How to make a perfect HTML developer resume?

A resume is the most effective way to pitch the employer to give you a job. So for that matter, if you are struggling with making your resume as an HTML developer then read along this guide to know how you can make a job-winning resume and land a high-paying HTML developer job.

All the websites in this world have one thing in common, i.e., HTML, a markup language used to make web pages from the advent of the world wide web. As the need for HTML developers is on the rise, you can bag the opportunity to get yourself your dream job.

The most essential thing is to make a job-worthy resume that reflects your USP to the organization’s hiring manager.

A web developer needs to have capable technical skills with a creative flair, so their resumes can be more artistic as compared to other resumes in the tech field.

So, this guide by Turing will help you understand how you can make an excellent resume and get one of the top HTML developer jobs.

1. Summary of the resume

Summary of the resume

The first and foremost step is to craft a clear and concise summary of your resume. The summary section can be very daunting for some candidates! But don’t worry, the summary section is just a story. In this fable, you are the protagonist but you don’t have to start the story from the start. Write your experience in such a way that is relevant to your future job. Share your experiences and beliefs for the approach you take towards the work.

For example, you can mention how different jobs helped you learn different skills and frameworks of the HTML language, like bootstrap, foundation, etc.

2. Headline for the resume

A headline for the resume is important because it gives your important information at a glance. Also, it is a great way to catch the attention of the hiring managers if written correctly, and you have a high chance of getting interviewed for the job. When you write the headline just mention the most important thing about your career with the job role you are applying for, like “W3Certified web developer with 8 years of experience.”

3. Skills required for HTML developer

Skills required for HTML developer

There is a specific skill set that is required for this job. So, having the specific skill set in the resume would be the best way to move forward in your professional career.

So here is the list of the job-specific skills which you should list in the resume:-

Primary skills

  • Knowledge of the HTML language with CSS
  • Javascript knowledge
  • Basics of the back-end technologies like API’s, SQL and databases such as MySQL
  • Knowledge of SEO and emphasis on understanding the user behaviour
  • Knowledge of front development frameworks like Skeleton and Pure CSS.
  • Knowledge of version control systems especially GIT
  • Basics of graph designing skills for making beautiful designs
  • Knowledge of frameworks and libraries such as Bootstrap, Parsley, jQuery etc.
  • CLI skills are also helpful because the graphical interface has its own limitations.

Secondary skills

  • Interpersonal skills are necessary for working in teams in the organizations
  • Analytical skills are also helpful in understanding the problems, bugs and finding the solutions for the same.
  • Debugging skills for making the website error-free.

So these are some of the skills that you should incorporate in your resume to convince the recruiters that you are fit for the HTML developer jobs.

4. Work experience timeline

Work experience timeline

The work experience timeline should be like a story of your whole career as an HTML developer. All the job descriptions for the previous work should be written using action verbs to demonstrate your work experience along with facts and figures. These two features will help you establish credible candidature.

5. Education


Present your education plus all the related courses you have done for web development. It will help the recruiter to know that you have practical as well as theoretical knowledge of being a developer.

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6. Keywords to use in HTML developer resume

Keywords are necessary for the resume to grab the attention of the hiring managers and make your resume ATS friendly.

ATS or application tracking system is the piece of software, used by the majority of the organizations in the world to build insights and to filter resumes. If you use the keywords in your resume the software can develop the insights more easily and more relevant to the job you are applying for in the company.

Here is the list of the keywords you can use for the HTML developer resume:-

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) JavaScript Web Development PHP HTML MySQL jQuery HTML5 Laravel WordPress Bootstrap Web Design Java SQL Node.js Front-end Development React.js Git C# Angular.JS SASS ASP.NET Web Applications Software Development AJAX ASP.NET MVC Microsoft SQL Server Responsive Web Design XML Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Python (Programming Language) Linux CodeIgniter Vue.js Symfony Symfony Framework Ruby on Rails Ruby Amazon Web Services (AWS). MongoDB React Native Django GitHub

10. Video introduction

Your video introduction should include all of your work experience and skills in an interesting video format. It may seem like an extra step but it can create a lot of difference because it gives a different perspective to the recruiter to judge your skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HTML developers are responsible for the complete end-to-end coding of websites. They direct HTML projects, develop web applications, code sites, and provide support to website users.

To become a successful HTML developer in 2024, you’ll need to be good with different sets of technologies. So your primary skillset should include HTML/CSS skills, Analytical skills, Responsive web design skills, JavaScript skills, Interpersonal skills, Testing and debugging skills, Back-end basics, Search engine optimization skills, etc.

To be a valuable HTML developer in 2024, your resume should show professional working experience in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) JavaScript.

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