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The Best HTML Development Tools for Boosting Productivity

HTML development tools

The Hypertext Markup language known as HTML is the standard and universal markup language that is prominently used for the design of documents that are displayed on web browsers. HTML is assisted by other technologies such as scripting languages, Javascript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in web development. HTML can be considered as the basic building block of all web pages that provides the organization of the text, images, and videos within the pages. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best HTML tools that will definitely help you in boosting your productivity.

HTML tools help in creating structured web pages through the denotation of structural semantics used in a text, like lists, headings, paragraphs, links, and other items. The HTML text format is simple and it uses tags, denoted by angle brackets, for defining the page elements. HTML is one of the most commonly used languages for web development and it still remains popular with developers across the globe.

HTML Tool: The major HTML features

HTML provides a host of features to web developers, which makes it one of the most productive languages for building efficient web pages and web applications. Here we documented some of its salient features.

  • Easy to use: HTML is incredibly easy to use and learn for beginners. You don’t need any advanced programming knowledge or background for learning HTML coding. The syntax and structure is pretty simple, and with a bit of practice, everyone can master HTML coding.

  • Platform-independent: HTML is platform-independent which gives it high portability and makes it incredibly valuable to web developers across the board. The formatting of documents through HTML provides a universal definition and makes it easier for developers to implement the style on different operating systems and browsers.

  • Rich features: HTML provides a rich set of features where you can add text, images, videos, and audio files to the webpage.

  • Inclusion of hypertext: HTML provides the platform for the inclusion of hypertext in the web pages, which enables easy navigation and link-ups to different pages as well as websites.

  • Compatibility: HTML is compatible with different programming languages such as CSS and Javascript. This helps in creating dynamic, interactive, and powerful web pages for delivering advanced functionality as well as intuitive features to the end-users.

Top HTML tools for boosting the productivity of web developers

There are a host of HTML tools that provide advanced features, and functionalities that go a long way in optimizing the productivity of web development. Here we will be discussing some of the best HTML tools, we’ll look at their different features and how they benefit the web developers.

HTML Tool: Atom

Atom is one of the most prominent and highly popular HTML development tools available in the market. It is an open-source editing tool that offers highly advanced tools, functionalities, and packages for free. These packages are provided and maintained by the GitHub community. The developers can make additions, and modifications, and share the source code to improve the functionality of Atom. The developers also have the option of customizing the interface by choosing from a wide range of pre-installed themes. The developers also have the option of creating their own custom theme.

  • HTML Tool: Features provided by Atom:

Atom provides a live preview of the webpage, and this helps to identify errors and make necessary changes to optimize the code. It also comes with a built-in package manager with 80 packages available for the developers. The users also have the option of adding a wide array of custom packages based on their requirements.

Atom provides multiple panes which split the interface into various windows, which helps the developers to conveniently compare the different files and make changes if necessary. Atom is also equipped with syntax highlighting and intelligent auto-complete features, which contribute greatly to increasing the productivity of coding.

HTML Tool: Sublime Text

Sublime Text provides cross-platform compatibility and it is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. The users can utilize this platform for free but there is also a paid version where you can unlock all the premium features and functionalities that come packaged with the application. Sublime is equipped with a lot of sophisticated tools such as a GPU rendering system. This system helps in providing optimal performance across operating systems and different platforms.

  • HTML Tool: Features provided by Sublime Text:

Sublime Text comes with a contextual auto-complete feature that provides smart suggestions based on the current status of the code. These suggestions come with a link where the users can get more information about that specific code snippet. It also provides HTML split editing where you can use multiple tabs, for a more efficient and productive coding experience. It has a “Go-to anything” feature that helps users navigate to the specific part of the code. Sublime Text is available for various operating systems including Windows, Linux, and OS X.

HTML Tool: Notepad++

Notepad++ is an open-source HTML build tool designed for Windows. It is a lightweight application that provides an easy-to-use interface. There is also a mobile version that allows developers to code on the move without requiring desktop installation. Even though it’s designed for Windows, Linux users can integrate this application into their framework through “Wine” in compatibility mode. It has a versatile user interface that provides the options of full and split-screen layouts for coding.

  • HTML Tool: Features provided by Notepad++

Notepad++ provides a powerful code editing tool with excellent processing speed and lightweight size. The integration of custom, third-party plug-ins adds sophisticated features and advanced functionality to the platform. The FTP connection enables users to edit the code from the dashboard. Notepad++ also contains a document map with an overview of different sections of the document, thus making it easier for the developers to navigate to different parts of the document.

HTML Tool: Visual Studio Code

The Visual Studio Code is an open-source free HTML editor tool designed on Electron from Github. It allows users to create web projects using different languages such as HTML, Javascript, and CSS. This application is compatible with various OS including Windows, Linux, and Mac. It can also be integrated with Microsoft Azure for a more convenient code deployment. The developers have the option of writing HTML codes locally and then deploying them on Azure seamlessly. The application has the Intellisense feature for auto-completion and it includes function definitions, fields, and variables. The Visual Studio provides an excellent interface with easy navigation and convenient placement of important fields.

  • HTML Tool: Features provided by Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code provides an advanced debugging tool for editing, compiling, and debugging code. It provides an extension in the form of WYSIWYG editor, for a more layered editing experience. The application provides code snippets formatted by Intellisense, which makes it convenient for developers to use repeated code patterns. The application also has a multi-root development option which enables the developers to work on various files or projects simultaneously, having their own parent folders.

HTML Tool: Adobe Dreamweaver CC

This HTML tool is an IDE application that provides a robust development framework for both front-end and back-end applications. Beyond this, it also provides toolkits for web development which helps in making the whole process easier. Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a powerful code editing tool that supports numerous web development languages including HTML, Javascript, and CSS. The code editing tool provides functionalities including multi-language support, syntax highlighting, and code completion. It also has drag-and-drop features for making the development process seamless. While this is a premium version, it comes with a lot of excellent features.

  • HTML Tool: Features provided by Adobe Dreamweaver CC

The Adobe Dreamweaver CC comes with various premium features including starter templates that provide the website’s basic structure, and the developers can customize that to create their own design. It also provides highly responsive designs in the form of a dynamic grid layout that executes the resizing of website elements for slotting into numerous screen sizes on various devices.

It also provides Git support which enables efficient management of the website code and it allows several Git operations including pull, push, and fetch. The application also gives access to several creative cloud libraries in the form of assets that are made available from other Adobe applications. This cross-platform feature adds more dynamic functionality to the web development process.


If you use HTML for developing the front-end elements of the website then you can use these high-quality tools for increasing the productivity of development. These tools provide a range of features that makes HTML coding easier, more powerful, efficient, and scalable. A lot of these HTML tools are free, but some of them are subscription-based or paid versions. So you must check out its pricing structure before integrating these development tools into your framework.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of tools that provide a wide range of features, functionality, and attributes which raises the productivity levels of the developers. While the best HTML tool is a subjective choice, a few of the premium HTMLtools that are amongst the best in the market are Adobe Dreamweaver CC, Atom, and Visual Studio Code.

There are various HTML tools that provide multi-language support (CSS and Javascript) for developers to create their web applications. Visual Studio Code and Adobe Dreamweaver CC are the prominent tools that are packaged with this functionality and they are excellent options for multi-development frameworks.

The wide array of HTML tools and applications come equipped with the latest features for simplifying the development process. They also provide a more systematic and structure-oriented framework for web development. These tools make a massive difference in the development environment and are vital for improving developer productivity.

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