of data occurrences. We put a value on one end and a listener on the other, similar to a pipe. Several listeners can be combined into a single stream, and when they are placed in the pipeline, they will all get the same data. It is possible to utilize the SteamController to establish new streams or manage existing ones. There are two types of streams:

  • Single Subscription Streams These streams convey events in chronological order. They're thought of as individual sequences inside a greater totality. When the sequence in which events are received matters, such as when reading a file, these streams are employed. Throughout the sequence, there can only be one listener, and the event will not be triggered if there isn't one.

  • Broadcast Streams These broadcasts provide subscribers with information about upcoming events. Subscribers can instantly begin listening to events after subscribing to them. These are flexible streams that allow several listeners to listen at the same time. Furthermore, even after canceling a previous membership, one may listen again.


What do you mean by tween animation?

Tween animation stands for ‘in-between’ animation. As the name suggests, you would need to specify the start and the endpoint of an animation. The animation can start at the beginning and move through a sequence of values until it reaches the destination using this approach. The tween animation is also used to set the transition speed and length. The widget framework will make it easy to calculate the transition from beginning to finish.


What is pubspec.yaml file?

While creating a Flutter project, a particular type of file is always included at the top of the project. This file is known as the pubspec.yaml file, also called ‘pubspec’. This file contains information about a project's dependencies, such as packages and their versions, typefaces, and so on. It ensures that the package version is the same the next time you create the project. You can also place restrictions on the app. This project's configuration file will be used a lot while working with the Flutter project. This specification is written in YAML, a human-readable markup language.

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Wrapping up

The given set of Flutter interview questions and answers provided above will greatly help you in familiarizing yourself with such Flutter interview questions. Our Flutter developer interview questions will help you in solving as well as creating similar Flutter interview questions for your upcoming Flutter interview. Additionally, a Flutter interview will not just comprise such technical Flutter interview questions. There could be questions about your social and life skills, as well, in a Flutter interview. These questions help the recruiter to ensure whether the candidate can move past harsh situations and also provide a helping hand to their co-workers in those situations or not.

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