Know the Tricks to Hire Offshore Developers for Your Company

Know the tricks to hire offshore developers for your company

If you're seeking methods to save money for your company's development, boost operational capacity, and free up your key personnel to focus on more vital duties, offshore outsourcing might be the best bang for your buck! Hire Offshore developers that can help you save money while still completing your task swiftly. Making your job go offshore is not the same as outsourcing. In this blog, we will share some of the tricks that can help you hire offshore developers for your company.

Why hire offshore developers?

One of the primary reasons why any company chooses to hire an offshore software developer is to save money. Hiring offshore developers can free up your in-house team to focus on the larger picture and make strategic decisions that will help your company expand quicker. The other advantages are self-evident. Organizations can not only boost their total profitability if they hire offshore development teams, but they can also analyze opportunities for expanding their base to other nations. With globalization, this is the path that many businesses feel would be beneficial in the long term.

IT organizations in the United States are looking forward to IT outsourcing since it may help them enhance productivity. Countries such as India operate in a time zone that is 12 hours ahead of that of the United States. This implies that the American team may complete the day's work, which can then be completed by the Indian crew during their working hours at a lesser cost. The next morning, the US crew will have an easier time because the job has been greatly advanced since the previous day. This can aid in meeting deadlines and enhancing work capacity and productivity.

Benefits you get if you hire offshore developers

Offshore developers provide several benefits to any IT team. Consider these advantages if your company is thinking about employing (or not recruiting) remote offshore developers from India.

  • Boost operating capacity.
  • Reduced labor costs as a result of not having to pay employee wage taxes.
  • Saving time and money in the search for the best applicant for the position.
  • Get a big competitive advantage.

Tips to consider when you hire offshore developers

What should you check for when you hire offshore web developers? Here are the areas where most businesses fail and what you should do correctly.

1. Understand the difficulties: If offshore developers are beneficial to your firm, it will be determined by your business plan. Determine why you require offshore programmers. If you simply need to outsource certain work, such as mobile app development outsourcing services, then outsourcing is a better option than in-house development. Offshoring can be effective provided you have clear expectations of what you require. Keep in mind that there may be variances, especially cultural differences. There will also be timing variances. While they may work in your favor, as we described above, it's important to keep them in mind when strategizing. To stay on track, you must be able to set clear goals and objectives.

2. Don't always think about generating money: True, offshore developers can be hired at significantly lower expenses. However, keep in mind that you will need to select a web, app, or software development outsourcing services supplier who is capable of doing the task. Using inexperienced contractors or teams might result in needless delays and missed deadlines. If you can acquire quality, don't be scared to spend more money. As excellent as it appears to be for someone willing to settle for a cheaper price, it may not turn out as you like.

3. Look for dependability and make an investment: Nothing compares to the delight of achieving good results from organizations and individuals that do the task on time and to your standards. Selecting a software and web development outsourcing services company should not be done hastily. Examine the candidates' most successful and most difficult projects to ensure that the candidate thoroughly understands the job requirements. Uncertain employment criteria might lead to unrealistic expectations. Communicate with the offshore developers to achieve the best results. Errors and other issues might arise as a result of a communication breakdown or delay. You must spend time training to guarantee that the offshore developers understand your company's values and how you want the work done.

4. Employ a hybrid model: It would be unwise to rely just on offshore developers to meet all of your requirements. You should consider a hybrid architecture in which your firm may rely on anything from cloud storage to on-premises storage to leveraging both offshore and outsourcing services to execute optimally.

5. Make an eye-catching job description: Creating an appealing job description is a difficult challenge. Simply stating salary rates and duties is insufficient to pique the interest of the most qualified individuals. To demonstrate that you care about your team, highlight all of the perks of working with you as well as a description of your company's culture and process. Following that, you may move on to a broad description of the role and responsibilities. Make the job description as specific as possible in order to hire offshore software developers. You must explain in depth who your ideal applicant is and what skill set they must have to match the demands of your firm. Employers typically jot down:

  • They require a basic understanding of the major scripting language as well as certain other computer languages

  • Comprehensive understanding of the frameworks required

  • Understanding of how to develop scalable, secure backend code that adheres to platform coding standards

  • Ability to collaborate with other team members

  • Writing unit and functional tests are a must.

  • Obviously, your list of needs may change, but be sure to clarify and define what you anticipate to onboard to your organization in a straightforward and exact manner.

6. Formatting a job description and key phrases: The layout and wording you choose for your job description are just as important as the content. Always consider the sort of reader to whom you are directing your work. Consider that your job description may be of interest not just to individuals who are actively seeking work, but also to those who may leave their present project for a new opportunity. When creating a list, it is best to limit yourself to no more than five bullet points. Be reasonable in your information choices and consider certain apparent facts that aren't even worth addressing. Finally, refrain from employing clichés, since they will make your job description appear monotonous.

