10 Critical Things to Look For While You Hire Java Programmers in 2023

Things to look for while you hire Java programmers

Java programmers are in high demand, which is unlikely to change very soon. With millions of developers working worldwide, firms ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies are scouring the globe to hire Java programmers to work on their projects. To improve the results on the floor, you need to hire great Java programmers. It will instill confidence in you and allow you to execute your project smoothly and on time. But, with so many developers to choose from, how do you know you're choosing the proper one? That is what this article will help you in figuring out. In this blog, we will walk you through what to look for when you hire Java programmers for your team.

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What should you look for while you hire dedicated Java developers?

Here are some of the skills, proficiency in technologies as well as platforms that you must look for when hiring dedicated Java developers.

Java performance tuning

  • Knowledge and understanding of JVM internals, GC behavior, and Java performance tuning are skills that many developers clearly lack.
  • As you hire Java programmers and become senior Java developers with more than 5–6 years of experience, they must understand both the big picture and the finer points of the language's basics.
  • You need to test their expertise in Java before you hire Java programmers.
  • If they don't know how to profile an application or why it's slow, they should at least read a decent book on JVM internals and performance tuning, such as Scott Oaks' best-selling Java Performance the Definitive Guide.

Kubernetes and Docker

  • You've probably heard about Docker and Kubernetes and their impact on DevOps teams.
  • It's one of the most important tools a developer can learn, along with Kubernetes, and it'll stick with them for the rest of their careers.
  • Whether a major corporation or a small startup, almost every development team nowadays uses Docker and Kubernetes.
  • It's safe to assume that when you hire Java programmers who are just starting out in the industry, they will come across Docker at some time.
  • In brief, whether the candidate is a junior Java developer or a seasoned veteran with several years of experience, an understanding of Docker and Kubernetes is required to complete their job effectively.
  • So, thoroughly evaluate their Kubernetes and Docker skills before you hire Java programmers.

DevOps (Jenkins)

  • Another subject that gained a lot of traction last year was DevOps and the use of continuous integration and deployment by a growing number of enterprises.
  • DevOps is a huge field. Therefore, a good Java developer should understand various tools and principles and keep up with the latest developments.
  • This means you can hire Java programmers who are experienced coders with a love for controlling the environment, automating processes, and enhancing overall structure.

Coding practice

  • As the developers' experience grows, they spend more time coordinating, responding to emails, acting as a catalyst, troubleshooting, mentoring, and generally acting like a project manager.
  • The single most significant ability for a programmer is code, which they will leave behind.
  • When you interview them, if you see that they aren't performing enough coding throughout the interview process, you shouldn't proceed to hire Java programmers.
  • They should at the very least write something, whether it's for their own project, an open-source framework, a library, or a utility.

Participation in coding challenges

  • You can look at the candidates' experience with coding issues when you hire Java programmers.
  • There is nothing better than participating in programming and coding challenges if they are honing their skills. This shows their interest in coding.

Knowledge of network programming in Java

  • Java programmers should brush up on socket programming and networking fundamentals.
  • When you hire Java programmers, you can ask as many questions as you like from your Java networking programming questions list.
  • But, most developers will be unable to respond to the majority of them.
  • Some of them may even find it difficult to explain the basic distinctions between TCP and UDP.
  • Therefore, when you hire Java programmers, you can test the developers for their knowledge in the skill to recruit the best people.
  • Sometimes you might understand that they didn't have enough opportunities to learn socket programming in Java since they work with JSP, Servlet, and JSF.
  • In that case, you should test if the aspiring candidate read at least one good book on Java networking, NIO, and socket programming.

Java 12 to 17

  • JDK 12 and 13 were two of the most significant releases in recent years, the latest version is Java 17. You must test that the developer is well-adequate with all the important versions when you hire Java programmers in 2023.

Spring 5.0

  • Spring Framework 5.0 is now the most widely used version of Spring.
  • It has many intriguing features, such as the reactive programming style and Java 8 and 9 adoption.
  • Spring 5.0 acceptance is expected to accelerate, which is why every Java developer should understand it.
  • When you hire Java programmers, make sure to assess their knowledge of Spring 5.0.

Spring security 5.0

  • Spring security 5.0 is another noteworthy 2017 release that many developers will need to master before 2022.
  • Spring security 5.0 was a major release, with multiple modules rewritten and hundreds of issues resolved.
  • The OAuth 2.0 module is the most interesting aspect. Unfortunately, there aren't many resources for learning Spring Security 5.0 right now.
  • However, Eugen's Learn Spring Security has been updated to include version 5.0 and a new module on OAuth 2.0. Therefore, you can hire Java programmers who are smart enough to learn Spring security 5.0.

Unit testing

  • You should test Java programmers' unit testing skills if you want to hire them in 2022. Automated testing in general, not just unit testing. This includes integration testing as well.
  • You can also test for JUnit 5 and other advanced unit testing libraries like Mockito, PowerMock, Cucumber, and Robot Framework to hire Java programmers.

Now, let's go through some pointers to keep in mind when you hire Java programmers.

Tips to hire Java developers for your project

Here are some of the best tips and practices to hire the best Java developers based on your requirements.

Map out Java app requirements before you hire Java programmers

  • Make sure you know what you're looking for before you hire Java programmers. It's a lot easier to hire Java programmers with the right skill set once you know what you're looking for.
  • To attract top talent with that qualification, many organizations utilize a combination of skills-based searches and targeted social media ads.
  • If you're building an e-commerce website in PHP and require someone with at least five years of expertise working on WordPress projects, make sure your job description reflects that.
  • Make your job description as clear as possible so that you hire Java programmers who are the best fit for the role.

