10 Critical Things to Look For While You Hire Java Programmers

Things to look for while you hire Java programmers


  • 10 Critical Things to Look For While You Hire Java Programmers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Java performance tuning is the process of executing a series of tasks for optimizing the performance of your Java applications. It is important for your applications to not only deliver on the required business logic but also make the execution smooth and seamless through optimized use of resources. However, before optimizing the Java code, do performance analysis using profiler to identify components that need performance optimization.

Yes, Java is an excellent choice for network programming. Java network programming provides a way to connect multiple computing devices or servers to share resources. Java networking package is compatible with two important networking protocols in the form of TCP/IP and UDP. The network programming in Java is used for a number of tasks that includes web browsing through HTTP, usage of multithreaded servers, data encryption, and multicasting among others.

The cost of hiring Java developers varies based on different factors including the experience of the developer, the location of the developer, and their expertise in different tech stacks. However, in broad terms, according to, the cost to hire a Java developer ranges between $33 - $59 per hour depending on the proficiency level of the Java developer.

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