7. Write a detailed description of the technology and the work process: When writing a job description for a software development position, it is critical to include information about the company's technology. Do you have a quality assurance department? Do you do automated tests or do you utilize continuous integration? What version of your control system do you have? It is also a good idea to highlight the development approach your organization employs, as well as the sort of project management software you use. If you explain expert information on the technology your team members deal with, you will attract the best-fitting individuals.

8. Showcase your company's culture: Introducing your company's culture can assist you in finding the ideal fit since there is no other sensation like being at ease at work and in the work environment. Personal and professional development is important to offshore developers, so if your organization offers it, make sure to mention it. Include details on the formality of your job as well. Is there a dress code at your workplace, or is it more casual? Is there a relaxed atmosphere at your office, such as video games or refreshments, or is there a rigorous, official policy? Furthermore, if your organization arranges team-building vacations, parties, or gatherings, it is strongly advised that you provide such information as well.

How to hire offshore developers for your company?

If not done correctly, offshore outsourcing may be highly irritating. Don't worry, we'll go through some tips and tactics to keep in mind before you hire an offshore development team. These pointers will guarantee that your hiring and development processes are both successful. Finally, you have no regrets.

- Perform technical test: You see, you're looking for a technology partner, and to be honest, there are millions and billions of possibilities available. It is important to check a team of the top offshore developers on technical grounds before hiring them. After all, you want a tech partner who is knowledgeable about cutting-edge technologies. Even if you are not a techie, you may get help from a variety of sites such as codilty or hackerrank. These coding tools are available online, allowing your potential offshore development partner to demonstrate their skills. These tests often produce findings in real-time. Make your chosen remote development team do these tests and examine how they address certain blockages, how they record such methods, and so on. Most importantly, do not pick the person who gives up so easily.

- Examine the communication skills: Another thing to consider is the soft skills of your remote crew. Yes, even if you're looking for tech-savvy geeks, one must be fluent in English. It is critical to communicate effectively. As you can see, a minor hiccup in the process can have a significant impact on the entire project. Fortunately, we have a plethora of high-tech tools at our disposal, such as Skype, Google Meet, Zoom meetings, WhatsApp, emails, and social networking sites, to guarantee that we can continue to communicate successfully with our tech partners without difficulty. Aside from communication abilities, keep a close check on your offshore developer's attitude. Yes, pay attention to how he or she behaves in stressful situations. Are they adaptive to new and evolving conditions, or are their actions rigid? Before making a decision, it is critical to consider their problem-solving approach and communication abilities.

- Experience with a project: Without a doubt, if you're investing so much time, energy, and effort, it's quite evident that you'll settle for nothing less than the finest. Apart from being aware about the current software development market, these specialists must also have a great deal of competence and experience in order to complete your project effectively. When it comes to business process outsourcing, it is best to choose programmers who have already worked on projects comparable to yours. This will tell you if they know how to carry out a successful operation or not. Do they have a successful track record? So, rather than merely technical know-hows, pick the offshore developers based on project experience and prior customer ratings.

- Examine their cultural competence: Aside from technological compatibility, it is also essential to consider linguistic and cultural compatibility when selecting competent engineers. After all, you are employing an external team, therefore it is critical to pick engineers that can work effectively together in a short period of time. If there is no cultural consistency, it will be difficult to build relationships between software development teams and current personnel.

- Provide a compelling reason for offshore developers to join your team: This is a critical issue that has received little attention. Yes, while you hire offshore developers, you must also ensure that you provide them with a compelling incentive to work for you. When it comes to nations like India, Vietnam, and the Philippines, where competition is constantly fierce, you won't be able to entice top IT talent unless you present a compelling rationale. Hiring remote workers is a two-way street! It works when both sides are willing to work together. Picking the appropriate decision and convincing them to choose you is incredibly tough in today's ever-changing IT business. Try to persuade them that it would be a privilege for them to work with you. After all, everyone is hunting for their soulmate; the only difference is that you're looking for a techmate.

Final words

The competition looks to be fierce, and it appears that now is the time to act. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to test the waters ahead of time. It's time to think about a dependable offshore development firm with a team of offshore developers that are not just educated but also well-versed and skilled in completing projects to meet your key business needs in a short period of time. If you have any further questions on offshore development as a concept, please leave them in the comments area below.

How does Turing help?

You must ensure that the dialogue is never one-sided. Don't keep peppering your candidate with questions. Prompt them to ask questions about your brand, your company's values, or any issues they may have. Remember to be as honest and transparent as possible in your responses. Make the most of this chance to establish a personal relationship with the prospect, which will make their decision to work with you much simpler. Turing handles the entire recruiting procedure on your behalf. You do have the opportunity to employ world-class offshore developers and form an efficient team. You don't have to divert your attention from the rest of your business!


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In the software world, offshoring is where a company builds a dedicated team of developers and opens a new office, all in another country.

Offshore teams are teams of employees or personnel located in another country, or in another part of the world, and usually in another time zone.

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