Decide Java development category

  • You should look at their portfolios if you want to ensure that you hire Java programmers who are qualified for the role. Most developers have an online portfolio where they showcase their works.
  • There is no reason why you should disregard portfolios of this nature. Here, you will find all the information you need about the previous works before you hire Java programmers.
  • These things don't lie, and by looking at them more closely, you can know if someone has been saying nothing but falsehoods or not. When something appears strange, always take a deeper look.
  • Never skim over things merely because they appear to be going according to plan. When people say things are going according to plan, there is always something wrong (thus why things don't proceed as planned).
  • Your time and money are too valuable to make such blunders when you hire Java programmers. So, make sure you do everything correctly when employing someone from now on.

Check out their flexible engagement models

  • You may be able to hire Java programmers to come into your business and work with you one-on-one, depending on the level of development your project is in.
  • It allows both parties to evaluate each other before committing to anything long-term. If that works out, that's fantastic!
  • Because of the remote nature of these engagement models, you can hire Java programmers from all around your region, if not the world.
  • Some individuals are wary of dealing with virtual employees, which is understandable, but don't worry.
  • There are plenty of opportunities for employers and employees to communicate via Skype or Google Hangouts

Analyze their case studies when you hire Java programmers

  • Case studies are an excellent approach to guarantee that you hire Java programmers who have a proven track record.
  • It incorporates the developer's previous work and gives a thorough overview of their accomplishments in previous places.
  • Check over these case studies to see if any red flags are present. If there are, look for a new developer.
  • An unwillingness or inability to communicate effectively, a lack of social media presence, and difficulties identifying strengths are all red signals to look for when you hire Java programmers.
  • On the other hand, positive attributes will frequently include regular and accessible communication with team members and clients, prominent community activity (online or offline), and shown talents based on client feedback.
  • When you hire Java programmers, it's uncommon that you can use a single trait to determine if someone is right for your project; it's all about finding the right combination of experience, education, communication skills, reputation, and more

Interview every certified developer when you hire Java developer freelancer

  • Interviews are a great approach to evaluating new employees when you hire Java programmers.
  • Start by conversing with every certified Java developer, but don't stop there - get references from their previous projects and speak with others who have worked alongside them on a professional level.
  • These conversations will give you an idea of how each programmer works under pressure and how much value they add.
  • It's time to start interviewing when you've compiled a broad list of prospective applicants.
  • Instead of spending 15 minutes debating each candidate one by one, have a panel meeting in which individuals from various departments sit down and interview one another at the same time.
  • You may also include stakeholders if needed. However, keep in mind that these meetings should be more official than the interviews conducted when you hire Java programmers

Negotiate rates

Before you hire Java programmers, negotiating pricing with developers is easy to save money and ensure you get exactly what you want. In starting, consider these questions:

  • Is it possible for them to work remotely?
  • How many hours per week will they devote?
  • Do they have any unique skills (for example, do they know PHP)?
  • What is their background and experience?

This information is beneficial to both parties when you hire Java programmers. Because it offers you an estimate of how long it will take and allows them to determine their rate based on your exact requirements.

Check whether they sign NDA or not

  • Before you start sharing specifics with a possible development partner, you should sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) if you haven't previously.
  • It can assist safeguard ideas from being taken outside of your firm and prevent you from being blindsided by competitors who have stolen your app idea before you can launch it.
  • It's also good form because it shows that the candidate values intellectual property rights.
  • Mutual and unilateral NDAs are the two most common types of NDAs when recruiters hire Java programmers.
  • Both parties must agree not to share information with anybody else under the terms of a mutual NDA.
  • A unilateral NDA requires only one party—you—to agree not to share information established during negotiations with other persons or companies without first obtaining permission from the other party.


Due to the popularity of Java, the demand for Java developers has increased. Companies compete to hire Java programmers who have the relevant experience and skill sets. The main things you should look for in a developer are Java performance tuning, Kubernetes and Docker, DevOps, coding practice, participation in coding challenges, knowledge of network programming in Java, Java 12 to 17, Spring 5.0, Spring security 5.0, and unit testing.

The main tips to keep in mind before you hire Java programmers are to map out Java app requirements, decide Java development category, check out their flexible engagement models, analyze their case studies, interview every certified developer when you hire Java programmers, negotiate rates, and check whether they sign NDA or not.


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Java performance tuning is the process of executing a series of tasks for optimizing the performance of your Java applications. It is important for your applications to not only deliver on the required business logic but also make the execution smooth and seamless through optimized use of resources. However, before optimizing the Java code, do performance analysis using profiler to identify components that need performance optimization.

Yes, Java is an excellent choice for network programming. Java network programming provides a way to connect multiple computing devices or servers to share resources. Java networking package is compatible with two important networking protocols in the form of TCP/IP and UDP. The network programming in Java is used for a number of tasks that includes web browsing through HTTP, usage of multithreaded servers, data encryption, and multicasting among others.

The cost of hiring Java developers varies based on different factors including the experience of the developer, the location of the developer, and their expertise in different tech stacks. However, in broad terms, according to, the cost to hire a Java developer ranges between $33 - $59 per hour depending on the proficiency level of the Java developer.

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