10 must know HTML interview questions and answers in 2023

Are you a senior HTML developer looking to work with top US companies? Or, are you a company on a hiring spree for HTML developers? Whatever the case may be, you will benefit from the following deck of HTML interview questions we have carefully curated.

Last updated on Mar 3, 2022

HTML is a browser language that instructs the browser about what to display or not. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML. As a senior HTML developer looking for a job in a top MNC, you must prepare HTML developer interview questions and answers for the technical part of the interview. The technical part of the interview is usually the toughest nut to crack. Thus, if you go through the HTML interview questions collated here, you will get a fair idea of the type of questions to prepare.

Whether you are a candidate or a company, the following HTML developer interview questions and answers will help you prepare similar questions or formulate new ones on this pattern.

HTML interview questions and answers


Compare physical tags with logical tags in HTML.

Physical tags format and display the content placed within them as per those tags. They add style as per the parameters defined. Logical tags define the meaning and importance of the content encompassed within them.


Should all your tags be closed?

All HTML tags must not be closed in HTML5 and these are known as self-closing tags. For example, <img src=”https://cdn.bitdegree.org/learn/pom-laptop.png?raw=true”>. However, it is always recommended to close out a tag as it makes the text easier to read.


Mention semantic tags introduced with HTML5.

Examples of some semantic tags in the new HTML5 version are main, article, header, and footer. In HTML, the simple elements try to define how a webpage should appear. Semantic elements, on the other hand, give meaning to the webpage and its content. By adding semantic elements such as

, it becomes clear what type of content will appear on that page.


Why do some characters get displayed as boxes, often?

Some characters do not get supported by the web browser when the operating system runs. This happens frequently. Thus, these characters get displayed as boxes.


Differentiate between the block and inline elements.

The main difference between Block and Inline elements is that of space occupied. While the block elements occupy the maximum possible space, the inline elements occupy minimal space.


Should the white spaces be collapsed?

White spaces are also counted as characters and hence, where fewer characters are needed or allowed, collapsing white spaces may work to one’s benefit. Moreover, the readability of a text or project can be improved by reducing the number of characters, and to that end, collapsing white spaces might be helpful.


How do you store data in HTML5?

HTML5 stores data in two ways. These are local and session storage. Local storage keeps the data safe such that the data is not eliminated when the developer exits the browser. Session storage, on the other hand, only keeps data till one is on the browser. As soon as one exits the browser, data in session storage gets deleted.


When two or more sets of tags overlap with each other, what happens?

In the event of accidental overlapping of two or more sets of tags, one can see it on the live website. During the overlap, only the first set of tags becomes active on the live website. To find out any errors or inconsistencies of this kind, one can check the content on the actual webpage.


Explain WebSQL.

When people visit or register on your webpage, the data gets stored in a database called WebSQL. WebSQL stores data about the user activities and their search preferences on the webpage. However, it is important to note that no passwords, credit card information, or other critical data get stored in WebSQL.


When a part of the text seems to go out of the page boundary, why does it happen?

While this does not normally occur because there are clearly defined page boundaries in HTML. These boundaries prevent text or images from surpassing them. Rarely, however, this may happen in cases such as text typed in a table with wrongly set parameters like the width.

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Wrapping up

The above HTML interview questions give you an idea of what type of questions to prepare for or ask in an HTML interview. However, the interview for an HTML developer is not made up of only technical HTML interview questions. As a candidate, you must prepare answers about your soft skills. Recruiters must ask questions about the candidate’s communication skills, professionalism, project management, crisis management, social skills, etc. to find out if the candidate will fit with the company’s culture.

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