Recruiting right software developers a challenge in 2022

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Recruiting Developers With Right Skill Set, Biggest Challenge of 2022

By February 28, 2022 2 min read

According to a recent survey by Reveal, fifty-three percent of IT professionals believe that the biggest challenge for the software industry in 2022 is to recruit software developers with the right skill set. The survey also focused on how the organizations plan to save money and expand their business amidst this challenge. 

Key challenges the businesses will face in 2022 apart from hiring right software developers

  • Forty-six percent of the IT professionals believe that retaining talent will be difficult this year. 
  • The IT industry has seen a steep increase in customer demand. But thirty-nine percent of the IT professionals who participated in the survey believe that they lack the resources and the budget to meet this demand on time.
  • Forty-three percent of the respondents say that keeping employees engaged will be difficult in 2022.
  • Thirty-one percent of the respondents believe that they won’t have enough time on ther hands to get the work done. 
  • Twenty-nine of the respondents believe that moving employees back to the site will be the biggest challenge for businesses in 2022. 

The survey also revealed that the managers are looking to hire skilled software developers for the following frameworks:

  • Blazor (64 percent)
  • .NET (48 percent)
  • Angular (40 percent)
  • React (37 percent)

When it comes to saving money, here’s what the survey revealed

  • Fifty-four percent of the respondents are willing to adopt a digital workspace in 2022 to save money. 
  • Fifty-three percent of the respondents plan on using low-code or no-code development platforms to minimize the turnaround time and maximize the productivity of their teams.
  • Forty-five percent of the respondents want to adapt embedded analytics, while forty-three percent want to use design-to-code platforms to economize their operations in 2022. 
  • Forty-eight percent of the respondents plan to utilize their remote staff. This move will help them downsize the office space and do away with physical offices. 

Business Intelligence (BI) is gaining importance 

Software developers

Business Intelligence (BI) is gaining importance

The science of evaluating data and making decisions based on trends and marketing changes is known as Business Intelligence. Seventy-nine percent of respondents have seen an increase in interest in BI and data analytics tools in 2021. 

Also, software developers who have been using embedded analytics in apps have increased from thrity-three percent in 2020 to fifty-eight percent in 2021. 

Software developers make decisions in vital areas such as sales, productivity, CRM, and new market opportunities using Business Intelligence. 


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Biggest Challenge of 2022: Recruiting Talented Software Developers
Article Name
Biggest Challenge of 2022: Recruiting Talented Software Developers
A recent survey stated that recruiting the right software developers will be the biggest challenge in 2022. Read to know what other insights the survey revealed.


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